Is that so awful to be married ? ;)

Porcelain Black <3 2012/06/11 17:25:00
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  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2012/07/02 18:19:52
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    9 years married, seems like less, still get butterflies if I see him unexpectedly during the day. Also, cannot sleep without him next to me.
  • Mrs. Kathy Arch 2012/06/13 17:27:12
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
    Not at ALL! I can't wait to marry my Prince Charming!
  • beach bum 2012/06/13 12:12:05
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    beach bum
    someone was a joker
  • KajaWay 2012/06/12 16:28:39
    YES (Please leave a comment)
    i think it would be. only causes stress and problems
  • middlesex1957 2012/06/12 04:20:40
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    I am very happily married. We've been together for seven years and got married as soon as it became legal in NY - last summer. Most of my friends gave up and got married in CT the year before. We just attended a wedding of two men who have been together for 25years and now that it's legal finally have the benefits that go with it. There are over 1,000 state benefits that come with marriage. There are more than 1,000 federal ones and now that DOMA has been overturned we get thosse tooo. That is REALLY important. When my husband's wife died of cancer the year she retired he inherited her social security and her pensiion. But with DOMA still in place if he died I woulld not inherit either his social security or pension even though we are legally married in NY. This would have been terrible for me because I'm disabled. Don't poo poo marriage - it is VERY valuable.
  • kendralynn 2012/06/12 03:20:39
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    no id love to get its just for one im to young and for two i havent found my prince
  • GoreGirl 2012/06/12 02:01:53
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    not if you marry the right person however sometimes you get:

    crazy husband
    attached girlfriend
  • Cochise 2012/06/12 00:08:49
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    It's only awful when you find out that the person you married, is not the person you fell in love with. When it's right, it's wonderful.
  • Yoko 2012/06/12 00:04:08
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Only if you don’t marry your twin flame…

    Blessings to all and,
    May all be well with you ^_^
  • Ken 2012/06/11 23:57:24
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    48 years in January.
  • mike 2012/06/11 21:59:19
    YES (Please leave a comment)
    Ya know what I hate about this site? Its that when you make a mistake on your choice it dosen't allow you to change it. That being said there is nothing wrong with being married, I've done it a couple of times and it was real good while it lasted. If my present GF asked me I would marry her in a heartbeat.
  • princess 2012/06/11 21:39:17 (edited)
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Too funny....I'm sure they all had a good laugh over this.
  • HipJipC 2012/06/11 20:59:56
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    It's what people make of it. The institution of marriage itself is good. Only people can make it bad with their cheating and lying ways. And in many cases where there is children involved they get put in the middle and become so-called adults' ping pong balls and weapons against each other.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/06/11 20:37:57
  • ☂cinderella.dress.in.yellow☂ 2012/06/11 20:08:16
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    no but its for everybody some people been married for 40 years and still be happy
  • Denny 2012/06/11 20:01:18
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Just do what my wife did and get me in the Army so she only had to live together until they would send me out for another week of training. I think when I would get on her nerves she must have just put in a call to the CO to send me out again.
  • belle 2012/06/11 19:51:30
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    something to remember and laugh about on their 50th wedding anniversary.
  • PsychoxAngel 2012/06/11 19:50:45
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    depends on who you marrying lol
  • Sprout 2012/06/11 19:45:41
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Not if your marrying the right person...
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2012/06/11 19:42:58
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    My husbands friends did this to him without him even knowing. He didn't find out it was on his shoes until after the wedding when the gig was up. We heard chuckling but the ring bearer was being cute so we thought it was just him.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2012/06/11 19:28:48
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    I wonder what we's see if we could see the Bride's shoes.

    "Got" "Cha!"?
  • Fun-Betty 2012/06/11 19:28:01
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    I think he was pranked.
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/06/11 19:20:52
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Mark In Irvine
    ha ha ha!!! FUNNY!
  • ♒ßεllεchεvεllε®♒ 2012/06/11 19:20:24
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    LOL! I wonder if that was a groomsmen prank!
  • sglmom 2012/06/11 19:19:26
    YES (Please leave a comment)
    (in my own experience .. yes .. )
    however .. my brothers have been Blessed indeed ..
    however .. this is HILARIOUS ..
    wonder if he did this .. or his buddies did?
  • Farnsworth 2012/06/11 19:18:13
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    But that is some funny stuff
  • ImageBandit ~ American Patriot 2012/06/11 19:15:53
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    I have been married for 44 years next month - it is great
  • BBCoach 2012/06/11 18:44:16
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    But that pic is pretty funny!
  • Porcela... BBCoach 2012/06/11 18:49:09
    Porcelain Black <3
    It's a True Story !
  • BBCoach Porcela... 2012/06/13 19:54:44
    it's pretty funny!
  • Porcelain Black <3 2012/06/11 18:42:19
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Porcelain Black <3
    It depends with who Ahahahah !
    Then choose the good person !
  • I NEED A HORSE 2012/06/11 18:10:43
  • 1wickedwitch 2012/06/11 17:55:02
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    thats funny,,
  • rand 2012/06/11 17:51:05
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    I suspect it was a prank by a "friend".
  • Heavy 2012/06/11 17:49:31
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Not if there is a legitimate reason to get married. Most people rush headlong into it without really understanding it. Or they do it because it what "You're supposed to do."
  • Muver 2012/06/11 17:37:22
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Not for mature, committed, responsible adults....
  • Kaimeso 2012/06/11 17:36:26
    NO (Please leave a comment)
    Ha, I can see some of his buddies from last nights party laughing their ass off at the joke. Perhaps this should remind people to check the bottoms of their shoes before going into one of these places where you have to kneel.

    After all, when was the last time anyone checked for writing on the bottoms of their dress shoes?
  • cinbadl 2012/06/11 17:35:06
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/06/11 17:33:55
    YES (Please leave a comment)
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    depends on who you marry, lol!

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