Is teenage love real love or just affection?

sam dodson 2009/09/23 02:38:55
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  • Aysohmay 2009/09/23 14:49:40
    Yes I believe it is....
    ...different for every case. You can't generalize love based on age.

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  • merpleplip 2013/05/24 05:28:43 (edited)
  • ashleigh 2010/11/11 02:20:35
    Yes I believe it is....
    I believe it is, Isnt it ture that you never forget your first love. When is at what time in your life? its when your a teenager.
    Teengae love may not be the same as when you are in love as an adult but it is still love. Not "puppy love" or anything like that. its true and deep. as a teenager i think you are able to open yourself up to a person more easy.
    so yes teenage love is real love and never should be stated other wise
  • Jaimelavie 2010/07/31 20:33:54
    Yes I believe it is....
    Is love less love then because you don't have a job yet, depend on your parents, have to study and cannot afford to live together?
    Can a teenager love? ... few parents doubt the love their children feel for them. So why shouldn't they be able to love other teens as well ?

    To the contrary: emotions are more pure in times of innocence, pain felt more sharply, love more deeply. The first cut is the deepest ... and sets the benchmark for later relationships.

    What is love? Read the Dutch love novel "Marleen" (http://www.amazon.com/Marlee... and find out what it can be.
  • Jenny 2010/04/03 09:17:58
    Yes I believe it is....
    I fell madly in love with a boy ,whom I spent almost a year with, when I was a teenager. It was not infatuation, it was deep. It was true. There was talk of marriage, even then. Not a good idea to get married in your teens, obviously. But it was not infatuation, or "puppy love" (god i hate that term)
    It was and can be very real.
  • JUST MARRIED!!!!!:-D 2010/03/07 07:09:50
    Yes I believe it is....
    JUST MARRIED!!!!!:-D
    I'll be marrying my boyfriend since 6th grade in 3 days. Yeah young love is very possible.
  • kiwi Gurl 2009/10/08 02:21:28
    Yes I believe it is....
    kiwi Gurl
    well actually it depends on the people in the relationship then it maybe teenage love but in some relationships it could feel like love but just be affection or something like that.
  • .kenna. 2009/09/29 22:41:29
    Yes I believe it is....
    in some cases i believe it is love =]
  • Rache Cullen 2009/09/26 18:57:00
    Yes I believe it is....
    Rache Cullen
    Love doesnt have to have an age itcan come to you when youre 12 just as it can come to you on your deathbed or to be less dramatic it can come to you when youre 40... love isnt obvious... if you know what I mean..
  • MaineGal 2009/09/24 05:05:36
    no I dont believe it is...
    Love is not a feeling....It's a commitment.
  • Samm Rogers 2009/09/24 03:58:10
    Yes I believe it is....
    Samm Rogers
    i beleive for some teenagers they reallly feel love, like. if they can last more than a few months like the little "relationships" some have. i'm 16 and have definitely felt love, and i know it was real love. i can differientinate between when i am feeling lust and love.

    but i also think that some people may call it love. but they go out with someone different every 2 weeks, i don't classify that as love, i classify that as lust, or affection.
  • jekisa 2009/09/24 02:57:27
    Yes I believe it is....
    love is for everyone no matter their age. there have been so many relationships where couples have been together for 40 yrs and it all started in high school
  • gtstc 2009/09/24 02:37:35
    Yes I believe it is....
    As long as its 18yo love, its great either way.

    Yes I know, rude, and uncooth but truthful. I miss those days.
  • Tiwaz 2009/09/24 02:20:39
    Yes I believe it is....
    I say yes. But also acknowledge that different people in different stages of life react and feel differently than each other, not according to age or anything, but because everybody is different. Every emotion is genuine. As I've said in a previous question, a group, definition, or outside individual can not concretely define a word and emotion so complex such as "love."
  • Creeper 2009/09/24 02:15:20
    Yes I believe it is....
    Depends on the people. You cant base on age.
  • vinsen 2009/09/24 02:07:14
    no I dont believe it is...
    sorry but i say no because u can love a person but most teens dont LOVE people. for instance. care for them when there sick, spend alot of time with them, never put friends before your girl(or boy)
  • Josh :D 2009/09/24 01:46:53
    no I dont believe it is...
    Josh :D
    Generally, no. In some situations, yes.

    For the most part, it's just impulsive aspirations for a relationship with someone who isn't even very compatible.
  • HoldenBeachBum 2009/09/24 00:48:57 (edited)
    no I dont believe it is...
    It's chemical, and those raging hormones are the cause! Teenagers are too young to even know what real love is. It's not just about sex (which the hormones are pushing you to have....sorta unfair isn't it). You have to be MATURE to experience love because it involves trust, listening, taking and giving like never before. It also means having the person you love as your best friend because after the sex is gone you better have something there that keeps you bound together.
  • emokiddster 2009/09/24 00:16:54
    no I dont believe it is...
    could be ...yuh nevr knw..
  • Ciara 2009/09/23 23:57:54 (edited)
    no I dont believe it is...
    It depends. Alot of people at my school say the they love each other the first day the go out. But i know it's not real. They don't really know what love is if they just break up a week later.

    I know a couple that recently got married and they have dated since the 8th grade. Now i think that was real love.
  • Elizabeth Lackey 2009/09/23 23:42:07
    Yes I believe it is....
    Elizabeth Lackey
    I depends, but age doesn't matter when you absolutely know you've found the one person in your life who means the world to you.
  • Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012 2009/09/23 23:03:43
    no I dont believe it is...
    Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012
    Generally, it's infatuation. Real love takes time. It's a constantly evolving product of your past experiences.

    All of which, does not mean it doesn't... feel like love... it does!

    I remember! :)
  • I'm due for a name change... 2009/09/23 21:55:42
    Yes I believe it is....
    I'm due for a name change...
    Depends, but why not? Why cant teeenagers be in love too?
  • elizabethbath0ry 2009/09/23 21:52:19
    Yes I believe it is....
    I think when you are younger you are feeling new things for the first time and because they are new to you they are much stronger feeling than when you get older and can understand what you are feeling better. So though I think a teen love can be very much true it can be very intense and misunderstood. Of course lust is a big part too in a teens heart I think we all went through that at some point in life.
  • JenHeartsConverse 2009/09/23 21:42:14
    Yes I believe it is....
    Depends on the two people in the relationship and what they feel.
  • keeper 2009/09/23 21:34:52
    Yes I believe it is....
    It has to be evaluated on an individual basis..
  • David Villa 2009/09/23 19:20:59
    Yes I believe it is....
    David Villa
    its affection we always "fall" in love every 2 weeks lol
  • Kimmy <3 2009/09/23 19:13:56
    Yes I believe it is....
    Kimmy <3
    Depends on the teenager. And the maturity level of that teenager.
  • mitch 2009/09/23 18:59:53
    no I dont believe it is...
    it's Hormones,
  • Bri Nicole 2009/09/23 18:43:45
    Yes I believe it is....
    Bri Nicole
    I think it might be both....we're so young we dont really know what love is but as we grow we learn....so I dont know Both!
  • tippo 2009/09/23 18:37:28
    Yes I believe it is....
  • Just me :) 2009/09/23 18:18:40 (edited)
    Yes I believe it is....
    Just me :)
    It dosnt matter the age.

    love is love.

    For the time that it is in their lives it is real love..
    My friend Zach and Becca were in real love. And they were a freshmen and a junior.
    Zach has told me time and time again.
    Real love comes almost once in your life.
    Take it and cherish it.
    Dont break it.
    And just now am i beggining to know what he means. freshmen junior zach told real love life cherish break beggining
  • GreatLakes 2009/09/23 18:17:01
    Yes I believe it is....
  • Kelseylove 2009/09/23 18:01:54
    Yes I believe it is....
    it can be either. when you break up is when you can usually tell is what im learning..
    my last break up.. was absolutely horrible.. and I can say I really loved em.
  • Sandra 2009/09/23 17:16:05
    Yes I believe it is....
    i believe it can be affection that leads to love!
  • Fef 2009/09/23 17:04:39
    no I dont believe it is...
    For the most part, teenagers feel "in love" but love takes a lot more than feelings. It involves sacrifice, work, dedication, understanding, communication and sharing. A teenager, while he/she may want to give these things, doesn't have time or experience in these matters.
    sacrifice work dedication understanding communication sharing teenager heshe experience matters
  • 00P 2009/09/23 16:55:08
    Yes I believe it is....
    Age does not matter....
  • Fef 00P 2009/09/23 17:05:17
    Those kids killed themselves.
  • NObamaGirl ~ Viva Cristo Rey!~ 2009/09/23 16:29:55
    Yes I believe it is....
    NObamaGirl ~ Viva Cristo Rey!~
    I met my boyfriend when I was 15 and he was 17. We were friends, then we became best friends, and we ended up dating as boyfriend/girlfriend not long after. So now he is 20 and I'm 18. We tell each other "I love you" on a daily bases and we mean it. :)
  • KaTaStRoPh!C 2009/09/23 15:18:27
    Yes I believe it is....
    real love.

    i would know of all people.
    i was with my bf for 2 years and it was legit.
    we were in love. for real.

    we still are.....just some road bumps along the way.
  • Aysohmay 2009/09/23 14:49:40
    Yes I believe it is....
    ...different for every case. You can't generalize love based on age.

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