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Is talking about Penis size a taboo?

Claise 2010/06/14 19:30:23
Yes, I find myself uneasy talking about it
No problem my/my bf's size is:...
Size doesnt matter!
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I received a "SodaHead shared question" in my email: "how big is your penis"? I thought it a nice initiative and took the measuring-tape. But then it became clear that the question had already disappeared from SH. So I thought it may be sort of a taboo reveal your size. On the other hand it seems quite normal for women to talk about their breast size.
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  • SarcasticB*tch 2011/04/17 16:37:38
    No problem my/my bf's size is:...
    when you're in love, size doesnt matter....

    so hopefully it's with someone who has a HUGE heart

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  • Claise anke 2010/08/01 16:02:40
    we went to the beach yesterday. it was not so sunny and very windy, but we had a good time
  • anke Claise 2010/08/01 17:54:51 (edited)
    That's good. Now that I'm back home, I can't really go to the beach, since I don't live anywhere near one :(
    Anyways new hair cut
    looks like this: but with black hair, a bit shorter, and a rat tail thingy in the back
    beach live hair cut black hair shorter rat tail thingy
    oh yeah, I'm Chinese, with darker skin so that's pretty close to how I look on the days I really try hard and bind pretty heavily.
  • Claise anke 2010/08/03 06:42:39
    wooow thats a cool haircut! you got it done at the hairdressers? and thats a beautiful combination, black hair with the darker skin.
  • anke Claise 2010/08/03 13:55:46 (edited)
    Nope, I did it by myself :D Took about 45-50 minutes to complete, since I already had this grown out mullet thing, so the bangs were pretty much already there. I just had to do the back and sides a bit.
  • Claise anke 2010/08/04 06:31:27
    so u are quite creative! how do u dress? do u also make clothes?
  • anke Claise 2010/08/05 14:21:53
    Depends. On my really bad days, when I feel really self conscious, I wear baggier clothes. I like darker colors, military styles, "gothic"-styled jewelery when I decide to wear them, and tend to learn towards tighter jeans (I'm not a big fan of then ones that fall to my thighs and have my butt hanging out XP). I sometimes make my own cloths, though that's only when I have the stuff to do it with, since my family is not a big fan of that at all.
  • Claise anke 2010/08/06 06:02:37
    yeah I see, sounds cool anyhow, and its good to follow your style
  • anke Claise 2010/08/06 15:11:07
    yep. What about you then?
  • Claise anke 2010/08/07 09:29:24
    I had my hair cut too yesterday! but its short now. I wish I had long hair sometimes, but my hair is not do suitable for that.
  • anke Claise 2010/08/07 20:35:08
    Why's that?
  • Claise anke 2010/08/09 06:11:25
    it just doesnt grow enough. as clothes I always like to wear tight jeans, that show the shape of my hips. they always say I have girly legs, so I want to show my thighs. I never wear shirts over my trousers like many boys do, I want to show them my ass.
  • anke Claise 2010/08/09 21:27:17
    I don't think there's really anything you can do about your hair, except for extensions, and those take FOREVER! (no, I haven't ever gotten them, but I've seen others get them before) You're sort of lucky to be able to wear tight jeans, I can sometimes do that, depending on the build of the jeans, and what material. Sometimes I look good in them, sometimes I don't.
    haha, I bet all the other dudes appreciate that :D I like your style, and I think it just gave me a clue as to why one of my friends at school dresses like that too. When some person once asked him, he told them to figure it out on their own. I'll go ask him sometimes :)
  • Claise anke 2010/08/10 08:16:58
    yeah, hehe hehe, ask him. maybe he wants to be a sexy girl
  • anke Claise 2010/08/10 14:35:16
    I did last night. I was right, it was the same reason as yours :) To show off his ass and get him crush (now his boyfriend) to pay at least a tiny bit of attention to him XD
  • Claise anke 2010/08/11 09:13:35
    wooow, very good! u already know how the gayboys behave!
  • anke Claise 2010/08/11 14:54:23
    Yep:) I love being smart :D
  • Claise anke 2010/08/12 10:11:26
    yeah, for me as a gayboy I always see girls as my examples how to dress. thats why I first thought that I was also attracted to girls, but its more like Im one of them
  • anke Claise 2010/08/12 15:11:06
    haha, just make sure not to get too girly :)
  • Claise anke 2010/08/21 06:51:25
    yeah I take care of that already, hehe hehe
  • anke Claise 2010/08/22 16:11:05
    Yeah :)
    School starts in a week :( I'm still not totally done with my summer reading, since I've been too lazy to take notes :(
  • Claise anke 2010/08/23 08:43:15
    yeah too bad. its hard getting up each morning
  • anke Claise 2010/08/23 13:52:41
    Yeah, but it's not too bad, since the bus time got moved back 15 minutes.
  • Claise anke 2010/08/24 06:31:21
    so youre lucky! well, me Im stil enjoying the last summer weeks now.
  • anke Claise 2010/08/24 15:20:20
    you going back to college soon? (I'm guessing '-.-)
  • Claise anke 2010/08/25 06:57:25
    yeah next-next week
  • anke Claise 2010/08/25 14:41:50
    What are you studying?
  • Claise anke 2010/08/26 09:19:40
    Im doing sociology
  • anke Claise 2010/08/26 16:23:52
    cool. I'm planning to eventually go into medicine when I get into college.
  • Claise anke 2010/08/27 10:34:11
    wooow, you become a doctor?
  • anke Claise 2010/08/27 19:06:14
    Planning to. . . . not sure exactly which type yet. I still have three years of high school to complete though.
  • Claise anke 2010/08/30 06:26:28
    yeah, you still have time to choose and decide. hows your weekend?
  • anke Claise 2010/08/30 20:54:49
    Pretty good, though I was busy at my dad's lab, and getting ready for school. The first day was hectic, since I didn't know where to go, but I think I'll like the year :) How about you? Anything special?
  • Claise anke 2010/08/31 07:01:21
    we went to a birthday party on saturday. we had a good time there
  • anke Claise 2010/08/31 23:16:30
    Cool. When does school start for you?
  • Claise anke 2010/09/02 06:28:46
    it starts next week. monday is the opening, tuesday lectures start
  • anke Claise 2010/09/02 22:44:35
    Have fun then :) (if that's possible)
    I just found out that I'm missing a required class for graduation. My options are to completely change my schedule, cut out a class, or take the class in a later year, and maybe, if it's possible, see if I can do a weird thing with my gym days. The first is a last resort thing, since I've already started a lab for chem, and my class is a day behind. The second would suck, since orchestra is the only class I could cut out and I've spent over 4 months preparing for different auditions that I can't do if I don't take orchestra, and taking it a different year wouldn't really work, since with the classes I'm planning on taking, there's no room :(
  • Claise anke 2010/09/03 07:47:44
    that sounds like complicated choice youve got to go through! hope you will manage to find something that suits! we're enjoying the first post-summer september days here. the silence before the storm
  • anke Claise 2010/09/03 14:15:47
    Yeah, I think I'll get something worked out. Lots of snow coming soon? It's still really hot here, about 95 degrees Fahrenheit (about 35 ish degrees Celsius).
  • Claise anke 2010/09/04 07:25:37
    wooow thats still very warm over there! no, we wont have snow here very soon. but were happy already if it is just above 20 C
  • anke Claise 2010/09/06 03:05:00
    Yeah, it is. Sadly it's now getting a bit colder :( Good thing is I won't get stared at for wearing jeans all the time now :)

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