Is spanking child abuse?

bricklyn 2011/04/06 21:41:34
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BUM RAP - Antispanking activists should take a time-out

Whenever I read something on the
spanking controversy, I remember an incident a
few years ago in a downtown day care. It happened
at about 6:05 p.m., five minutes past the deadline
for parents to depart with their
offspring. The staff was itching to
leave, and an occasional dirty look
aimed at a tardy parent darted through
the mask of cordiality stretched across their
faces. I was hurriedly helping my son put on his
socks, shoes, and coat, when I heard a commotion
behind me. I turned; it was another late
parent walking toward us carrying a
boy of about four, her arms locked
firmly around his middle. He was
kicking and yelling at the top of his lungs, "No!
No! Put me down!" She was talking to him
in the very best contemporary parenting book manner:
very calmly, very firmly, not raising her
voice. "It's time to go now," she
said. "I've given you 20 minutes to
play with the day-care toys. That's
enough. Daddy's got dinner ready, and
he's waiting for us at home."

She put him down by the kiddie coat rack, and
knelt beside him. He seized this brief moment
of freedom to unleash a barrage of blows to
her head and chest. "Let me go!" he
yelled as he connected with her chin.
She looked around in embarrassment. I
averted my eyes. "That hurt," she said
evenly, taking down his coat, "That
really hurt. I don't like that." She
grappled with him in a fruitless effort to
force him into his coat; he wriggled out easily,
shoving her face as far away from him as possible.
The struggle continued for minutes, then
reached a stalemate. The day-care
staff, looking on with increasing
disgust and fatigue, offered such helpful
comments as, "Come on Tyler. It's time to
go home now."

As I left with my son, I reflected upon the spirit
of the age that has blessed us with such
incidents. Perhaps some non-aversive
method of discipline would have made
that terrible child comply with his
mother's request quickly, but I cannot think
of it. I am convinced that the most effective
solution in that particular instance would have
been a sharp, compliance-inducing swat on the

But what parent does that today when people are
watching? The antispanking movement of the last
15 years has done a brilliant job
propagating the view that spanking is
just another form of child abuse.
Today, normal parents are not just
frightened of appearing abusive; they also fear
that an occasional swat to the behind can turn
their little darling into a dangerously aggressive
adolescent and an incorrigibly criminal
adult, as the "scientific evidence"
says. In fact, the antispanking
movement, and its agents in the
mainstream media, has used this weak, and
in some cases simply non-existent, evidence to
beat parents into submission. Antispanking advocates
have given us nothing more than a smattering
of half-truths along with heavy
smacks of propaganda.

Before I continue, let me state categorically
that I reject spanking as a primary method of
discipline. Let no one see this article as
encouragement to parents to spank
their children for every little thing.
It goes without saying that I support all
efforts to end the physical abuse of children,
but I do not think that spanking, used rarely
and judiciously, is abuse. Rather, it can be
useful in some situations, with many

But what is spanking? Antispankers define it
as broadly as possible, not just to show that
spanking causes harm, but to more easily
place it on a continuum with child
abuse. One antispanking article, for
example, defined spanking as "any
disciplinary hitting of kids that's not injurious
or currently considered abusive." Note the
emotive and misleading word hitting which can
include punching, cuffing, boxing the ears, and
slapping the face. But the meaning of
the word spanking, which has remained
relatively stable over the centuries,
is quite different from these abusive
behaviors. The English language's most
authoritative source, the Oxford English Dictionary,
defines the verb to spank as "To slap or
smack (a person, esp. a child) with the open hand."
Its earliest etymological entry, dated
1727, reads, "To spank, to slap with
the open Hand." Another citation from
1889 shows how it was done then (and
continues to be done now): "My mother .
. . lifted me cleverly [and] planted
two spanks behind." In 1996, the Canadian
Paediatric Society (CPS) gave a similar definition
of "disciplinary spanking": "[It]
is physically non-injurious, administered with
an opened hand to the buttocks, and intended to
modify behavior." This is the definition
agreed upon by the American Academy
of Pediatrics and the one I use. I
reject any broader definition as an
insidious effort to demonize this age-old
and harmless practice.

Read More: http://www.todaysfamilynews.ca/tfn/family/articles...

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  • Cadfael18 2014/10/13 21:59:31
    I was interested to read the article below and am convinced that a good smack on the bum would have solved that little boy's nonsense. If the reaction of the mother to his bad behaviour continues I can see the child becoming a monster who thinks that he can hit or abuse anyone - including animals and other children. As he gets bigger, guess what is going to happen? Yep, an uncontrollable child grows into a vicious teen into an adult who will eventually end up in gaol having ruins countless lives. The anti-spanking brigade has a lot ot answer for.
  • Mike 2012/09/20 21:45:14
    bad kids
    nobody is above ans ass whuppin!!
  • Pyro-82 2012/09/18 02:43:06
    It can become abuse if the adult involved is irresponiable, but it is not abuse in the hands of a capable adult.
  • Robin 2012/09/17 01:11:41
    There is a difference between a spanking and a beating. I was spanked as a child, and am thankful for every swat. My kids have all been spanked. As a matter of fact, I have 2 of them who are both about to get one.
  • ikeknight 2012/09/16 18:23:31 (edited)
    I think..
    The problem with spanking is where do you go if it doesn't work. You can't escalate. I do not spank my kids and they are very well behaved. I am always getting compliments on their behavior. When they were younger, they would throw tantrums and I did not show any emotion toward it. After a few months, they realized they couldn't get their way and stopped. It also teaches kids that it is okay to hit.
  • Cadfael18 ikeknight 2014/10/13 22:02:32
    This is a good way to deal with it and with your children it worked. Unfortunately, with some children it won't work. I was smacked on the bum when I was little and I learned to behave myself.
  • cookiemonster 2012/09/16 17:52:01
    I think..
    I think it can very well become abuse.
  • Jesse 2012/09/16 17:29:46
    I think..
    I dont spank my daughter, but honestly, some children need to be spanked.
    However, some (if not most) parents take it to far and/or use it as the only form of punishment.
  • ~Here Comes The Sun~ 2012/09/16 17:18:58
    ~Here Comes The Sun~
    Only when needed.
  • Dagon 2012/09/16 17:10:41
  • Jdogg 2012/09/16 17:08:57
    Only when it's really needed, But unfortunately some parents take it way too far sometimes.
  • Kezzi Morris 2012/09/16 17:06:29 (edited)
    Kezzi Morris
    I'm not sure
  • juan felipe chancellor kuhn 2011/12/08 21:53:09
    juan felipe chancellor kuhn
    spanking is fear for boys itis real god medicine for their souls
  • juan fe... juan fe... 2011/12/08 21:56:46
    juan felipe chancellor kuhn
    yes it is good
  • Sylvia 2011/07/06 04:47:55
    Of course not. My mom spanked me when I acted like a brat around the age of 3 or 4, and I can not tell you what a great mom she is!
  • *TaBbY(:* 2011/05/17 01:40:00
    Compared to what my parents do for NO REASON, spanking is mosajing (spell check).
  • Hamilton 2011/04/26 16:39:38
    No, and anyone who thinks that it is, per se, is a fool.
  • bricklyn Hamilton 2011/07/15 03:51:18
    Only a fool would be afraid to discipline a child.
  • Hamilton bricklyn 2011/07/15 23:45:40
    Well, THAT depends on the level of psychosis of the area of the country you live in.
  • bricklyn Hamilton 2011/07/16 05:45:33
    I see that psychosis in the US and the laws that go with it. I also see the results of it from the behavior of children in public. It is appalling and parents should be ashamed to being their kids out in public. No one whats those monsters around when they are shopping, dining or in a movie.
  • juan fe... bricklyn 2011/12/08 21:57:37
  • colino 2011/04/17 04:14:42
  • Anony 2011/04/15 17:40:00
    Different methods of discipline have different effects on different children. Some will be cowed with a stern look and others need a sharp smack on the bottom.
  • ToddBHarris 2011/04/07 11:43:53 (edited)
  • bricklyn ToddBHa... 2011/07/08 02:49:38
    Then most likely your kids will grow up to bastards too.
  • Ernie 2011/04/07 03:27:30
    i think when people wine about how i disipline my children they get a weirder look when i tell them if they don't like it why don't they raise them they usually shut up and walk away.
  • Veritas 2011/04/07 01:31:42
    Personally, there were times I was so mad at my kids that the best thing for me to do in that moment was send them to their room. I knew if I put even one finger on them, the cops would be here! I would just quietly say, go in your room until your Dad comes home. Mommy needs a time out!

    Unfortunately though, there are people who don't know when to do that.

    My kids are big now, so now they just get an ocassional Gibbs slap when they are disrespectful! They never see it coming and it's enough of a tap so they know even though they are taller than me, I'm still not taking any crap!

    mommy people kids ocassional gibbs slap disrespectful tap crap ncis gibbs slap
  • MW121 2011/04/07 01:28:27
    Apparently it seems as if today, everyone wants to butt into other people's business and report everything they see done to other children.. No child should have welts, black and blues, etc.. but a good spanking on the behind when needed is totally fine with me..
  • iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~ 2011/04/06 22:18:11
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    But it's likely the least helpful teaching tool.
  • bricklyn iamthem... 2011/04/07 03:21:12
    Some kids do not listen to logic or reasoning.
  • iamthem... bricklyn 2011/04/07 06:55:39
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    Then someone better teach them to - otherwise, someone's gonna have to be there to beat on them for their whole lives to get them to do anything. ;-)
  • bricklyn iamthem... 2011/07/08 02:51:08
    Logic cannot be used in a two year old.
  • iamthem... bricklyn 2011/07/12 16:23:45
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    And an infant can't speak. We still speak to them, however, knowing that if we don't they won't ever learn what language is.
  • bricklyn iamthem... 2011/07/15 03:53:50
    What has speech got to do with discipline? The issue is if they do not understand language and need discipline you have to use other methods. A swat on the backside is a simple and quick method of dealing with a problem
  • iamthem... bricklyn 2011/07/15 04:39:43
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    What does logic have to do with discipline?

    And the quickest method of dealing with a problem is very often far from the best.
  • bricklyn iamthem... 2011/07/15 21:41:01
    No discipline has resulted in all the entitled brats and irresponsible youth we have today. I guess we can thank parents like you for that. Those are the losers of todays society by parents trying to be friends to their kids and failing horribly.
  • iamthem... bricklyn 2011/07/16 06:21:41
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    I love how you took my statement that hitting a child, even though it might be the quickest solution, is often not the best to mean that I somehow don't like discipline.
  • bricklyn iamthem... 2011/07/17 14:59:26
    I love that fact that you think what you do is discipline
  • iamthem... bricklyn 2011/07/17 17:05:03
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    Let me ask you this: have I said that there are no situations where it might be okay to hit a child.
  • bricklyn iamthem... 2011/12/24 21:27:56
    So far you have never listed anything that would be considered discipline.

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