Is Sledding Too Dangerous for Kids?

Living 2010/12/05 11:00:00
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'Tis the season for snow and sledding. But is the beloved childhood pastime too dangerous for kids?

Children and teens on sleds account for at least 20,820 injuries in the United States each year, according to a first-ever analysis of U.S. emergency room reports.

The study also found that nearly 230,000 children and teens age 19 and younger were treated for sledding injuries in emergency departments between 1997 and 2007, according to msnbc.com.

And who is most vulnerable? You guessed it, boys of a certain age. Kids between the ages of 10 and 14 accounted for largest proportion of injuries, 42.5 percent, followed by children ages 5 to 9, 29.5 percent. Boys made up nearly 60 percent of the cases.

Fractures were the most common injury, accounting for 26 percent of the injuries, followed by bruises and abrasions, 25 percent, and then cuts and sprains at 16 percent apiece. The head was the most frequently harmed body part, and more than 9 percent of the kids hurt sustained traumatic brain injuries, msnbc reports.

Ian Miller, 12, of Pottstown, Pa., died Jan. 15 after a sledding accident during a Boy Scout snow trip. His parents are working to require helmets at public sledding sites.

Bottom line: If you want to sled, wear a helmet, and steer clear of cars, trees and other obstacles. You'll be glad you did.

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  • Crank_It_Up 2010/12/05 19:00:20 (edited)
    of course, we need to ban sledding altogether, along with a few other activities...or require a helmet to be worn at all times
    ban sledding activities require helmet times

    we need to ban swimming pools, or require everyone wear a life vest at all times...
    A swimming pool is 14 times more likely than a motor vehicle to be involved in the death of a child age 4 and under.
    Orange County California Fire Authority
    death child age 4 orange county california fire authority

    also breathing is somewhat dangerous...Air pollution poses a serious threat to our nation's health. At the American Lung Association. We should ban breathing or require everyone to wear breathing apparatus at all times...
    lung association ban breathing require wear breathing apparatus times

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  • Kenzie 2013/03/10 16:57:41
    if you want to sled you can..... if parents want there child to wear a helmet that's there decision. Sledding can be dangerous just pick were you sled wisely and watch were your going and out for other people.... Have Fun :p :)
  • Haiya 2011/07/20 19:11:26
    Sledding is amazing fun! :P
  • SonofSpermcube 2011/07/20 13:15:33
    Don't sled where you can hit trees and you won't have much of a problem. That said:

    I was one of two people whose accidents got the best sledding hill in my town closed to sledding. There were people hang-gliding there the same day, going down on skis, with hang gliders. One guy went out of control, veered straight toward me. I turned and ran, and got an aluminum pole to the back of the head. That was the first time I was ever knocked out. I remember coming to with a bunch of people standing over me, and looking and seeing the guy struggling to get loose from his glider over in some rose bushes.

    The other one cited around that time was a woman who died when she hit a tree. I have a pretty good idea what tree she hit, too. She was on a side-trail leading through the woods. I was on the main, open slope, impossible to hit any trees. Apart from a little hill at the bottom where you could catch serious air, and the threat of hang-gliders, there wasn't a lot of risk on that slope. They could have just fenced off the sides and called it good.
  • ThePumpkinator 2011/04/21 00:12:20
    You know that hot dogs are easy to choke on? We should probably ban those too. Also, fruits and vegetables have trace amounts of pesticides in them, no matter how good they are for you otherwise. Butter makes you fat, meat has preservatives, we should just ban childhood while we're at it.
  • Bulldog 2011/04/04 15:06:43
    Fun has been proven to be detrimental to the mental health of the Nannies who sit and fear all activities that might cause somebody to be injured! ESPECIALLY FUN ACTIVITIES!

    If we let the nannies in our individual lives ruin our lives, it is one thing, FEEL FREE TO BE PARANOID OF EVERYTHING FOR FEAR OF AN INJURY!

    PARANOID NANNIES..... PLEASE LEAVE OUR KIDS LIVES ALONE! They have enough sour things in their lives to ruin their day!


    Any connnection between those things in todays society--banned outdoor activities/obese, electronic addicted, depressed children?


    Perhaps we just need to put all children in a hypo-allergenic safety ball and only ever let them go outside that ball to use the bathroom wearing enough protective gear to make a football linebacker look naked!
  • eyeballz 2011/04/03 03:32:13
    What about bicycling or walking to school , or flying in a jet to visit Grandma in another state . These things are all to dangerous for kids to be doing !! In fact eating pizza can cause a child to choke , pizza should be a banned substance .
  • IcE BoX:D 2011/03/30 23:44:24
    IcE BoX:D
    its there fault if then got hurt but its amazing and totally fun:DD hehe fault hurt totally fundd hehe sledding
  • FrederichJosephDeVaney 2010/12/15 01:26:35
    Isn't sledding a weed out activity? Isn't the emergency room a right of passage? Let me see, I split my head open learning to ride a bike because training wheels are for sissies. I fell out of a 100+ ft Cedar tree, dusted myself off and reclimbed it. I cut my chin open on the monkey bars. That same year I re-cut my chin open climbing on the sink while making Lego canals. Sledding, some bumps and bruises, but what else do you do on a snowy day? Oops, forgot, there's snowball fights.
  • Sir Bud. 2010/12/07 16:55:49
    Sir Bud.
    On the contrary,it trains their physical ability and judgement.
  • Dagon 2010/12/07 13:42:29
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/12/07 09:43:33
    Lady Whitewolf
    HELL NO!

    I used to go sledding a lot as a kid.
  • Explorer 2010/12/07 06:17:30
    Only a dedicated whinning liberal would even consider asking such a question! Perhaps they would like to mandate helments, seat belts, training, age restrictions............
  • tootien 2010/12/07 05:06:31
    I hate it when I hear of any kid dying from any type of accident, sadly the world is not made of nerf and on any given day leaving one's house, or even keeping kids in house could turn into a fatal accident - statistically probably not all that often. When I was a kid my neighborhood contained fabulous hills and snow, can't recall any deaths, perhaps a broken arm or leg...but if someone had suggested helmets....hahahaha
    As the parent of now grown boys I would say that frequent ER visits are par for the course when one has male gender kids! Although sledding, even with the Boy Scouts was never a cause for any of our ER visits.
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2010/12/07 04:58:54
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    Only in the politically correct world..
  • kobidobidog 2010/12/07 03:44:41 (edited)
    Sledding is a lot of fun,and the best thing for kids and all is to go to www.upcspine.com,and find a good type of Chiropractor called as a group upper cervical specific, and make an appointment with one of the practitioners.two other techniques not mentioned on upcspine is good called knee chest,and Pettibon. Knee chest technique levers against the posterior part of the top vertebra in the spine called the Atlas. keep appointments to track of your progress. How well you respond depends on how healthy the spinal disks are.Doing this will help the body and brain in more ways than you can imagine. pay attention to any sharp falls or hits to the head after an adjustment wait 5-7 days then go, and let the U,C,S, see if your brain memory is strong enough to hold your adjustment or if a additional adjustment is needed to keep you on the upward path to better health.
  • us 2010/12/07 03:37:56
    I remember sledding and it was fun, you had to watch where you sled. Once you go
    down the hill, and stop, need to get up, get out the way. But I remember all the good
    times sledding.

    If you have never sled before, be responsible, have fun.
  • sm237 2010/12/07 01:31:04
    Sledding is FUN...put a helmet on them if you are worried but let the kids be kids.
  • Lady Wh... sm237 2010/12/07 09:44:05
    Lady Whitewolf
    there ya go!
  • Corinne:) 2010/12/07 00:46:10
    Theres more important things to worry about than sledding...geez are you really worrying about this?! anyways, i think sledding is the bomb, one of the funnest snow activities to me!!!
  • Marie 2010/12/07 00:43:26
  • MkB 2010/12/07 00:29:47
    Well, the skeleton luge I can understand...but I'd want my kid to sled down the bunny slope until he's old enough to graduate college.
  • tootien MkB 2010/12/07 05:09:37
    we had a bunny slope in our yard when I was young and could only leave bunny slope when we reached 8 or 9 years of age, then around 12 there was a monster cool hill near the city's museum...of course parents did warn us not to get hit by cars while sledding...
  • MkB tootien 2010/12/07 07:09:09
    A normal childhood. Thank your lucky stars. lol
  • tootien MkB 2010/12/08 18:22:04
    Yes, I was blessed with a normal cool childhood and I am so thankful...
  • matt 2010/12/06 22:52:08
    Jesus...people do not need to worry about sledding being dangerous, theres more important things to worry about. If your kid gets hurt by sled riding, it was the kids fault because its very hard to get hurt without doing something stupid.
  • tootien matt 2010/12/07 05:10:57
    pretty much, although I recall hitting a tree or two, but nothing was hurt, except perhaps feelings, other kids tend to crack up when you can't seem to steer out of the way of a tree:)
  • CitizenErased 2010/12/06 22:48:09
    Only when people feel the need to stand by a giant rock and literally kick away any of the small children that go within 10 feet of it.
  • Marilyn 2010/12/06 22:08:59
    maybe a little bit, but so is crossing the street, going swimming, etc. etc.
  • ♣♦Fuckface♥♠ 2010/12/06 21:55:14
    Hah, I remember when me and my friends would ride on this decline and make our uncle pull us back up with his truck! Fun times, they be.
  • Stan 2010/12/06 21:32:27
    haha This is ridiculous, kids get hurt all the time! If they didn't they wouldn't learn anything. I think if parents took proper precautions and common sense then everything should be fine.
  • tootien Stan 2010/12/07 05:13:03
    or we could buy bubbles like the kid in the John Travolta movie and then no child would ever ever be hurt
  • Stan tootien 2010/12/07 05:31:56
    Hey I would be up for trying that out myself!
  • baller 2010/12/06 21:26:56
    hell no..jesus christ..kids are already getting more stupid by the fu@#ing day ... let's not make 'em all panty waists..pretty soon they will all be queers and have to go to africa to adopt
  • tootien baller 2010/12/07 05:12:04
    I am officially lmao, now
  • baller tootien 2010/12/07 20:58:03
    ho ho ho !!
  • lily 2010/12/06 21:19:57
    life is dangerous. get used to it. as long as the rents are out and we are careful, i say : LET THE FUN FRICKIN BEGIN!!!!!!!! Even if it was banned, i still be doing it. im the most adventrous kid on the block, and the only one who has taken on the monster hill nearby, and guess what? im the only one who's never been in the hospital, or broken a bone. yes i have scars, but never from sledding. one of my friends helmet smacked her face and she needed stiches. So sled on. you can bet i will
  • tootien lily 2010/12/07 05:14:44
    great - you sound like a cool kid - only I had boys which meant all sorts of stitches, blood, broken bones etc. to me it was par for the course with boys
  • DiJohnny 2010/12/06 21:16:47
    Ban Hot Cocoa, too, because that stuff is hot! I dang near burnt my tongue off, once!
  • tootien DiJohnny 2010/12/07 05:15:36
    wow I'm right with you - I dang near burnt my tongue off too, and things didn't taste right for a whole day!
  • lazarous1967 2010/12/06 20:57:18 (edited)
    Now we have the fun police? pa-lease!!!!
    Boys do NOT become men if they do not learn that they are NOT immortal.
    The problem today is that so many kids are raised only by their mothers and the "dads" are not around or in cases Not allowed to be involved with their kids.
    This just makes all these boys into pansey a$$e$.
    My sons mother wont even let my son play in the rain. How is he supposed to build up his immune system if he can't even play in the rain.
    So whenever i have my son and it rains i take him ouside and we play catch in the rain.
    If he gets sick, i take care of him. If he gets injured as all boys are supposed to be at one time or another then i take care of him.
    I can sure see why there are so many homsexuals nowadays with women raising their boys to be pansies.
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