Is 'Sexy' Wii Game Appropriate for 12-Year-Olds?

Living 2011/03/02 15:08:40
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If you thought "Skins" was bad, you'll definitely have a problem with the new Nintendo Wii game, "We Dare."

The "sexy party" game has been rated as appropriate for children over 12, even though the trailer features two couples stripping and spanking each other.

"The more friends you invite to party, the spicier the play!" a promo for the game says.

The game, which is unavailable in the U.S. but goes on sale in the U.K. on March 11, is described as a "sexy, quirky party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenges."

The game also reportedly "suggests" same-sex kissing, orgies, pole-dancing and wife-swapping.

Needless to say, British parents are upset about the 12+ rating.

"I have a 13-year-old daughter and if I knew she was playing such a highly charged sexual game with boys, I would be appalled," 
Laura Pearson, 52, told The Daily Mail. "It is encouraging under-age sex."

But another mom said the game is "just a bit of harmless fun."

"It’s only like a modern-day Spin the Bottle," Sandra Betts, who has a 15-year-old son, told the paper.

Perhaps she hasn't seen this trailer for the game. What do you think? Is "We Dare" appropriate for kids?

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  • AustinEngy 2011/03/02 22:24:23
    When I was 12, there were kids doing WAY worse things than what is portrayed in this game. You don't need video games to teach you about sex. In most American Public Schools, they teach you about it in 5th grade. If not, you'd learn about it from other kids pretty quick.

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  • squid 2012/01/18 11:54:33
    I think this game would be better with the xbox Kinnect.
  • This is W³ 2011/10/03 08:03:27
    This is W³
    When I was 12, I had my first kiss. If I saw this Wii game when I was that age, I probably would have taken it to another level with the girl.
  • marcbright56 2011/04/07 21:25:58
    We Dare i wont waist my time
  • Kuldaboli (oYo) 2011/03/31 12:21:11
    Kuldaboli (oYo)
    Do you remember "playing doctor" when you were a kid? Well, apparently, now it's just played on a computer platform rather than with a toy medical kit.
  • Nosolice 2011/03/20 01:20:49
    this is obviously an adult game geared toward adults, so it should atleast have a mature rating. the problem is not a video game though, your kids are your own responsability.
  • Dylon Brittain 2011/03/18 17:57:24
    Dylon Brittain
    I agree with AustinEngy i am only 15 and three years ago there was an elementry school kid that was pregnate...now i am not saying that underage sex is right but hey...your only a kid once.
  • Joshua Konopka 2011/03/17 17:52:09
    Joshua Konopka
    personally I think that this is a pretty funny question and commercial.
  • Don 2011/03/14 14:36:41
    The problem is they see worse than this on television and in videos they watch.
  • Stephaniee 2011/03/12 18:14:52
    At Least 13 Year olds
  • Sildy 2011/03/12 04:54:47
    I never played spin the bottle like that lol. Anyone wanna try this game with me???
  • waynelaboy 2011/03/11 18:08:06
  • albertoyerman 2011/03/11 14:19:53
    the kids are no ready to this.
  • pleauh 2011/03/11 03:15:01
    Dude, I'm usually pretty lax about stuff like this. My four year old watches Family Guy with me, as do my 5 and 8 year old. But really? This is wayyyyyy too much for a 12 year old! I was trying to imagine even my friends and me being comfortable playing this game, and that was hard!
  • Peace 2011/03/08 16:12:26
    Kids are already inundated with sex enough.
  • KK 2011/03/08 01:08:47
    nah its not but kids are still gonna play it so waht can you do about it?? It doesnt look that great to me anyway
  • RockitD 2011/03/07 23:49:17
    It's ridiculous!!! Are we really pushing sexuality younger and younger? Sure we teach sex education in 5th or 6th grade, but I was still confused at that age. We already have an epidemic of teenage pregnancy and the glorification of it on MTV has made it in vogue to so many.

    Video games are even more addicting and less monitored by parents. We don't need this garbage aimed at kids already struggling with their sexuality to be made so light of. Sex is emotional and mental as it is physical. It should not be taken so lightly.
  • XLeeX 2011/03/07 16:54:34
    People dont you think your kids or other people kids doing stuff behind your back without knowing atless when they playing that game you can have a boundry of what they do.... teen even get prego at age 12-13 early......
  • Karima 2011/03/07 15:41:03
  • gharis ali 2011/03/07 11:27:08
    gharis ali
    they is no time for 12years old kid to play this game
  • ☮ Ron ☮ Paul ☮ 2012! ☮ 2011/03/07 08:31:12
    ☮ Ron ☮ Paul ☮ 2012! ☮
    That game is NOT appropriate for 12 year olds. Besides, a 12 year old wouldn't play it anyway. Their reaction to that would be "WTF!"

    The only people that would buy this game and try to play it would be adults that are so drunk/stoned.

    Give me a break Nintendo, turn from the dark side and avoid selling this blatant idiotic crap!
  • fitz 2011/03/07 01:05:00
    Why aren't they forcing the company to change the rating to 18+? Children doing this sort of thing is absolutely wrong and I'm not a prude.
  • politic... fitz 2011/04/27 18:28:20
    then why did you select yes?
  • fitz politic... 2011/05/03 14:33:38
    Sorry. My bad.
  • politic... fitz 2011/05/09 13:26:15
    I've hit the wrong answer several times myself. I wish they give you time to edit you selection.
  • maria 2011/03/07 00:01:47
    rtewzsrt fgs
  • Walter 2011/03/06 19:31:35
    this should be 18+ ... yes I agree that kids do things when they can get away with it at an early age and when they think they arent getting caught .. I get that... as adults, does anyone think its right to give them the ability to do these things and condone it as well? as an example, some years back I obtained a used ipod to give to my 17 yr old son(soon to be 18 at the time) of course I checked it out and found porn video on it... I informed him that after I erase the files he could then have it... he said to me " but dad.. im almost 18 anyway, whats the big deal".... i said the big deal is that I am an adult, you are a minor and it would be ILLEGAL for me to give this to you knowing that its there the same applies to this game and others like it parents need to pay attention to what their kids are doing and whats the content of the games they play
  • schjaz 2011/03/06 17:01:09
    All kids will experiment with things like this....but where things have changed is in the 'watch me do it' and 'do it with me' venues. They want others to see them bumping and grinding...they want others to smack their privates so more can watch. This isn't one kid dancing around by themselves to see what it is like. And it's more detrimental to females. Men have always had their shady girly bars where they don't mind other men seeing them there but these girls are finding it acceptable to demean themselves in public with a smile on their faces. Very sad. When we lose the ladies of the future, we also lose the gentlemen of the future. Good Bye refined future....Good Bye.
  • Lefty 2011/03/06 15:56:35
    Why must society continually attempt to lower the age on promiscuity?
  • politic... Lefty 2011/04/27 18:36:14
    If you read up on the "progressive" movement started in this country back in the late 1800s and the plan put forth by the communist party in this country in the early 1900s, the breaking down of the traditional family unit as the backbone in a free society is essential to implementing a socialist/communist rule where the state is the all powerful in every aspect of our lives including the raising and education (or indoctrination of as they see it) of our children. This merely reflects the path we are on.
  • SantaClaws 2011/03/06 08:04:09
    What took them so long? xD
  • doodle BN-0 2011/03/06 03:55:13
    doodle BN-0
    O.o It looks a bit like a video game / sex game. :P
  • shooppinoo25 2011/03/05 09:47:02
    what a ........random and wierd game!!!how could they invent smth like that??? =o
  • ORIONSBOW 2011/03/05 07:21:29
    You'd have to be a complete lunatic to think that this was appropriate for 12 year old kids. That or a sleazy pervert. What a crock.
  • fighter... ORIONSBOW 2011/03/19 07:38:12
  • sally 2011/03/05 04:55:06
    oops, I clicked the wrong one.

    It probably isn't made for kids... But what parent would BUY this game for their kid in the first place?
  • Niecey 2011/03/05 04:52:07
    This so inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. If I had children I would definitely not allow them to play this game. Now on the other hand if it were me and someone special...;-)
  • ninjabluedemon 2011/03/04 23:27:36
    They're all ready so sexually crazy-especially in HS-do you honestly think a video game "suggesting" all that will be a good thing?
  • Andrew 2011/03/04 22:50:31
  • Michael 2011/03/04 22:40:31
    Not 12 year olds.

    Girls in early adolescence actually have a natural repulsion to sex: it's an evolutionary defense mechanism that kicks in when they are at a point in development where they can get pregnant but aren't physically ready to healthily carry a healthy baby to term.
  • KinnUzumaki 2011/03/04 21:51:55
    if not this then anyways kids come to know about it from their fellow mates!
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