Is New Milk Campaign About PMS Funny or Sexist?

Living 2011/07/12 17:58:05
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We know that milk does a body good. But we never thought it would be associated with sexism.

The new "Got Milk?" campaign preaches milk as a cure for PMS -- and takes pity on men who have to put up with women during "that time of the month," The Washington Post reports.

The campaign, called "Everything I do is wrong," is based on studies that show calcium in dairy milk helps reduce the symptoms of PMS.

It also suggests that women are so you-know-what (rhymes with witchy) as their period approaches that a man can do nothing right.

"We think the humor creates the surprise and surprise is always good when you want people to be aware of the message and benefit," Steve James, executive director of the California Milk Processor Board, told Marketing Daily. "We have heard women respond to this with comments like, ‘I have got to send this poster to my husband.'"

But critics say the ad comes across as "really sexist."

"Definitely sexist. The only way it even constitutes a ‘joke’ is if the viewer implicitly accepts the idea that women are inherently irrational and men have no choice but to meekly accept it," one male commenter wrote.

Do you think this ad is offensive to women? Or is it just touching a nerve that everyone can relate to?

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    (¯`·._.·[Dear Maria]·._.·´¯)
    I'm a girl, I PMS, and I think it's hilarious. Life would be a lot easier if people wouldn't get so darn offended all the time... maybe the people protesting should drink some milk to stop pms-ing.... lol just a thought

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  • morganb JustinC... 2011/07/13 21:43:35 (edited)
    Because the cultural rorm is not always the right thing. A ton of our cultural norms are really sexist.
    It implies that pms, a woman's problem, I suppose, is a mans inconvenience (as I saw it worded somewhere). It's also very condescending towards women.
  • JustinC... morganb 2011/07/14 19:16:57
    Very true, never really thought of it that way.
  • Tally S JustinC... 2011/07/13 23:39:24
    Tally S
    And once upon a time it was the cultural norm that black people said "yes massa" as they served the nice white man, but somehow I don't see that flying through as inoffensive.
  • JustinC... Tally S 2011/07/14 19:18:24
    It was also a cultural norm for whomever to say "Yes master" to all Romans...Black, white, tan, it didn't matter if they were conquered they were slaves.
  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/07/13 20:20:36
    Just Jenn for Now
    People actually get offended by this??? Oh come on, lighten up, fuddy duddies!! PMS is real, PMS is a bitch, PMS makes you a bitch, and PMS is funny as hell, ESPECIALLY when it's made fun of.

    Honestly, if you're offended by this, you should stick to living in a cave, because this is barely even the tip of the iceberg of "offensive" humor.
  • martin28 Just Je... 2011/07/13 22:02:51
    "pms makes you a bitch"? Dude you're really not helping. But it really isn't sexist in my opinion.
  • Tamara McMillan 2011/07/13 20:08:11
    Tamara McMillan
    It is funny and people need to learn how to laugh and joke again.
  • TrooskiMane 2011/07/13 19:58:43
  • morganb Trooski... 2011/07/13 21:53:55
  • martin28 morganb 2011/07/13 22:06:38
    TrooskiMane is an a**hole but for the most part women are usually more easily aggravated at their time of the month. The as is funny because it implies the man's fear of his wife exploding on him but it's distasteful being that a personal issue is used to advertise food.
  • Shawn 2011/07/13 19:55:58
    I can see where it can be construed as sexist, but it's obviously meant to be funny. I hardly doubt the Milk industry is trying to sexist toward women who should be drinking just that when they are pregnant. People get uptight over the stupidest stuff, especially at that time of the month.
  • Camille... Shawn 2011/07/13 23:29:14
    Pregnancy and periods are different things. The fact that it is MEANT to be funny does not make it so. Unintended consequences, taking responsibility for your screwups, etc.
  • HipJipC 2011/07/13 19:48:10
    It states the OBVIOUS, so what.
  • H-Dizzle 2011/07/13 19:30:28
    Friggin awesome is all I have to say....and Sorry Hun! :)
  • d4slawyr 2011/07/13 19:30:19
    In a family full of women who are not so pretentious as to constantly act PC, I've heard all of them make a pms joke or two. Come on people, if erectile disfunction can be objectified in every media, lighten up. Worry about something important the wrong road this country is on.
  • Yuki 2011/07/13 19:16:43
    If the truth hurts.........
  • Shadow 2011/07/13 19:06:05
    I'm a girl, and I'm cool with it. Actually, it's funny. :) People need to stop getting so offended...
  • morganb Shadow 2011/07/13 21:55:16
    I would actually find it funny probably if the message wasn't so condescending to women.
  • Shadow morganb 2011/07/13 23:27:51
    Yeah, you do have a point. I still think it's funny, but other have different opinions, and I respect that.
  • mikeyllo 2011/07/13 18:56:13
    Sometimes a joke is just a joke. Lighten up. It takes less energy to laugh then to analyze everything until a reason is found to take some form of offense.

    Check out my humor column "Fish Who Wear Bikinis and Boxer Briefs At Work" at http://www.justmichael.net/blog
  • Silver Claw 2011/07/13 18:44:47
    Silver Claw
    Why so Serious?
    Wake up and smell the coffee...
  • Algore Isanass 2011/07/13 18:33:17
    Algore  Isanass
    So all the ads that portray men as bumbling fools who must be constantly corrected by women are OK, but this one ad is sexist?
  • morganb Algore ... 2011/07/13 21:56:52
    Not at all :( that isn't okay either. No one ever said it was. The reason this blows up in the California milk company or whatever's face is because women are actually oppressed in our society while men aren't.
  • martin28 Algore ... 2011/07/13 22:10:26
    EXACTLY... there are too many shows and commercials that portray men as morons or slobs who is incapable of doing anything right. So mom has to come and fix dumb old dad's mistakes. If this ad is sexist then this portrayal of men is too but it's funny so it's not a problem.
  • Dawn Jacquelyn 2011/07/13 18:31:49
    Dawn Jacquelyn
    Not everything pertaining solely to a man or a woman need be considered sexist; people are getting too touchy about that. I say loosen up over this; it's hilarious!
  • annas 2011/07/13 18:28:56
    Jeez people! Just relax besides it's only a joke!
  • Kim 2011/07/13 18:21:01
    Even the suggestion that this is sexist rather than humerous is ridiculous.....we are way to quick to ffnd something wrong with everything these days.....just relax....OMG
  • Kk Kaulitz <3 2011/07/13 18:12:20
    Kk Kaulitz <3
    As a woman that PMS's hard as hell, I think that it's pretty funny..
  • EDELRICLOVER 2011/07/13 18:07:34
    (I'm a girl) At least men can just leave the house and get away from it! xD It's a million times worse for the girl going through it, trust me. :P
  • KSolove 2011/07/13 18:05:46
    As a woman, I think it is hilarious! I hate it when other women use their period as an excuse to be bitchy and flat out mean to others just because they don't feel good. Get over it already! We all have it and it does suck, but suck it up. You don't need to take it out on everyone else. Just my opinion though. :-)
  • Anna KSolove 2011/07/13 22:25:48
    That's exactly the point. The ad is implying, that me, you, and all other people who have our periods, are irrational at that time. It is sexist in that way.
  • KSolove Anna 2011/07/14 00:28:39
    Well, I wonder why. Most of us are and when there are women out there like you and me that don't get all irrational, we still get stuck with that label because other broads had to blow everything out of proportion. LOL XD
  • hebbycakes KSolove 2011/07/15 05:53:29
    More like other women got upset and the MEDIA blew it out of proportion.
  • Arty 2011/07/13 17:51:36
    Having lived with an insane ex who grew fangs along with the cycle and sisters who did the same .. It is FFFUUUU NNNNYYY
  • Ashley Hopkins 2011/07/13 17:51:15
    Ashley Hopkins
    everything these days requires you to be "politically correct". why can't we just say something, and not get in trouble for stupid words?
  • saturdayschild 2011/07/13 17:46:36
    There's enough sexist crap against males, but some people's brains are so geared into catching any scintilla of sexism against females. So many of us don't see the double standards. Feminism has destroyed our ability to reason.
  • Keith 2011/07/13 17:38:26
    Seriously? People lighten up!
  • dzzshadz 2011/07/13 17:30:58
    It's funny because its true.
  • Stan Ewert 2011/07/13 17:27:08
    Stan Ewert
    Funny! The "critics" are the ones who aren't funny at all and have no sense of humor.
    Who are these people anyway?
  • Pistol 2011/07/13 17:18:17
    Very funny and SO true! How can nature be denied??

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