Is Minecraft Educational or a Waste of Time?

Catch My Party 2012/12/13 19:00:00
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Waste of time. Kids need to get off the computer!
Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
It's OK in moderation.
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In a recent post about Minecraft, Dean Groom says, "Video games are games of skill like chess or soccer. Success depends on perseverance, intelligence, practice, and learning, not chance." Do you buy that?

I had never heard of Minecraft until people started adding Minecraft Birthday Parties to our site. My husband showed me a few videos of some of the amazing things people have built in the game -- definitely looks like a fun and creative game to me.


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  • Merry 2012/12/13 23:33:45
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    Have you seen what some people do with redstone??

    redstone machines

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  • Kitty Skobla 2013/08/29 04:13:15
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    Kitty Skobla
    I am a big minecrafter, it is awesome
  • Roydon Matthews 2013/06/19 23:25:32
    It's OK in moderation.
    Roydon Matthews
    It could help in terms of crafting. For example, I heard on the news that apparently, a third of school children think that Fish Fingers are made of Chicken. This could teach them otherwise, like "What's best to use in a fire", and most kids who have played it say "Oh, Wood or Coal!"
  • snowdoodlefire 2013/04/10 16:50:44
    Waste of time. Kids need to get off the computer!
    I think both waste of time and very educational. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT DIMONDS! lol MINECRAF IS FUN
  • drakey wakey 2013/03/24 01:52:47
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    drakey wakey
    In what game can you make an automated pork chop factory
  • stephen.banks.790 2013/01/22 18:37:46
  • kisamee 2013/01/22 08:53:26
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    immmmmmmmmmmmm soooooooo boredddddddddddddddddd
  • CloudedTreason 2013/01/22 02:54:31
    It's OK in moderation.
    I do think that it promotes creativity, though, which could technically be educational.
  • codemax Clouded... 2013/02/10 12:09:58
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2013/01/21 05:06:10
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    You know what is the mystery of life? How your Sims manage to make five enemies and set the house on fire in a matter of a couple of minutes of being away to get a glass of water. fire sims 3
  • anonymous anonymous 2013/01/21 03:49:24
    It's OK in moderation.
    anonymous anonymous
    It's fine, but the thing I've found is it becomes MineCrack. An addiction and people spend far too much time on it.
  • wonderweiss 2013/01/19 08:32:25
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    Yes, in my opinion. It does have types of minerals and the lithosphere.
  • John Barton 2013/01/19 03:50:37
    Waste of time. Kids need to get off the computer!
    John Barton
    its the worse game ever
  • stephen... John Ba... 2013/01/26 08:48:53
    You have obviously never played it then
  • Party Boy [A7X Bat] 2013/01/19 03:48:31
    It's OK in moderation.
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    I wouldn't call it educational, but it definitely promotes creativity and perseverance.
  • Nick Perry 2013/01/18 09:01:37
    It's OK in moderation.
    Nick Perry
    it does require a bit of thought but its physics are still far from reality so its not educational....the one thing it does teach is architexture...then again it has spawned interest in quite a few programming students
  • questionsparks 2013/01/17 22:35:40
    It's OK in moderation.
    It think it's good for kids to get outside every once in a while. Get a taste of the fresh air. I think it's good for them to read books and set up that basis so they can enjoy the outside world as well as the inner world of their imaginations...

    And once they've learned to appreciate that then let them play the damn video game. And if they decide it's funner than what their own mind and the expanse that the real world has to offer, well... they deserve to miss out on that.

    But I like playing Minecraft every once and a while and I think that people deserve to appreciate both videogames as well as much as they should appreciate going outsider, spending time with people in the real world and studying, reading and inventing worlds in their minds.
  • bill.newbold 2013/01/17 11:21:28
    It's OK in moderation.
    sure it is time to get off the computer but NOOO i won't so what.
  • StanK 2013/01/17 07:30:58
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    Exactly as the answer says. Its as educational as legos. Not much more. There are definitely more complicated things (like those redstone computers!), but there aren't many people that actually go that far, let alone kids who have no experience with that. Most people just build little huts.
  • John Walker II 2013/01/14 22:55:04
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    John Walker II
    There is a third party working with Mojang on an educational version of minecraft.


    Very, very promising.

    My step son is building stuff in it for an art project, and without using a 3d modeler, it's not easy but he's having fun with it.

    When was the last time a high school student had fun with a school project?
  • GamerGurl 2013/01/13 04:42:32
    It's OK in moderation.
    It can be very educational. If you get addicted to it, it can't be very healthy.
  • AmericanVirus 2013/01/11 14:26:53
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    There's actually an educational version of the game that something like 250 schools around the world use, elementary level of course.
  • Alacrity 2013/01/11 07:25:23
    Waste of time. Kids need to get off the computer!
    WTF means what?
  • ashton.... Alacrity 2013/04/08 07:11:18
  • Alacrity ashton.... 2013/05/06 21:01:32
    You have it all worked out! Cool man!
  • Capitalism4life 2013/01/11 01:13:17
    Waste of time. Kids need to get off the computer!
    What happened to socializing with other kids?
  • John Wa... Capital... 2013/01/14 22:56:21
    John Walker II
    Minecraft is a server/client setup, meaning the teacher or server admin can set one up and have a lot of students all access the same server.
  • Capital... John Wa... 2013/01/15 02:50:24
    I meant go outside and goof off for a couple of ours. I mean actually interact with people.
  • questio... Capital... 2013/01/17 22:37:07
    I think you're just a big grumpy-face.
  • Capital... questio... 2013/01/23 09:28:54
    Please... I played d&d when I was a kid but also played outside.
  • questio... Capital... 2013/01/23 09:38:44
    I go on adventures all the time. I go on walks at the parks, it's fun. I played video games as a kid, watched brain unhealthy amounts of television and they didn't prevent me from enjoying the outdoors.
  • unseen 2013/01/10 02:17:17
    It's OK in moderation.
    I play it all the time but I get off and talk to my friends in the real life face to face not on the phone of text
  • icouldntthinkofaname 2013/01/10 02:00:28
    Waste of time. Kids need to get off the computer!
    sorry i said it was a waste of time...... i raged after failing on parkour D:
  • KingEli 2013/01/09 21:02:44
    It's OK in moderation.
    I don't play but I know it teaches us BAD words XD
  • Jimbo 2013/01/09 19:05:26
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    Minecraft is awesome
  • monkeyking908 2013/01/06 17:20:27
  • Elena~ 2013/01/04 13:26:36
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    normally i like lego stuff but this one isnt really appealing to me ._.
  • I Piss Off Liberals 2013/01/03 19:22:33 (edited)
    It's OK in moderation.
    I Piss Off Liberals
    I mean, I don't play it, I play a game similar to it. But if you look at the worlds some people create, you'd be crapping yourself. It gives people visuals and people can carry out the visual and build it. It's quite amazing at times. But if you want to go with ALL video games, there are some quite educational ones out there. I learned most of what I know now about WWII from Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. They also teach you about the guns that were used and that may be why I have such a knowledge on guns. It's not the best, but I know about them and how to use them. The WWII series of MOH and COD are educational in the fact that they made they game from real events during the war. Troll face Charmander
  • GameGuy92 2013/01/03 04:45:24
    It's OK in moderation.
    It's definitly a game that promotes creativity and unique ideas, but I would say that, like any activity really, the scope of what you can learn is limited. For instance, a game like this can promote teamwork, discipline, focus, determination.... Not to mention what a sense of achievement can do for ones personal real life ambitions. But I don't think anyone needs to know how to kill Creepers as of right now =) Unless I missed something in the news this morning..... hmmm....
  • momotheturtle 2013/01/02 21:01:13
    Educational. It's the world's biggest Lego set!
    who cares... it's fun
  • Misty 2013/01/02 08:06:34
    It's OK in moderation.
    One of my sons' plays this and I have watched him create some really amazing and innovative things. BUT, as with anything else, moderation is the key.

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