Is Justin Bieber that big a deal?

White Wolf 2012/05/29 07:55:04
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Well, is he?
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  • Jack's Pearl 2012/05/29 08:46:58
    he isn't
    Jack's Pearl
    My daughter loves him and I don't know where she got it. I think he's a mildly talented young boy who is being marketed and pimped out for a quick buck. Sad.

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  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/06/28 05:25:58
    he isn't
    Jorge Enriquez
    come on...is it a joke, right?
  • Rubyking 2012/05/30 02:40:23
    he isn't
    just a kid
  • Bob S 2012/05/30 01:40:35
    he isn't
    Bob S
    A puny kid with a little talent.
  • stevmackey 2012/05/30 01:38:50
    he is
    He is just a kid with a lot of money.
  • White Wolf stevmackey 2012/05/30 14:48:19
    White Wolf
    I totally agree with you. He's an idiot that shows off all this cash he has with that irritating voice of his.
  • none 2012/05/30 00:02:46
  • bmxschoolbus 2012/05/29 23:47:45
    he isn't
    did hear that Justin Beiber wants a vibrator na,med after him?
    Because thats the only way he knows he will be able to get inside a girl.
  • Claybern 2012/05/29 21:55:20
    he isn't
    He is just a person trying to make a living.
  • chyna 2012/05/29 19:20:39
    he isn't
    i think he's just way over rated. :\
  • relic 2012/05/29 18:34:08
    he isn't
    Who's justin beeber?
  • Flamingolady 2012/05/29 18:01:58
    he isn't
    Only maybe to some little girls.
  • Danny Barker 2012/05/29 17:55:00
    he is
    Danny Barker
    NOT TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ID51 2012/05/29 15:46:45
    he isn't
    I never thought so...
  • cm 2012/05/29 15:30:26
    he isn't
    if you are older than 12
  • TuringsChild 2012/05/29 15:23:56
    he isn't
    Never was, never will be. Unless he gets more celebrities to start beating up the idiot Paparazzi that insist on stalking them...
  • Moose 2012/05/29 15:23:06
    he isn't
    He's just a lucky punk with a half decent singing voice.
  • Dave0626 2012/05/29 15:22:11
    he isn't
    He is just a entertainment media 'pawn' whom, will be replaced by the next "new sensation" in about a year or less.
  • caius madison 2012/05/29 15:18:31
    he isn't
    caius madison
    Just another performer.
  • Andy 2012/05/29 15:13:05
    he isn't
    he is just a blip... nothing to worry about for the coming years
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/05/29 14:57:06
    he isn't
    Not in my life time
  • White Wolf BIG BAD... 2012/05/30 04:14:01
    White Wolf
    Yeah he probably ain't gonna mean much to me either.
  • BIG BAD... White Wolf 2012/05/30 12:23:36
    oh well his loss, have a great day
  • White Wolf BIG BAD... 2012/05/30 14:49:07
    White Wolf
    Yeah... Ha ha Haa!
  • Ira 2012/05/29 12:50:51
    he is
    ...the food equivalent of Cheese Wiz!

    CHeese Whiz
  • bmxscho... Ira 2012/05/29 23:55:03
  • TerryAgee 2012/05/29 12:46:58
    he is
    Today he is, tomorrow will be the next big thing. LOL
  • Saye Saye 2012/05/29 12:29:53
    he isn't
    Saye Saye
    Seems like a good teen who does a lot for others as he makes life better for him & his mom.
  • RoseyRhod 2012/05/29 12:21:34
    he is
    But only because people keep talking about him!
    He's a mediocre singer. Now that he's no longer a cute little boy, he'll fade from the public eye.
  • SavingPeopleHuntingThings 2012/05/29 12:08:43
    he is
    of course he is
  • Bob DiN 2012/05/29 09:17:35
    he isn't
    Bob DiN
    He's a no talent.
  • White Wolf Bob DiN 2012/05/29 09:19:23
    White Wolf
    Totally agree!
  • Bob DiN White Wolf 2012/05/29 09:20:38
    Bob DiN
  • White Wolf Bob DiN 2012/05/29 09:22:32
    White Wolf
    to me he might have to go back to singing lessons or whatever, because his voice isn't great.. as matter of fact it SUCKS!
  • Bob DiN White Wolf 2012/05/29 09:22:57
    Bob DiN
  • White Wolf Bob DiN 2012/05/29 09:24:10
  • Bob DiN White Wolf 2012/05/29 09:28:29
    Bob DiN
    Pretty bad.
  • White Wolf Bob DiN 2012/05/29 09:36:24
    White Wolf
    yeah he is pretty bad.
  • Bob DiN White Wolf 2012/05/29 11:46:10
    Bob DiN
  • White Wolf Bob DiN 2012/05/30 14:50:41 (edited)
    White Wolf
    Ha ha ha! F*ck off bieber, no one wants you here! Some people for instance One Direction... Would kick his a$$!
  • Bob DiN White Wolf 2012/05/30 18:39:03
    Bob DiN
    He's fans must be real losers.

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