Is it wrong to spank a childs bare butt with a hairbrush?

flaggirl92 2012/01/17 00:01:04
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I spank my children with my hand on the bare butt. It doesn't seem to effective. Is it wrong if I use a solid wood hairbrush?
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  • hannah 2014/07/31 17:40:34 (edited)
    yes its wrong, hitting with anything other than an open hand is considered harsh corporal punishment and illegal. trying being a better parent than having to resort to violence to get your child to listen.
  • Hot Wheels 2014/07/14 02:17:46
    Hot Wheels
    No. That is discipline.

    I would raise my kids the same way.
  • Chris 2013/04/29 08:25:44
    I think a spanking executed by the hand of an adult has the desired effect if you do that carefully. Actually it us helpful when a spanking lasts awhile. Perhaps it is possible to cut the spankiung time into two parts so that the spankee has an opportunity to think about mischief before the second part of punish is implemented.
  • Anthony 2012/10/28 21:25:43
    It gets the job done on a bare bottom.
  • kimmy:) 2012/08/27 09:49:34 (edited)
    No,If the child's behavior is completely unacceptable then spanking them on the butt works,and gets them back in line.
  • pdarkow 2012/05/19 07:42:14
    That means they are at an age where your hand isn't effective for spanking anymore. That's the age where using spatulas, small paddles, or the back of a hairbrush would be sufficient for spanking them. For a spanking to be effective they do need to feel it. Spanking them bare bottomed also allows you to see the effect of their spanking and to know when to stop spanking them by the redness of their bottoms. This is more effective for keeping from unintentionally crossing the line between spanking them and beating them.
  • bare butt 2012/03/19 21:28:49
    bare butt
    My parents believe their hands were for loving and the wooden spoon or paddle was for spanking.
  • akhippie 2012/03/10 03:31:30
    In my opinion I would never spank my children with anything but my bare hand, and only on their butt. With the bare hand you can feel how hard you are hitting them, you can't with a brush. Spanking is a way to let a child know they have done wrong, it is not supposed to be torture, it does not have to inflict a lot of pain to get the message across. If spanking has stopped working, you could try taking things away from them, like no dessert, or not getting to go on a family outings.
  • stephenie 2012/02/18 01:30:31
    No it is not wrong.
  • stephenie 2012/02/18 01:29:14
    I was spanked as a child. My father's method was very successful. He would first discuss with me what I did, then he would pull my pants down with my underwear, bend me over and then use a wood hairbrush or plastic one. Since they do not bruise, I got it for about 15 minutes or so. And he was not one to ease up. I got them very hard and swift. He would either spank me in the living room or on the back porch. Even though I hated it as a child, it worked. Then he would make me stand in time out for 20 minutes with my bare bottom on display.
  • spankedcp 2012/02/18 01:11:19
  • AndrewMarkham 2012/01/20 20:05:10
    i got whipped with a hairbrush a lot growing up. i cant say if it was right or wrong, either way it doesnt matter. its history. personally it appalls me the idea of kids today getting the same treatment. but demonising people who do it really doesnt get us anywhere.spanking isnt abuse, its a parent preference. i dont agree with it but if some parents choose to discipline their kids this way then so be it. its not for the state to decide or for me to pass judgement
  • rach 2012/01/17 16:25:20
    heck i got a belt, and a wooden spoon so a hair brush is not that bad
  • not u 2012/01/17 04:07:43
    not u
    No! But be carefull saying you spank your child with anything... They prefer you only discipline your children using the "time out" meathod... I personally say spank them...

    Time out... duct tape kid

    Or spank spank kid spank kid
  • apaтнeтιc lycanтнrope 2012/01/17 00:43:45
    apaтнeтιc lycanтнrope
    Not to me. But there comes that point in time where spanking doesn't work at all.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/01/17 00:40:40 (edited)
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Yes, using any object allows for far to much force. - and open palm on a bottom is okay. Spanking only works on small kiddos - there comes a time when reaching the brain is through the ear; in other words, punishment from roughly 5-6 on has got to reach the brain. Our son had time outs on the living room couch (never his room - far too many fun things there) - sitting comfortably- in a room with nothing to do and then a visit about what behavior was acceptable and what is to. Seems to have worked, is a responsible adult now
  • Utall 2012/01/17 00:23:08
    NO. if its the closes thing that you can find.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/01/17 00:15:56
  • Sister Jean 2012/01/17 00:04:12

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