Is it werid that ive always wanted to be raped?

Diana♥ 2009/07/03 03:10:16
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lol i was bored n i found out that some ppl wanted to be raped before....wicked:) lol tell me if u think its werid for other people to want to be raped..whats werid is tht i fantasize about it all the time
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  • Fannie 2009/08/18 03:48:21
    yes your werid
    This is caused by male conditioning.....another thing did you cry rape?
  • Diana♥ Fannie 2009/08/23 17:30:06
    what do you mean??
  • .kenna. 2009/07/12 06:28:02
    no its normal
    i thought about that...but never admitted to it, until now..haha
  • Diana♥ .kenna. 2009/07/12 06:31:20 (edited)
  • .kenna. Diana♥ 2009/07/12 14:36:30
    lol yeah, i know! lol
  • Sid 2009/07/11 04:32:19
    yes your werid
    I think the idea of a girl fantasizing about rape is hot too
  • Juliettecr 2009/07/08 23:12:38
    yes your werid
    I've been raped, and there is LITERALLY absolutely NOTHING "Hot" about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ann 2009/07/08 05:24:52
    no its normal
    by a girl. ME ME ME!
  • john Ann 2009/07/08 17:53:42
    Okay calm down, you're a little too eager.

    So are you volunteering to be the agressor in a rape fantasy or be the victim?

    And why are you so desperate? You don't have strange warts someplace do you?
  • Diana♥ Ann 2009/07/12 06:32:01 (edited)
  • Ann Diana♥ 2009/07/13 00:24:23
    i am totally in for that. tell me anytime
  • reed67 2009/07/07 00:03:13
    no its normal
    I think it's normal to have fanasties while rape is a hate crime it would be more roleplay when it came down to it.
  • john 2009/07/07 00:01:16
    no its normal
    It's pretty common to want to have sex that's unpredictable. You probabally don't actually want to be raped. Meaning 'forced against your will to have sex with some filthy guy that you don't know, while not knowing if he intends to hurt or kill you or infect you with some disease in the process.' If you really wanted that, that would be weird.

    But in fantasy, in your mind, you're actually the one in charge, so it's hardly rape.

    And playing out a rape fantasy, where someone you know and care for surprises you with unexpected sex, and possibly unexpected foreplay (like tying you up and teasing you, or making you do things that you might not have tried before) that can be really hot.

    If that's what you want there are lots of ways to play that out. Usually you would know about it ahead of time (but maybe not know when, where, or how) You should probably agree on a 'safe word' that could stop the whole thing. So say you pick the word "Hippopotomus". Then in the role-play, you could pretend to be resisting your attacker saying things like "stop. leave me alone. please let me go" even though you're really loving the role-play. But if things get beyond your comfort zone you could say "hippopotomus" and your partner would know that you really want him to stop.

    Let me know if you need help with a game like this? ;)
  • grizzly 2009/07/06 14:09:44
    no its normal
    At least you are being honest...lol...most ladies fantasize about "surprise sex " ! normal honest lol ladies fantasize surprise sex
  • Diana♥ grizzly 2009/07/14 06:16:33
    i really wanna go to tht moanning hotel lol
  • grizzly Diana♥ 2009/07/14 06:58:56
    Really ? I work there ! work
  • Diana♥ grizzly 2009/07/14 07:04:13
    lol not-uhh heheXD
  • grizzly Diana♥ 2009/07/14 07:08:54
    Well, it's "supposed to say "rates"...lol
  • Diana♥ grizzly 2009/07/14 07:10:08
  • maranderan 2009/07/06 07:09:13
    no its normal
    its strange but theres always people out there (consenting, sane couples) who "role play" and act out rape scenes. of course its willing sex, but theres a lot of dramatization and acting to make it seem like the "vimctim" is unwilling. its not too sick that you think about it but rape is definitely NOT something you really want to happen to you, its a horrible, traumatizing experience, definitely not something you would enjoy...
  • ♥♠Oreo♣♥ 2009/07/04 18:26:06
    yes your werid
    uhh u cant get raped if u want it. sorry but that's BEYOND weird. just have sex i guess
  • mrsedwardcullen*29 2009/07/04 18:02:42
    yes your werid
    I think it's a little strange.
  • april 2009/07/04 03:26:14
    yes your werid
    Val, honey that is weried. It has happened to me and other people it leaves and emotional scar and trust issues. Most rapes are very abuseive hitting and all sometimes murdur. I saw this was shared by val is this you? I hope not I thought so much more of you if it is. I think you are looking for rough sex with a stranger and letting him be domanating. You don't have to be raped to get that.
  • La Cherry 2009/07/03 19:04:39
    yes your werid
    La Cherry
    wow that so weird why would anyone want to be raped??
  • diablo 2009/07/03 13:42:09
    yes your werid
    that is NOT normal
  • Pet Rock Whisperer 2009/07/03 13:02:48
    no its normal
    Pet Rock Whisperer
    Pretty common actually. "Raped" isn't the best term though. Rape isn't an act of passion, it's aggression. It likely would be more accurate to say you fantasize about being sexually dominated.
  • .: LiVi :. 2009/07/03 12:45:49
    no its normal
    .: LiVi :.
    it is a perfectly normal sexual fantasy. You obviously like it rough. WRONG

    It's people like you that make rapists delude themselves into thinking that deep down, all girls want it all the time, and wills them further into raping innocent young women.
    And how the hell could you put that up on a internet site where heaps of creeps and weirdos will be looking and will think hmmm this girl doesn't mind it, maybe i'll try it on a few dozen girls tonight. SICK
  • Diana♥ .: LiVi :. 2009/07/03 16:42:00 (edited)
  • .: LiVi :. Diana♥ 2009/07/04 09:58:27
    .: LiVi :.
    i wasn't worried for you, i was worried for other normal girls who actually don't want to get raped

    and you probably fantasize about getting raped because that's the only way you could get someone because no one wants you so why don't you go stick a knife up your vagina and scream about that
  • Diana♥ .: LiVi :. 2009/07/06 03:13:44 (edited)
  • .: LiVi :. Diana♥ 2009/07/06 12:47:25
    .: LiVi :.
    okay well i'm not sure how you got that idea, and its sad that you have to convince someone on the internet that your not ugly

    but i don't need to convince you that i'm good looking because i get all the reassurance i need that i am absolutely fucking gorgeous when men always stare at me and have tried to pick me up, and so many people have told me that I am gorgeous, stunning, hot, sexy, beautiful, and should be a model. I've been told that I should try out for Australia's next top model by more than one person. But I don't want to brag anymore because then I would just look up myself.

    And I can see that you take a picture of your body on the internet because that's the only way you can get someone, a stranger who you've never met. You can't get someone in real life. And you call my picture not decent? I'm pretty sure that any picture of mine would be much better than yours even if i took a picture of just my foot.
  • Diana♥ .: LiVi :. 2009/07/06 19:54:28 (edited)
  • Smokey Diana♥ 2009/07/06 20:09:11
    The most important beauty comes from within. And, the most attractive woman for me is one that has a great mind as well as a heart.

    Now this fantasy about being raped is an issue I may not be able to address because I don't understand that particular fetish or fantasy. However, I feel that "personal sexual subjects" like this one, should be ONLY reserved for your intimate partner, and/or a counselor.

    You don't want to put yourself out in the web because some may mistake or misunderstand you.

    Be very careful of preditors online too.

    Take care of yourself!

  • .: LiVi :. Diana♥ 2009/07/07 05:48:56
    .: LiVi :.
    good for you
  • .: LiVi :. Diana♥ 2009/07/09 10:45:40
    .: LiVi :.
    I'm sorry I've been really mean and defensive to you about raping. I've realised that you probably didn't deserve me giving you all that shit when all you did was ask a question. But I have two friends that have been raped, and one of them is my best friend. She was raped with her mother and believe me, she has been scarred for life. It just made me really disgusted and angry that someone would actually want to be raped. So I'm sorry if I offended you, I take everything back. I just really hope you don't actually get raped because it is one of the most horrible experiences you could ever have.
  • Diana♥ .: LiVi :. 2009/07/10 20:17:27
    well ive been a pain in the butt to so im sorry and wats werid is tht everyone who had a family member or friend get raped they basically take it out on me? n idk y but its not like im gonna walk in an ali and say "hey!! rape me!!" and i do get what u mean and i understand why u got defensive cuz my best friend was raped recently like a year ago ...and my other bestfriend is STIL getting raped by her grandfather everyother night ...and i think i would jump out someones computer and punch them if they said they would wanna get raped....i kinow its not possible but wish...and btw im sorry too
  • .: LiVi :. Diana♥ 2009/07/11 06:26:30
    .: LiVi :.
    that's okay lol well at least thats sorted out then
  • lania .: LiVi :. 2012/04/23 05:56:03
  • Moderated 2009/07/03 11:33:56
    yes your werid
    And sick.
  • DJ 2009/07/03 10:31:38
    yes your werid
    What is so interesting in defileling your body,mind and personnel well-being by being raped??? Find a womens shelter and do some volunteer work there around them women who have been through this, Then see how stupid this question really is....

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