Is it weird?

FreakOfNature~S(he)Be(lie)ve(d) 2009/09/21 14:32:58
that every morning before school I get my dad's work clothes together for him? I mean II do the laundry most times so I know where its all at.
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  • kayla 2009/09/21 23:48:05
    no, whats weird about that?
  • debby 2009/09/21 17:53:02
    no it makes you an awesomely thoughtful child!
  • neville 2009/09/21 17:32:34
    No, It just means your thoughtful.
  • RamblingVoices. 2009/09/21 16:05:21
    no its not weird its nice
  • Chrissy592 2009/09/21 15:45:10
    I don't think it's weird you sound like a very sweet and careing person. You are a caretaker. I did the same thing for my brothers up until I graduated highschool and left home. I used to wake my brothers every morning for school, lay out their clothes, make their breakfast and meet them at the door with it and then drive them to school. My oldest brother is only a year younger than me and my youngest brother was six years younger than me. Your dad is probably so grateful and aware of your loving gesture :)
  • Twitch 2009/09/21 15:36:27
    nope, not at all..
    thats a good thing you are doin fro him
  • slug 2009/09/21 15:01:51
    nope, that's very nice. i use to get my love's clothes together and my 2 boys clothes together but now only the boy's cause my love has to wake up at 4:45 for work(too early).
  • andrrabillkaulitz 2009/09/21 14:58:25
    No,it's not weird.Actually,that's very kind of you to your dad. :-)
  • formadmirer 2009/09/21 14:53:51
    If it's something you thought of to do on your own, to be nice or helpful then I'd say not only isn't it weird but you are obviously a kind and thoughtful person.

    If it's something he has asked of you to do, then that's a different story.
  • FreakOf... formadm... 2009/09/21 14:57:32
    no I do things like that just because.
  • formadm... FreakOf... 2009/09/21 15:06:00
    You deserve this!
  • FreakOf... formadm... 2009/09/21 15:09:39
  • Nikki 2009/09/21 14:35:22
    no I don't think that is weird, I think it is very thoughtful of you.
  • FreakOf... Nikki 2009/09/21 14:36:48
    I have had someone tell me it was unhealthy for me.
  • Nikki FreakOf... 2009/09/21 14:39:22
    it is never unhealthy to be thoughtful if that is the reason you are doing it.
  • FreakOf... Nikki 2009/09/21 14:42:45
    yeah, it was neighbor that said that she is very stuck up and her kids don't do squat in her house. she says I am growing up too fast or something she is a few screws loose.
  • Nikki FreakOf... 2009/09/21 14:45:24
    LOL I know the type.. and a lot of kids today don't do squat at home.. and responsibility is great at your age. you should be proud that you do things around your house that you don't have to do. It builds character, so tell the neighbor that next time she says your growing up to fast.
  • FreakOf... Nikki 2009/09/21 14:47:58
  • Nikki FreakOf... 2009/09/21 14:48:51
    awe how cute.. thank you :)
  • FreakOf... Nikki 2009/09/21 14:50:04
    yeah real cute. your welcome thats kinda dog I have so could not pass it up.(:

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