Is it okay to be bi sexual, if so what do i do?

☮Alexis Nicole☮ 2010/08/02 00:17:50
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Okay well i am bi sexual. but the thing is non of my family or friends know it and im very afriad to tell them because im not shure if they will accept me or not. and im afriad the kids in school will make fun of me for being bi sexual and im not shure about what my family will think. What do yyou thinnk i should do?
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  • caramel chocolate 2012/03/04 02:26:12
    caramel chocolate
    no,i gurantee no one will make fun of you,nor if you like someone which is the same gender you are.Actually i know all of this because im bi sexual myself!and had the same experience you had.but the first step is to tell a close friend (not to say this to ruin your life)

    but it will be good to ask your friend to spread a rumor about that your "bi" but it can be ONLY be half a class,and the majority should mostly be girls,and those non-jerky guys most-likely a smarty pants.(guys are just meanies)second step,tell like a sibling about being bi better if he/she is older than you.talk about it.third one of the hardest,telling you parents about it and if they old oh who knows...the rumor won't be "a fun fest",it probably last to 1-2 days.well i gre up innew york so it may be a different story in other states,cuz new york,especially has lots of bi's and gays so many people don't care really,if they are just those prejudice people,offend them alot harder,not too harsh but enough to make them walk way...trust me i know ALL about this,i lived it,and im still in it.
  • ☠XXxxSkull QueenxxXX ☠ 2010/08/12 03:43:49
    ☠XXxxSkull QueenxxXX ☠
    ok i'll tell you this if your bi sexual you have to be bi sexual and Proud tell them but tell them when you think that your ready my mom found out i was bi and she went balistic thats why im saying if you want to tell your family and friends tell them when your ready cause i wasnt ready my mom found out that i was bi by the computer she got mad at me but got over it dont worry that once you tell them they might cry or even get mad but Trust me they will get over it
  • Lexi Long Legs (Love) 2010/08/05 06:12:05
    Lexi Long Legs (Love)
    Um....maybe just keep it to familt and your closest of friends for now. Work your way out. And yeah. Its deff okay! (Being bi myself)
  • Claise 2010/08/03 07:48:41
    Its perfectly OK! If u just show who u are, nobody will make fun of u, but if u show them youre afraid of who u are, they take their chance and make fun
  • AL 2010/08/02 05:14:51
    Just try to screw yourself I guess!
  • wolf sloan 2010/08/02 04:00:14
    wolf sloan
    only you can answer either of those questions
  • 123456789 2010/08/02 01:00:09
    Theres nothing wrong with it, its easy telling ppl on the internet and thats a step. I finally told my best friend two nights ago it took me a year to finally tell him after saying i was going to tell him, i could just never do it. Take ur time and eventually you will be able to tell someone.
  • SpikeM ~In decay and abando... 2010/08/02 00:34:03 (edited)
    SpikeM ~In decay and abandonment I trust~
    I am in your same situation, well I am older but still the only people I have been able to tell are the ones that are online. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual, just my feeling is what happens in my bedroom is my business and if they need to know then I will tell them. But don't worry about it, there is nothing wrong with being bi. And if they are you real friends or truly care about you then they will accept you, if not they aren't worth getting upset over.
  • Frank 2010/08/02 00:30:17 (edited)
    I don't believe that you made a choice. You discovered who you are. Anyone who loves you and knows you, will eventually accept who you are. If they don't then they are not truly your friend. Besides, anyone who really knows you may eventually figure it out before you tell them.

    Good Luck.
  • Seeker-TERM LIMIT SUPPORTER 2010/08/02 00:29:18
    I see you are 14. Please take advice from some one who has been there. If you are afraid of how your family will react- wait- wait till your older. least till your out of school - or until you are sure your family wouldn't be so upset that they might "dis-own you" and kick you out of the house.
    I've been there- I know what its like. Good Luck to you.
    And know I haven't spoken or seen my family in over 6 years.
  • Pika 2010/08/02 00:26:41
    No big deal. No big deal at all. I don't see the problem in it
  • they call me hippie woman lol 2010/08/02 00:25:53
    they call me hippie woman lol
    it is completely natural for you to be bisexual. i am but im married to a man. but you tell them on your own when you are ready. your fam will just have to come to terms with it. your friends will be there for you if they are your real true friends. truthfully some people will overreact and be cruel but you are just being true to yourself.
  • ☮Alexis... they ca... 2010/08/02 00:26:25
    ☮Alexis Nicole☮
    thank you (:
  • they ca... ☮Alexis... 2010/08/02 00:28:58
    they call me hippie woman lol
    you are welcome. if you need to talk to somebody feel free to message me. i know what its like to be stuck. now i just dont really tell most of my friends or fam cuz im married to a man. i still find some women attractive but i would never cheat on my hubby.
  • ☮Alexis... they ca... 2010/08/02 00:30:56
    ☮Alexis Nicole☮
    okay, you are very nice (:
  • they ca... ☮Alexis... 2010/08/02 00:32:50
    they call me hippie woman lol
    thanks. i try to be
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2010/08/02 00:23:43
  • Ara 2010/08/02 00:23:38

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