Is It OK to Have Booze at Disneyworld?

AdriHead 2012/09/18 18:00:00
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Disneyworld doesn't really strike us as the kind of place to swing back a few beers... but soon, the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida will feature a new restaurant that will serve both beer and wine. The new restaurant's name will be "Be Our Guest" (after the popular "Beauty and the Beast" song) and it will be French-themed.

And as Maribeth Bisienere, the vice president of food and beverage for Walt Disney Parks, puts it “You cannot walk into a French restaurant and not get a glass of wine or beer... It made more sense to do it than not to do it." Do you think it's OK to have beer and wine at a children's theme park?

Be our guest, be our guest, put our sommelier to the test? Starting this November, visitors to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando may be tempted to rework the popular song from "Beauty and the Beast" when the park opens its newest dining venue, the French-themed Be Our Guest restaurant.
popular song beauty beast park opens newest dining venue french-themed

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  • Jim 2012/09/18 23:21:10
    The Disney theme Parks were never meant to be only for children. Disneyland's Blue Bayou restaurant has been serving alcohol for decades.

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  • Beanybudd METALhe... 2012/09/28 20:40:50
    Same with learning about Santa and sex, etc. Kids are oblivious but eventually they will understand.

    btw, I was 16 when this happened lol
  • bluelady 2012/09/20 14:19:26
    they sell beer and wine in Disneys "EPCOT CENTER".....why not in Disney World proper??
  • SimianSays 2012/09/20 10:16:17
    Booze is for losers!
  • strawberry 2012/09/20 08:18:01
    They should serve alcohol in restaurants, no problem. i believe Disneyworld did serve alcohol years ago in their foreign country section.
  • seadog6608PWCM 2012/09/20 01:57:13
  • METALhe... seadog6... 2012/09/23 15:58:31
    Why should anyone have to deal with a drunk jerk? If I did security there, I would quit immediately. I do security, and I call the cops instead of dealing with drinks - that's NOT part of my job description - I'd kick the sh** out of them rather than waste my time trying to talk sense with them. I cannot tolerate drunks.
  • seadog6... METALhe... 2012/09/24 00:12:10
  • kfallslady 2012/09/20 00:03:34
    there are parents there, and should be able to have a beer or two
  • Freedom 2012/09/19 23:38:54
    At WDW yes... at the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland in particular, it's sort of an odd place.

    Now in their defense, it is only being served at one restaurant, the new Be our Guest restaurant, which is French themed. It is French wines and beers to be paired with the food and it is only being served there at dinner. It is also not allowed outside of the restaurant. So, under those controlled conditions, I think that it will be okay.
  • Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA 2012/09/19 23:17:36
    Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA
    Yea after a day with the kids...You'll need it!!!
  • Nekosarethebest 2012/09/19 22:26:53
    Um.... Disney probably has way worse things. It's huge. It might have strippers and hookers too. Adults need to have fun.
  • Emily Barrington 2012/09/19 21:28:55
    Emily Barrington
    Well children aren't gonna go by themselves are they? I think its a good idea to make a few bucks. As long as they don't get wasted...
  • Cierra 2012/09/19 21:25:57 (edited)
    It's the adults that bring the children to Disney. It's okay for them to have a little somethin-somethin while their children are taking pictures with Disney characters. As long as the children don't have any, and the adults don't get stupid drunk, then I don't see the problem. When I went to Disney last February, little food booths and restaurants served alcohol to adults who paid for it.
  • Shadow_Wolf 2012/09/19 20:55:15
    People don't only go to Disney World with children
  • VenomHalos 2012/09/19 20:48:49
    It's funny that this question just popped up. My friend lives in Disneyworld now, and she has the highest alcohol tolerance I've ever seen.
  • bpf 2012/09/19 19:35:27 (edited)
    How stupid!! You go to Disney Land or World with your children and you can't stop drinking for a few hours while you are there........get a backbone, don't go or see a doctor!
  • Freedom bpf 2012/09/19 23:40:24
    It is only being served in one restaurant there, at dinner time and is not allowed outside of the restaurant.
  • seadog6... bpf 2012/09/20 01:59:03
  • william... bpf 2012/09/21 00:44:19 (edited)
    Not all that drink to it for affect. In fact most do it for taste.
  • LunarRain 2012/09/19 19:23:20
    Kids see it at home in a resturant anywhere. As long as you're not being a drunk idiot then a couple drinks in Disneyworld seem fine to me.
  • Chris D 2012/09/19 18:52:12
    Chris D
    that's the only thing that makes that nightmare place bearable
    lines at disney land
  • laptop lulu 2012/09/19 18:17:55
    laptop lulu
    Why not? There are people who go there for their honeymoon. It's not a place just for kids. I spent my 25th anniversary there.
  • Cierra laptop ... 2012/09/19 21:27:57
    hahaha that's cute. I went to Disney World for the first time when I was 18. It's fun for all ages. :)
  • Freedom laptop ... 2012/09/19 23:42:22 (edited)
    Disney World is one of the top honeymoon destinations! =)
  • laptop ... laptop ... 2012/09/20 16:45:23
    laptop lulu
    I would go every year if I could. In fact, we are thinking of spending a day riding the Aerosmith roller coaster at Hollywood Disney in about 2 weeks. CAN'T WAIT!
  • Nick 2012/09/19 17:28:59
    If you going to get me to stand on line forever, I'll need some beer
  • Miss Anthrope 2012/09/19 17:28:14
    Miss Anthrope
    Now it really CAN be the happiest place on earth!
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/09/19 17:10:36
    Margaret Jacobson
    Why not ?? The "employees" need a break too !! What is wrong with a "drink" with dinner, in their rooms," out on the town". My opinion is that disney world is for ADULTS that watched "in the old days" I know thatb I LOVED IT !! When I lived in "central florida " I had a "pass" for florida residents I made reservations on a "standby basis" for discount admissions & rooms...................FUN !
  • Jess 2012/09/19 17:05:30
    The only other option is self harm...
  • seadog6... Jess 2012/09/20 02:05:24
  • Sass 2012/09/19 16:39:48 (edited)
    Take it from a Mom whose son was killed by a drunk driver in 2005, it's not worth killing someone or spending years of your life in prison....
  • Michelle Sass 2012/09/19 20:48:51
    1) It's a restaurant, not a bar-- I doubt many people will be getting drunk.
    2) Even if they did, if you're going to be drinking that much at Disney instead of at home or your random hotel afterwords, you're probably staying at one of the park's hotels and won't be driving at all.
  • Shadow_... Sass 2012/09/19 20:54:43
    People don't only go with their children -_-
  • Freedom Sass 2012/09/19 23:43:53
    They won't allow people to get drunk as its a restaurant, not a bar. Also, they have boat, bus and monorail transportation from the parks back to their resorts.
  • seadog6... Sass 2012/09/20 02:02:55
  • Rachel Sass 2012/09/21 02:30:59
    What happened to your son, and thus the family as a whole, is absolutely tragic. You definitely have my condolences. That said, it is completely possible to drink responsibly and since Be Our Guest is a restaurant and not a bar, I strongly doubt that the park-goers, children included, have anything to worry about.
  • rcardon 2012/09/19 16:37:22
    Personally, I don't think it's right to drink in front of kids, but I have no ground to stand on to tell people they can't.

    But, really, alcohol in Disney World is nothing new. I went there, as a senior in high school, and had lunch at Oktoberfest, in Epcot. Not only were many of the food cooked in beer, but several varieties of it were listed in beverages menu. In fact, the dad at the table next to my group was trying to convince his, probably 12yr old son to taste his beer, to see if he liked it or not.
  • issy 2012/09/19 16:31:36
    especially if you expect parent's to survive a few days in a children's park with other crying,screaming,loud children x 35 thousand...ha ha ha :)
  • **Bessie** 2012/09/19 16:07:20
    I enjoyed some while I was there.
  • Sperry23 2012/09/19 16:04:12
    First, booze is usually construed to mean hard alcohol, rye, burbon, vodka, etc. 2nd, there already is, and has been for decades, a single restaurant in Disneyland (not Disneyworld) that served alcohol. It's on the second floor of a particular building in New Orleans Square behind a very plain door. Entry requires a very special, very expensive membership. You can read about it at Snopes dot com. I suspect there is also a similar restaurant in Disneyworld to provide for members who prefer to go to FL rather than CA.

    This merely opens consumption up to the general public. I also suspect the wine will be lower alcohol and the beer will be 3.2. Even so, this WILL increase and legitimize drunkenness in the park. I think this is a very bad decision by WED Enterprises.

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