Is It OK to Break Up With Someone on Their Birthday?

Living 2012/03/27 17:00:00
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When a relationship is over, it's over. But is it ever OK to break up with someone on their birthday? Rich Santos, a writer for How About We, did just that: "In a past relationship, I broke up with a girl on her birthday," he writes. "As the big day was approaching, and she was making a bigger and bigger deal out of it, I internally thought of ways I could avoid the whole thing -- while wearing a smile on the outside. I realized it was time to break up when a soccer game I was scheduled to play in was more compelling than my girlfriend’s birthday."

Well, if you're more excited about a soccer game than celebrating your girlfriend's birthday, it's probably time to break up. But Santos was torn: Should he show up and celebrate his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend's special day with her family? Or was it even crueler to go through motions?

"I thought hard about my quandary. It was inevitable that I was going to break up with her," he writes. "So, was it fair to go through with the birthday, faking my excitement and sending mixed signals? If I broke up with her a week after the birthday, she’d probably throw: 'you were just with my family at my birthday' in my face. But could I ever be horrible enough to break up with her a few days before or even (shudder) on her birthday?"

In the end, he broke up with his girlfriend ON her birthday ... and needless to say, he did not attend the family celebration. Do you think he did the right thing?

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  • Fef 2012/03/27 16:49:41
    If you really don't want to by the person a gift, break up before the birthday

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  • Ian 2012/03/28 15:23:36
    I need a "maybe".

    A crucial part of breakups which people often forget is the golden rule -- treat others like you would like yourself to be treated.

    Just because the romance didn't work out isn't an excuse to be cruel.

    I'm glad I'm still friends with all my ex-girlfriends (other than those I lost touch with -- that is to say, I'm not enemies with any of them -- we always parted in a friendly way.)
  • george 2012/03/28 15:16:42
    Unless they have done something terrible or disrespectful to you, not cool. If they have then "go for it". It's the same for Valentines Day.
  • 24FilmProStudio 2012/03/28 15:15:35
    I don't care much for birthdays in general, but I'm sure others do and would take it very seriously.
  • katchan 2012/03/28 15:13:52
    He should have listened to his instinct and gotten it done ahead of time. As it is, she had her family around her and no doubt plenty of comfort. After all, she should have a few more birthdays ahead of her to make up for one crappy one.
  • TheDude 2012/03/28 15:11:18
    It's just another day really..
  • jacktown kid 2012/03/28 15:10:36
    jacktown kid
    That stinks
  • John T. 2012/03/28 15:02:43
    John T.
    Very bad taste and very in considerate.
  • Taylor 2012/03/28 14:59:30
  • Spinda 2012/03/28 14:42:55
    Wow, this reminds me of that episode of how i met your mother. Ted is such a jerk.
  • pete 2012/03/28 14:18:21
    This is just not the right time to break up. A little tact is in order and another time can be chosen to break someone's heart.

    After sex would be a good time; while the partner is still delirious from the orgasm. That way, you'll be remembered in a good light.

  • Lois Gr... pete 2012/03/28 17:43:44
    Lois Griffin
    Thats disgusting! But honestly, my best & favorite aunt knew she was leaving her husband of 35 years the following day. She had already met somebody else and her marriage was very abusive. But she told me they had the best sex ever that night! The next day she blindsided him when she was moved out when he got home from work. It was awesome! He didn't know what hit him, and never saw it coming. She was my hero forever! **She married new guy and they were insanely happy for almost 15 years till his death.
  • pete Lois Gr... 2012/03/30 12:45:56
    So when I suggest it, it's disgusting, but when she told you about it; she's your hero forever? Hmmmmm

    He did "feel it cuming" their last night together :)

    Chill out Lois
  • jamesborton 2012/03/28 14:14:56
  • AM 2012/03/28 13:45:28
  • sockpuppet AM 2012/03/28 13:57:14
    Hilarious...! :OD
  • Katie Straw 2012/03/28 13:28:33
    Katie Straw
    not ok especially when she has to face her family and friends all heartbroken. However, I broke up with my ex over the phone on valentines day.
  • Lois Gr... Katie S... 2012/03/28 17:47:52
    Lois Griffin
    LOL!!! Well, shut up then! :)
  • pitchergrl1 2012/03/28 13:27:09
    at least wait till the day after. l get you may not like the person but its they're day so ya
  • lara 2012/03/28 13:26:30
    On the birthday, one may feel it is the most cheerful day. people celebrate their birthday with their freinds, relatives etc. they may have a big luncha and they are showered by various gifts. they are surrounded by the hapiness that parents, relatives and friends bring to them. Of course, for the lovers, they can feel the love from the other. If breaking with someone on his/her birthday, the person may do the worst thing in the world. This will destroy the good feeling of the one who celebrate the birthday and cause serious emotional injury.it is really cruel to the person
  • Lois Gr... lara 2012/03/28 17:49:39
    Lois Griffin
    If it's gonna happen, both of you know it tho. Right? The girl feels it coming, the guy is itching to break it off. It's usually been coming for a while when it does finally happen. Both parties saw it coming. It will not be a big shock. To either.
  • GoodEncounter 2012/03/28 13:15:59
    That's so thoughtless. Why ruin a day that's "supposed" to be special?
  • smitty 2012/03/28 13:11:12
    Well I never knew when their birthday was.. Any day is fine.
  • Doringas 2012/03/28 13:10:43
    ... And miss the opportunity of having a piece of bday cake?!?
    Seriously, have a heart... If you think you're going to break up do it way before or way after their bday.
    Addendum: Unless you caught them cheating! You can put the bday cake right over their head!
  • Lord Claremorris 2012/03/28 12:43:58
    Lord Claremorris
    I always make sure to break up on some special day. "It's our anniversary tomorrow! What should we do?" "WE aren't going to do anything. Because baby this train just pulled into the station. This eagle flies solo." Then make a dramatic exit.
  • D D Lord Cl... 2012/03/28 12:52:54
    D D
    Why would you be like that?
  • LegendK... D D 2013/12/21 11:22:42
  • Alice Evie Lord Cl... 2012/03/28 15:41:26
    Alice Evie
    youre weird
  • LegendK... Lord Cl... 2013/12/21 11:22:03
  • RoyJLores 2012/03/28 12:22:10
    Wow that would be just rude not to mention insensitive.
  • Cedric 2012/03/28 12:20:28
    Totally wrong .... its her birthday don't do that....after it maybe. Also , do not show any suspections about it.
  • hannah 2012/03/28 12:16:36
  • Cathy 2012/03/28 12:06:02
    Why does there have to be a time-set to break-up with anyone. If the relationship isn't going anywhere....anytime would be the right time. Plus this guy didn't really seem to care about the girl anyway. His soccer game was more important to him then her. As far as I can see....he had already broken up with her in his heart before her birthday, but was just to cowardly to tell her.
  • Anna Cathy 2012/03/28 13:14:20
    You're 64 and you don't know the answer's no?? Yeah, right (sarcasm).
  • Dolly 2012/03/28 11:55:05
    Break up with them some other time, I left most of my exes around their birthdays but never on it.
  • Yoru Azenia 2012/03/28 11:54:27
    Yoru Azenia
    I sure as hell wouldnt to harsh man lol
  • Jenna Smith 2012/03/28 11:28:54
  • sky blue pink - American 2012/03/28 10:56:49
    sky blue pink - American
    My brother's girlfriend did that to him on his Birthday, last year. A few days later she was back telling my brother she had no where to go. Fool took her back. The thing hurt my baby brother, let her do it again then she has to deal with me.
    Have a nice day !
  • Shayla 2012/03/28 10:47:37
    I'll say yes. But I have to say that the guy mentioned in the article sounds like a jackass. It kind of sounds like he didn't like her all that much way before the issue of her birthday came up. In that case, they should have broken up long before her birthday. Either that, or he just broke up with her because her birthday interfered with his soccer plans. Either way, she should be glad to be rid of him.
  • .: LiVi :. 2012/03/28 10:37:59
    .: LiVi :.
    Yes if it was necessary
  • 001 2012/03/28 10:30:00
    Unless they cheated on you the day before their birthday.

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