Is it ok if a 16 year old goes out with a 23 year old??

Pom-Pom 2009/12/27 00:10:39
well she is 16 and he is 23. he is very nice and respects her. he takes her out every time she wants...
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  • Eddie 2009/12/27 00:20:33 (edited)
    Nope. It's called "Statutory Rape" if they have sex. And don't even try to tell me it is not sexual. Because what else does a 23 year old man want with a teen age girl?

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  • pawan verma 2014/03/23 16:10:25
    pawan verma
    16 year girls
  • marissa 2010/12/29 01:49:01
    i think that its fine because im16 and age dont matter to me its just the number of years u have been on this earth and i love my man i think that god put people on this world to love not to pick and choose and be with the same age because the man that u might fall in love with might not be the same age as u so all the people on her saying that is wrong get ur head out the nasty and thing its about sex its not there is love to in a relantionship to
  • marie 2010/12/16 02:48:34
    um i no for a fact some times theres no sex bc im in the same boat and we dont even fool around.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2010/04/21 05:43:28
    The Winter Sodahead
    that's getting close to the danger zone
  • Kodie-brookeRedshaw 2010/04/21 05:41:05
    the 16yr old should gaurd herself incase the 23 yr old tried something she didnt want. but if they are in love and having completely no sex at all.... its fine (thats what i reakon) since hes not hurting her and instead hes respecting her, puting her first everything a gentlemen would do for a lady... then it should be not illegal and it should be fine! if he doesnt hurt her then whats the big deal?the age difference?thats no excuse, actually it sounds pretty stupid if you say it like this : 'thats not a good idea coz hes 7 yrs older than her, no they shouldnt go out shes too young' blah blah blah... HELLO! IF THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND CARE ETC... AND HES PROTECTING HER, WHY CANT IT JUST BE ALRIGHT WITHOUT PEOPLE OVEREATING LIKE LOONYS JUST COZ THE GUYS OLDERWHO CARES? ONLY IF HE HURTS HER THAN U DO SOEMTHING ABOUT IT!
  • marissa Kodie-b... 2010/12/29 01:53:01 (edited)
    i agree with u people on here think a man want sex all the time that why he want a young girl all man anit like that
  • lyse Kodie-b... 2011/11/29 03:14:57
    Yes that should be fine I am 15 and have falling for a 21 year old guy we have not done anything yet as we are both waiting till I'm 16 / 17 but I have been researching it and have found out that once you are 16 it's fine aslong as he is not ur teacher or anything and that's the law in Australia
  • Victoria 2010/01/24 08:57:20
    ok i don't see why half the people who answered this question think its wrong, its not a big deal just cuz of the age difference. if that girl was 18, people wouldn't be saying anything. they're not always in the relationship just for sex. just because you guys are perverts who would do that doesn't mean everyone is.
  • Pom-Pom Victoria 2010/01/28 22:24:02
    jaja yea ur rite
  • Liberty Victoria 2010/02/12 20:20:11
    Unde the age of 20 you are a child. 20 and over you ar an adult. So that makes the mana pedophile. Believe me, its not a good rlationship. My gay friend i 15 and has ben groomed by a 23 year old gay. Trust m its a bad idea.
  • Diana♥ Liberty 2010/04/07 02:43:39
    umm no its actually 18 i dont know what rock your living in but thats how it goes 18
  • Kodie-b... Victoria 2010/04/21 05:43:00
  • Diana♥ 2010/01/02 06:06:46 (edited)
    um well 23 year olds have the maturity of a 16 year old : ) and you cant go around "assuming" guys always want sex you cant put an age on love....and age is just simplle numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 come on now!
  • lyse Diana♥ 2011/11/29 03:19:14
    Totally agree and I realize that guys my age want sex to (15) it's not just 23/21 year old it's apart of life and if your unlove then go for it :D
  • [=JOKER=] 2009/12/28 18:15:23
    i think thats kinda wierd
  • Long~Legs-RWAC 2009/12/28 10:52:43 (edited)
    No, if he loves her he can wait. Till she's 18
  • Kodie-b... Long~Le... 2010/04/21 05:46:04
    WHAT?to have sex?or go out with her?
  • Long~Le... Kodie-b... 2010/04/23 00:13:35
    Yeah when she is 18 only if they have the same feeling for eachother.
  • ☆ K r i s t i n a ☆ 2009/12/28 06:33:28
    ☆ K r i s t i n a ☆
    no it's technically illegal
  • XxCupcakesRAWRxX 2009/12/28 04:24:59
    technically it's illegal...but he sounds amazing...and of course I'm not one to talk...being in love/dating a 17 year old...but I guess it's okay...
  • XxXnitemareXxX 2009/12/28 02:05:04
    thats illegal
  • Janine 2009/12/27 21:28:54
    No. You can never trust any man with a 16 year old. He may be luring her in by being so nice and loving and caring, and then, when they are alone, he can change and hurt her.
  • ☆Starli ™ 2009/12/27 19:04:17
    ☆Starli ™
    No. She's a minor which makes her jail bait. I'd wait until she turns 18.
  • Kodie-b... ☆Starli ™ 2010/04/21 05:46:22
  • N.Carolyne 2009/12/27 14:29:47
    No, it's not okay, and in most states it's illegal.

    The 23 year old guy is either wanting nothing but sex, or there is something seriously wrong with him that he can't find someone his own age.
  • kaotic sunshine 2009/12/27 10:53:08 (edited)
    kaotic sunshine
    I think it would be okay since he treats her right and if he treats her with respect everything should be fine. I mean I know they have the statutory rape law or whatever its called but I mean they will do want they want ( not meaning anyway of force,talking only willingly). and actually I'm datin a 22 year old and I'm 17. And I mean he treats me right and with respect.And he hasn't done anything wrong to me or towards me and we have been together for two years now. And he didn't just want sex from me.before we even starting dating I told him what was what.And he respected everything I said.But It also depends on the maturity level.
  • Liberty kaotic ... 2010/02/12 20:21:31
    yes but theres not much age difference... :/
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2009/12/27 09:44:24
    I Know!!! Let's ask Roman!


    Is Roman standing in a hole?
  • Nance 2009/12/27 09:21:58
  • GLaDOS 2009/12/27 09:07:34 (edited)
    As long as there is no sex (or sexual activity) going on until she's 18.

    I dated a 21 year-old man when I was 15, and all we did was hold hands, hug, and kiss (regular, not french). Of course, before I started dating him, I met another 21 year-old friend who wanted to get into my pants, which I didn't let him. But, that just shows that it truly depends on the guy. If he loves the girl, he'll wait for her.

    So, as long as he respects her age, and treats her well, I see no problem with it. It would be nice if the parents were all right with it, though.

    Right now, I'm dating a 35 year-old man, and I'm 29 years-old. If we met when I was 16, he would have been 22. Once you hit 18, that age gap is no longer a big problem, but while you're a teenager, everyone has a stigma about it.
  • Bronx at Night 2009/12/27 09:02:03
    Bronx at Night

    Girls do like older guys and guys like younger girls - this is true. Jerry Seinfeld was "dating" a 17 year old girl when he was in his 40s or 50s.

    Regardless, 16 to 23 is creepy, not to mention illegal, and the a$$hole 23 year old guy should be a real man and stop robbing the cradle.

    If a 23 year old is being "nice" and "respectful" to the 16 year old like you say, it is because he is after one goal and he is only using her.

    . guy real robbing cradle 23 year respectful 16 year goal .
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2009/12/27 08:15:07
    Eric ~ The Logician
    I can't imagine a situation where that would work. A 16 year old most likely has no idea where they're going in life and a 23 year old better have a good idea. When I was 18 I dated a 16 year old for 3 months. We were at two completely different points in our lives and it didn't work out because of it. And that is only 2 years.
  • Scarlett48 2009/12/27 07:44:53
    NO!! NO!!! NO!!!! absolutley not. If he respected her he would not be asking her out at age 16. Where are the parents? Do the parents know they are dating or should I say that you are dating? Any 23 year old that goes out with a 16 year old has some problems. When you get up older it does not seem like that much of a big deal but right now it is a very big deal. A big of enough deal that he could go to prison for statutory rape. There has to be sex involved because there is no 23 year old guy going to go out with a 16 year old girl because she has a wonderful personality. Yep there is sex going on. NO it is not OK!!!!!

    involved 23 year guy 16 year girl personality yep sex
  • GLaDOS Scarlett48 2009/12/27 09:11:53
    Not true, I dated a 21 year-old when I was 15, and farthest we got was normal kissing (not french). So, despite what some people say, not all twenty-something guys are just out for a piece of ass.
  • Scarlett48 GLaDOS 2009/12/27 09:40:52
    No french kissing? Was he wierd or did not know how or something?
  • GLaDOS Scarlett48 2009/12/27 09:49:46 (edited)
    I don't consider him weird, I would imagine that he knew how, but maybe he didn't want to, I know I showed no interest in it. Excessively romantic and sentimental, though (he stopped me while we were walking once simply so that we could sit where we were and watch the sun go down), I suppose that would be "weird" for a guy.
  • Scarlett48 GLaDOS 2009/12/27 10:12:41
    No now that is not weird that is sweet and romantic.
  • dw<3 2009/12/27 06:45:41
    Hmmm that is a difficult thing to judge really because it really all depends on both of their characters. I mean if she is mature for her age and if he isn't just in it for the wrong reasons. But some of girls are very whorish at that age and some guys are actually decent at that age so who knows *shrugs* It isn't so bad if they have known each other for a long time or something and know each other well enough to risk it. Also that isn't illegal in all states either so...yeah. I just think that if the parents know about it and are alright with it and set a some good rules its okay. I was 17 when I met my bf and he was 21...I know that isn't a huge difference but whatever the point is that it wasn't about doing anything sexual at all for us until about seven months into our relationship so it is possible their relationship isn't about that too I suppose but I do think that is a big gap and should be fully evaluated by someone close to the girl. Oh and if they really want to be together and love each other nothing will stop them really
  • Astro-Boy 2009/12/27 05:44:55
    Like Eddie said.
  • Nabael 2009/12/27 05:07:19
    There is nothing right with this. Any 23 year old who is going out with a 16 year old is only there for the sexual potential. A 16 year old girl should be going out with someone right around that same age (somewhere from 15 to 18, 19 at MOST). I certainly would not approve of it.

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