Is it normal for 13 ,14,15 ...year olds to cut themselves on their wrists????

~kiTty96sPie~ 2010/09/14 04:36:26
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i am not saying i do it i 'm just saying most of my friends do it and welll it makes me go insane .
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  • Diamond Cakes 2014/01/16 07:03:50
    Diamond Cakes
    No its not normal at all. Don't listen to all the other people. I do it and I don't know of a single person in both of the schools I go to/went to that cut. You need to tell someone before it gets way out of hand!!

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  • studiobrat PWCM AFCL 2015/04/06 03:04:51
    studiobrat  PWCM AFCL
    No, it is abnormal and dangerous! It is sick and NOT trendy! If you are cutting yourself, stop and get help immediately!
  • MsCarol420 2015/04/04 22:59:35
    No self-mutilation is not normal. My sister did it when she was young but no one else I knew did. We grew up in a violent, subversive environment. Today it is popular and is called Non Suicidial Self Injury. Young people engage in this behaviour because they copy their peers. EMO's do this but not all EMOs. Some think it is popular but most use it as a coping mechanism. There are other ways to help people cope with stress, depression, or anxiety that are safer and effective. I like to get by myself and listen to music or take a walk. Please don't cut on yourself because it's dangerous and it leaves scars. Trust me when you get older you don't want to have to cover them up for that job interview.
  • Olivvia 2015/04/04 10:28:30
  • Olivvia 2015/04/04 10:23:25
    Normal? No. More common than people think? Yes most certainly. Unfortunately i know from personal experience. I was a child "cutter". I always explain it to people by describing me cutting myself as my childs way of getting high and using it as a method of psychological escape. I was coping with difficult emotions by self inflicting actual physiological pain as a distraction. Where as an older child and teen i had the resources to use drugs to do that
  • TuringsChild 2014/03/06 00:36:06
    No. Not at all. Better check yourself. Why are you gravitating toward people like that?
  • Diamond Cakes 2014/01/16 07:03:50
    Diamond Cakes
    No its not normal at all. Don't listen to all the other people. I do it and I don't know of a single person in both of the schools I go to/went to that cut. You need to tell someone before it gets way out of hand!!
  • Kira 2012/01/16 00:40:07
    I used to do it and I'm 11 I was tired of ppl bullying me so I took it out on myself it did help at the time too but I stopped
  • Maisie123 2011/12/17 22:17:45
    I self harm, I'm only 13 and I have been sent to psychiatrist and I'm on anti depressants:/ I did it because I was going through a really hard time and yeah it did help , but in the end It has got me nowhere... I don't think it's normal , but alot of people seem to do it...
  • Kasedy 2011/01/28 22:18:23
    Well ya I do it alot it helps
  • MJlover58 2010/09/20 23:18:36
    Mm. I do. Im thirteen.
  • ~kiTty9... MJlover58 2010/09/21 10:01:25 (edited)
    well i think its a bad habit and you should consult someone.aly.........ssa.....
  • MJlover58 ~kiTty9... 2010/09/23 02:24:26
    Alysha. Mmm. Nah. Who cares.
  • ~kiTty9... MJlover58 2010/09/23 08:55:52 (edited)
    not me for sure and u dont plan on counsulting someone either.too bad.most cutters who do it cause of pain and depression and dont like talking about it most of the people who have addmitted to it on the net are just doing it for the fun of it or because they think its cool.still thats my oppinion it may mean nothing to you.
  • MJlover58 ~kiTty9... 2010/10/12 03:36:46
    No not really. I do it for myself. Not because other people may be doing it or because I think its "cool". I admitted to it because it was a question on my happenings. So I answered. Im not doin it for people to care. I couldnt care less about that. I do it for my own reasons.
  • IsolatedIncidents 2010/09/19 14:32:21
    13 is too young, 14, ehhh depends. and 15 is okay. but i think cutting wrists is normal because what are you trying to prove? and who is the blood for?
  • Isolate... Isolate... 2010/09/19 23:09:37
    wow i just re read this after 8 hours and i meant cutting wrists isnt normal
  • ~kiTty9... Isolate... 2010/09/20 03:47:52
    oh yewah i found somthing wrong with it.;)thanks for answering.
  • hello Isolate... 2015/05/06 21:22:08
    All ages are too young to be self harming,13, 18, 30. Now I know that this is hypocritical as i cut,but i cut my thighs the top of my arms, not my wrists
  • VladimirAteMyCheesecake 2010/09/18 08:48:23 (edited)
    Define normal. Don't worry about whether its normal becuase obviously something is wrong for them do be doing this. Don't critisize or think anything until you know. There's always a reason. the reason people hear about teens going throug this is becuase its the most vulnerable time in a persons life.
    I began cutting in my early teens and eventually found out i have a form of bi polar. Each case is unique to the person.
  • Danny Q 2010/09/15 06:25:28 (edited)
    Danny Q
    It's a sad child or person that would ever consider cutting there wrist for sympathy or attention. I considered it when I was in my teens but I realized I was angry at my parents and opted to run away. Anyone considering this should ask for help. Life is to be cherished. Know one is worth hurting yourself for. You can get help to see you through your deepest fears, frustrations and insecurities. Please let an Adult you trust help you.

    Don't be just another statistic, you've accomplished nothing except hurt yourself. That only means whomever your mad at wins. Prove them wrong and show them your stronger than whatever they have said or done to you. I ran away and proved to my parents I could make it on my own, it wasn't easy and I wish I had a friend to help me but I proved my point and never looked back. Now we are best of friends and I love my parents more than anything in this world. I realized they where only trying to help as best as they could, I just wasn't listening.
  • KateMurray 2010/09/15 05:06:45
    What is "normal"?
    Yeah, it's not unusual and often just a phase people go through.
  • Gommball 2010/09/15 04:38:20 (edited)
    idk i did when i was that age so i'm saying yes?
  • Stand Alone 2010/09/15 03:15:14
    Stand Alone
    Yeah its normal...... so go ahead, cut away.
  • ~kiTty9... Stand A... 2010/09/22 09:31:10
  • Todd 2010/09/15 00:31:24
    Not normal where i grew up.
  • marioxlove64 2010/09/14 23:19:28 (edited)
    Its not normall... but most do :/
  • allergik2love 2010/09/14 23:13:58
    Its not something i can call 'normal' but a lot of teens do do it. and its really not a good thing to do. i suggest, and im guessing uve tried this already, try talking to them. try to convince them not to do it. i have a friend who cuts herself but i talk to her so she hasnt done it in a while. also she is seeing a therapist. suggest that to your friends
  • ~Bieberswag~ 2010/09/14 22:58:49
    no its not normal at all. They must have some kind of issue or really bad problems for them to b cutting themselves
  • DollyVomit 2010/09/14 22:33:33
    No. I used to cut, it's not a good idea :/
    they need to find help... talk to a therapist or parent or something.
  • LuridLolita 2010/09/14 17:12:16
    Yes that's pretty normal in my opinion. I did it.
  • ~Bieber... LuridLo... 2010/09/14 23:00:00
    how's that normal?
  • LuridLo... ~Bieber... 2010/09/15 00:24:08
    What do you know? You're Justin Bieber!
  • ~Bieber... LuridLo... 2010/10/05 21:39:35
    watz noe i'm not justin bieber. Watz does justin have to do with any of this
  • Scud 2010/09/14 13:27:18
    It's not normal for anyone to do that.
    It's usually a sign that they have some kind of psychological problems.
  • ALF 2010/09/14 13:20:30
    well kids nowadays do that because they have alot of aggression and hate built up or they just do it for a pity party. when i was younger i cut myself because it was temporary relievement from child hood horrors and depression
  • Stella 2010/09/14 12:51:01 (edited)
    No, normally it's a sign for psychological problems, and they should get help. I hope this isn't someting they do because they think it's cool, because it isn't. You get scars from the cutting, and you often have to live with them for the rest of your life. But... if it's "on real"... they need therapy, if they haven't got it until now. Haven't their parents noticed? Actually it's their responsibility to help their children to get treatment for "disorders" like this.

    rest life real therapy parents noticed responsibility children treatment disorders
  • em_7 2010/09/14 11:18:18
    No it is not. I know (pretty much) for sure of two of my really good friends who did/do it.
    DO NOT DO IT. It sounds like a vicious cycle. They are really good people but they are sad, possibly depressed. It isn't normal and makes things difficult and awkward for those who love and surround them. Tell an adult, maybe, especially if you are worried about them or feel pressured. I suppose it depends WHY they do it, and the individual. But it is NOT normal, and makes me very sad. Maybe recommend they should get help, and try to make them grateful for things. I did not know what to do and didn't tell an adult about my friends. They said they couldn't control it and stuff like that, it is difficult to think of for someone our ages, and hard to deal with even if you don't do it yourself. Good luck xxx
  • Alphamale 2010/09/14 10:33:01
    Dont cut yourself for any reason. respect your body and yourself. if when you become older and want body mod or tattoo then decide after thinking long and hard about it. it will last forever.. As my mom used to tell me "If everybody else was jumping off a bridge, do you think you want to do that too?"
  • tweety 2010/09/14 10:31:02
    I've heard that young people do this because the pain makes them feel alive. It's a sort of high they get from pain. It is not normal under any circumstances. If you friend is doing this let them know how it disturbs you. If they continue to cut maybe it's time to let an adult know what's going on. You may just save their life.
  • kurosaki-kun 2010/09/14 08:40:53
    Of course it's not normal. Some people do it because of emotional issues but I think these days some people do it because they think they're being "cool", as stupid as that sounds some people are like that...like how some think being gay or bi is.

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