Is it legal: Obama holding up the Iraqi Dinar revaluation?

luigi1- in god we trust 2011/06/23 01:32:51
Obama is holding out for more money for himself.
Obama is holding up the WTO, IMF & G20 agreements.
Obama is finding ways to steal private I.D. holdings.
This is all about power & greed.
Undecided. Other comment.
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Hodges letter to Chinese Embassy re Global Settlements & The Revaluation Of The Iraqi Dinar.

For many years there have been plans to push the reset button on the entire world economy. The main program is called the Global Settlements Program. These have been put into place by Basle I, Basle II, and Basle III economic summits (in Basle, Switzerland). However, there have been many delays and foot-dragging on this, partly because of its sheer size, and partly because corrupt world government leaders have demanded payment (blackmail) before allowing it.

Christopher Story used to report on the progress of this in his weekly blog, until his untimely death last year (poison). I always hesitated to post his information, because in my opinion he violated the divine law which forbids speaking evil of our rulers (regardless of how bad they might be). The main lawyer involved in releasing these funds to Mr. Cottrell for ditribution is A. Clifton Hodges. Mr. Hodges has written a letter on Friday, June 17 to the Chinese Embassy asking them to put pressure on President Obama to sign the final release forms.


Read more. See link below...

This also includes the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, as you can read in 1 (a) in his letter. I had heard a report last January that the dinar revaluation was somehow tied to the revaluation of the dinar, but had no direct evidence of it until now. See Hodges' letter at the site below:

Read More: http://www.gods-kingdom-ministries.org/weblog/WebP...

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  • Harold Graves 2013/04/28 02:51:54
    Obama is holding out for more money for himself.
    Harold Graves
    When his to sign the final release?Harold
  • Harold ... Harold ... 2013/04/28 02:53:29
    Harold Graves
    When is he to sign the release? Harond
  • wgraham.safety 2012/11/30 22:57:07
    Obama is holding out for more money for himself.
    Obama needs to get the bill signed for the RV and get the hell out of the way!
  • Linda 2012/09/13 02:14:09
    Obama is holding out for more money for himself.
    I was cut out of a deal becasue Obama wanted to to keep the money for himself. I was contacted to find a special mexician bonds for Obama, I found 2 and the deal closed, he bought the two bonds. At closing, I was not paid my fees for my services. Because I was not paid what I was owed, it caused me to lose everything, my home, my car, my job, everything. This President is all about becoming rich at the expense of the Americans, every decision that he has makes is so that he can better his wealth and fortune. What many Americans fail to realize is that he is NOT intersted in the United States or it's citizens, only in himself, his family and his fortune, Don't Be Fooled by his line.
  • M OSullivan 2011/06/23 16:01:13 (edited)
    This is all about power & greed.
    M OSullivan
    It is always about greed and power when it comes to politicians and governments, so nothing new here. With the worldwide collapse in economies unstoppable just like dominos, one after the other will collapse, so is the Iraqi dinar revalue being held up, probably so, but if they think Iraq is going to save the world, they are wrong, the collapse will happen regardless, but one thing for sure, hang onto those Iraqi dinars and do not exchange for any other currency until the dust settles. JOIN-FREE.com
  • luigi1-... M OSull... 2011/06/25 13:23:34
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Exactly. $Billions is not enough. They want it all.
  • M OSull... M OSull... 2011/09/13 14:13:20
    M OSullivan

    As we are seeing, the collapse of worldwide economies is about to get under way big time with collapse of Greece on the horizon, even after bail outs, so a lesson should be learned, you cannot expect any bail out to do anything more than extend the timeframe before collapse, just look at too big to fail Bank of America, also about to go under for the second time. lol

  • luigi1- in god we trust 2011/06/23 01:35:07
    Obama is holding up the WTO, IMF & G20 agreements.
    luigi1- in god we trust
    The 2010 G20 Summit in Seoul including the USA agreed on a timetable to Revalue many world currencies including the Iraqi Dinar. Obama is going back on his pledge to the G20, WTO & World bank.
  • M OSull... luigi1-... 2011/09/13 14:07:04
    M OSullivan
    Funny, What hasn't obama gone back on based on campaign BS he duped everyone on? JOIN-FREE.com

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