Is it even worth having arguments on Sodahead?

T J 2012/08/18 04:08:43
Yes, people must know the truth
No, it's too stressful and pointless
I think...
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I have been in many arguments with people on Sodahead. Some have blocked me, and I've blocked others, or we just stop responding to each others posts. Things get heated in these debates, but is it really worth it? No matter how we feel about a politician, or a philosophical viewpoint, it's not going away. We never change minds here, we just waste time. Many of the people here feeling so strongly about their views that they will defend them to the death, not giving in an inch, including me. Let's be honest, I don't really come here to change minds, I come here to argue, and even though it's a waste of time. I do it anyway. It's a way for me to vent my frustrations about life. But that's me, what about you?
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  • UR2PC4ME 2012/11/08 09:02:23
  • MAZ142 2012/08/19 21:56:36
    I think...
    No, never why waste your time against an enemy who doesn't even deserve to hear your point of view because half the time, they probably won't and never will ever listen
  • L1 2012/08/18 05:49:20
    I think...
    It's up to you. It can be entertainment, but in the big picture, it's not a priority.
  • Scott 2012/08/18 04:27:24
    I think...
    It's all pointless. No one is convincing anybody of anything. Facts mean nothing, only rhetoric does. It's just a place to joke around, vent, or ridicule.
  • sonofason Scott 2012/08/18 04:33:29
  • Scott sonofason 2012/08/18 04:38:22
    Been on here for years, and never seen it. Chances are, if you're making valid points, you'll be blocked before you can change an opinion. Or maybe not. Come to think of it, your probably right;-)
  • Ozymandias sonofason 2012/08/18 04:56:54
    Yeah if you're fortunate enough to stumble across a child. Otherwise this site is so full of retired people and their opinions have become so solidified, that you'd sooner repopulate the world with rational human beings than manage to rattle their world-views.
  • sonofason Ozymandias 2012/08/18 05:01:43
  • Ninjaman 2012/08/18 04:21:22
    I think...
    it would be nice if people could talk on here openly without arguing... Its an opinion website. We each have our own. You dont have to like mine and i dont have to like yours... its just conversing and hearing someone elses point of view and why... take it at that and move on...
  • 666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/08/18 04:13:57
    No, it's too stressful and pointless
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
  • Ozymandias 666_Mag... 2012/08/18 04:58:03
    Regardless of how futile the arguments are. I take pride in blocking the douchebags who post these pictures.
  • 666_Mag... 666_Mag... 2012/08/18 05:53:44
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    WTF... Was that about? At the guy who blocked me...

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