Is it a bad thing if you keep seeing things out of the corner of your eye?

randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-. 2010/07/14 04:14:47
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yes, you're going crazy..
i don't know what it is.. sorry..
here's what it is....
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i seriously keep seeing weird things out of the corner of my right eye.. i have no idea what the hell it is.. im not tired and just, ugh, it's been going on all day.... i don't really remember what they were.... god.. i hope im not going crazy... o.o
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  • Master 2010/07/17 06:40:35
    i don't know what it is.. sorry..
    It's especially unsettling when they look like people. O.o
  • randomn... Master 2010/07/17 06:52:02
  • i don't know what it is.. sorry..
    ✩Angel in the Night✩~Cobalt❤
    i have that too. i don't know why, but i always see something move or someone come out of nowhere out of the corner of my eye but when i turn around nothing has happened.
  • randomn... ✩Angel ... 2010/07/15 01:07:56
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    do you ever see random flashes?? that's new for me....
  • ✩Angel ... randomn... 2010/07/18 21:02:46
    ✩Angel in the Night✩~Cobalt❤
  • *<3RAWR<3* 2010/07/14 16:32:10
    here's what it is....
    omg i see that all the time...most of the time it's not u there is really something there..because when my family and i first moved in our house i kept on seeing the same little girl..i figured out that it wasn't me she was following me...cause i started seeing face 2 face not out of the corner of my eye.SORRY IF I SCARED ANY ONE ON HERE LOL : )
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/07/14 08:07:11
    i don't know what it is.. sorry..
    Katie~awkward child♥
    I get the same problem sometimes, I try to just ignore it. I don't think it's that big a deal.
  • Vapidifull 2010/07/14 06:09:43
    i don't know what it is.. sorry..
    I Get That Too!
    It Happens To Me All The Time.
    I Think I'm A Little Paranoid.

    Your Not Crazy Though. And I Doubt Your Paranoid. Maybe It's Weird Lighting?
  • randomn... Vapidifull 2010/07/14 06:31:32
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    nope.... none at all... i kept randomly seeing flashes and no one is awake down here... o.o
  • wolf sloan 2010/07/14 05:09:10
    here's what it is....
    wolf sloan
    good peripheral vision
  • I'm History 2010/07/14 04:38:25 (edited)
    here's what it is....
    I'm History
    Sounds like your having a 'Silent eye migraine'.
    It's a migraine without the headache in your eye, and there is really nothing that triggers them, and there is nothing wrong with you for having them, lot's of people have them from time to time.
    Most people who get them say they have "strange visual disturbances" and at first they think they are going crazy, but that is not the case, because they are normal , i get them about every 6-9 months and they last for a few hours. To make tham fade just take a nap or sit down and close your eyes and rest for a while.

    If what you see looks like a tall man wearing all black, and he has a pocket watch and a sickle blade, he's the Grim Reaper, don't go with him no matter what he offers you, just run, and run fast, lol

    watch sickle blade grim reaper offers run run fast lol
  • randomn... I'm His... 2010/07/14 04:40:06
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    lol i promise you, it's not the grim reaper..... but okay, thanks
  • royalguardian ►One Hit Rage... 2010/07/14 04:26:20
    here's what it is....
    royalguardian ►One Hit Rage Quit◄ ♠ BTEF ♠
    that's happened to me....usually it's a loose hair
  • lylamerican 2010/07/14 04:24:37
    here's what it is....
    is it spots? or people or what kind of things?
  • randomn... lylamer... 2010/07/14 04:34:48
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    i saw this black circle with white spots in it earlier.... umm.. i think i saw a spider.. i thought i saw someone walk towards me... umm.. i can't remember a lot of 'em.. there were a good amount...
  • randomn... randomn... 2010/07/14 05:25:09
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    i keep seeing flashes too.. o.o
  • i don't know what it is.. sorry..
    Yeah,I feel like I see something every now and then too.
    It's probably a light or shadow,reflection maybe.

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