Is Divorce Contagious?

Living 2010/06/11 12:06:58
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What in the world is going on with the Gore family?

Just a week after former Vice President Al Gore announced he was separating from his wife of 40 years, his eldest daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, has separated from her husband of 12 years.

Karenna, 36, a lawyer, and Andrew "Drew" Schiff, 44, a doctor, "have been separated for a couple of months and [are] in marriage counseling," a friend of the couple told People magazine.

But the double separations may not be a coincidence. According to CNN, a new study says that divorce can spread like a virus among friends and family. It can also affect relationships two degrees of separation away from the original couple.

Yikes! We hope none of our friends get divorced anytime soon -- we just got married!

What do you think? Is divorce contagious?

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  • FindingHeartInThisCrazy World 2010/06/13 01:12:47
    FindingHeartInThisCrazy World
    I think once the Children ar grown and the Nest empties, many couples take stock and realize that through all the years they have done what they were supposed to do together...raise the children and get them ready for the world..many may feel it is time for another adventure and sadly they do not try to see if they can transform their lives together rather than separately...maybe it is not natural for most people to stay with one person...maybe a certain percentage of people want to find different Soul Mates to share each part of their lives with...we do change...we are always changing actually...and many people change to where they feel they have become incompatible..i am a hopeless romantic and always hope people will decide to re-discover eachother as they move through the phases of life...but that takes a lot of work and devotion and willingness for things to get messy before things get better...sadly, if a couple can make it through the messy part, they will have the deepest and richest relationship there is..it is hard work and many are too tired to go through it or one party may be unwilling ....
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/06/12 23:16:59
    Katie~awkward child♥
    In most relationships, growing tired of the other person is inevitable(key word being MOST). Some people choose to stay in an unhappy marriage out of moral obligations, others choose to divorce and move on.
    I think that seeing her father get a divorce may have reminded Karenna that it's an available option, and that it's okay to seperate with somebody if your relationship is no longer a happy one.
  • kitty 2010/06/12 19:42:38
    he is a fake idiot make she got it better late than never
  • Koatz 2010/06/12 17:47:54
    Women are being fed a daily diet from the media-their peers-and Hollywood, that their lives would be better if only they were divorced from their mates. The opposite is more often the case, and the impact of them being hood-winked into believing such nonsense is greatest on any children that may have been born during the marriage.

    There is a saying that I think is apt in this situation: Birds of a feather, flock together.

    Keep friends that have failed at marriage, and you're likely to develop the same loser attitude and ideas as them.

    situation birds feather flock friends marriage develop loser attitude ideas
  • Mallah'... Koatz 2010/08/09 21:58:15
    Mallah's Brain
    divorce should be illegal and anyone who divorces should be stoned to death
  • Koatz Mallah'... 2010/08/10 09:59:50
    Not sure that I would go as far as stoning them, but I think most of them are scum.
  • Mallah's Brain 2010/06/12 05:26:00
    Mallah's Brain
    Divorce should be illegal. Then maybe religious people would finally shut up
  • Catita 2010/06/12 04:50:28
    no I don't think so, just people who grew apart and don't have anything in common anymore, the love they felt once for each other is not there, continue living together could be a matter of convenience, but that doesn't really work so at the end of the day, the best decision is to go in different ways.
  • Mallah'... Catita 2010/06/12 05:27:09
    Mallah's Brain
    divorce should be illegal
  • Finding... Mallah'... 2010/06/13 01:15:11
    FindingHeartInThisCrazy World
  • gypsy 2010/06/12 04:44:14 (edited)
    I know it might just be coincidence but ever since my great great grandma have been divorce, my great grandma was too then my grandpa was, then my mum... so maybe it's in the genes or something!

    Hopefully I won't get divorced though.
  • Mallah'... gypsy 2010/06/12 05:27:22
    Mallah's Brain
    then use your head when you date
  • gypsy Mallah'... 2010/06/12 05:38:34
    Ha, thanks.
  • G-Yes 2010/06/12 04:31:54
    I've never been married - cuz I've always feared divorce.
  • Mallah'... G-Yes 2010/06/12 05:27:41
    Mallah's Brain
    not only fear divorce ... be very afraid of it
  • Dayna_king 2010/06/12 04:19:26
    This is one of those only if you let. It like this some one has a hard time and can seem to connect to there other. They go visit a friend and they start talking and the friend is on about how so much happier she is. That some one wants to be happy and instead of working for it the go the easy way out and know they won't be alone in this they have their friend who is in the same position,
  • CrabMan 2010/06/12 03:46:19
    About time she got away from that fool,he believe's his own lie's.....Will aleast she'll come away with alot of money .Time she was paid for staying with him all these's year's.
    A fool and his money, are soon parted.......He's in love with himself,she gave him the best part of her life, now he has no time for her........just his own agenda,and she don't
    play the roll of a young wife anymore.....That's sad for her........
  • Asteria- The Seer of PHAET 2010/06/12 02:58:38
    Asteria- The Seer of PHAET
    I wouldn't know. But I haven't caught the 'divorce bug' yet!
  • kevracer 2010/06/12 00:08:46
    "Hey Mom and Dad are getting a divorce. You know that's a heck of an idea, I'm going to divorce that idiot I'm married to also,"

    hey mom dad divorce heck divorce idiot married
  • Trish 2010/06/11 21:43:11
    It's not the contagious, the people doing it are.
  • Mallah'... Trish 2010/06/12 05:28:40
    Mallah's Brain
    not gay people. those poor sweethearts aren;t even allowed to marry.

    divorce should be illegal
  • Trish Mallah'... 2010/06/12 15:11:00
  • Sister Jean 2010/06/11 21:39:28
    Sister Jean
    no, I wish them both well
  • Legion 2010/06/11 21:38:27
    She left him because the Global Warming Scam has shown what a lying loser he is and he will soon lose his money. Look the hypocrite got a home on the California coast overlooking oil rigs. She took a powder before his money went poof and he is put in jail for cheating us all!
  • BornToBeWild 2010/06/11 21:01:39 (edited)
    Is Divorce Contagious? NOPE, just more common! Vows and Oaths are easily broken these days in many more ways then just to each other!
  • Manster BornToB... 2010/06/11 21:06:26
    It's so easy to do,because we've become a disposable society!If it doesn't work,don't bother with trying to repair it,just trash it and get a new one!
  • sara Manster 2012/08/22 16:40:41
    According to Dr Phil you have to work your way out of a bad marriage. Do everything you can before divorcing. It depends on the situation. I divorced after 15 yrs, luckily I had no children. I've been married 24 yrs this time, my son just graduated from college. I don't think there's any magic bullet to keep a marriage successful just a lot of hard work & commitment
  • Manster sara 2012/08/22 16:56:36 (edited)
    You are correct. A lot of hard work, and some real commitment from both partners.
  • Vee 2010/06/11 20:32:53
    Naw! It's not contagious. But! it looks like it can run in the family. HA!
    Gore sure doesn't look very happy in the photo either!
  • Texas Johnny 2010/06/11 19:48:56
    Texas Johnny
    No! My sister and both brothers in law have each experienced a divorce. My wife and I are the eldest children and we have been married for 25yrs. My mom and dad are still together after 52 years and my mother in law and father in law were married 50 years and he died one day after their 50th. Divorce to me is not an answer.
  • Mallah'... Texas J... 2010/06/12 05:29:32
    Mallah's Brain
  • Lanikai 2010/06/11 19:39:58
    No, it isn't./ But stupidity is.
  • Gary 2010/06/11 18:01:42
    Contagious? You bet. Rush Limbaugh, RW protector of the sanctity of marriage,
    has caught it four times. Number five is just months away.
    Poor slob, he just seems to get reinfected every couple years.
  • LoveYah 2010/06/11 17:24:40
  • ~Country Girl~ 2010/06/11 17:22:12
    ~Country Girl~
    A divorce is not a yawn.
  • old-mac 2010/06/11 17:20:09
    Consider it a sign that the Gore women aren' t completely dumb!
  • katywon 2010/06/11 17:14:06
    It's not contagious. But it seems to give permission to friends and family as a way to get out of an uncomfortable situation. contagious permission friends family uncomfortable situation
  • wow-really 2010/06/11 17:09:15
    There are so many things in this life that are contagious like STD's and other transmitable diseases, Stupidity, fear and ignorance....All contagious sentiments...
    But divorce???
    i don't know.
    i suppose if people want to use that as an excuse or validation of their own feelings...
    A way out sort to speak..If they see someone else doing it, then maybe they think, 'if they can do it, so can I".
    I guess...
  • thegalnextdoor 2010/06/11 16:25:42
    It's also a known statement that girls tend to marry someone like their father... if Tipper get fed up with Al and is splitting, maybe Karenna finally had it with Schiff. Also family and people who hang out together often have similar coping skills even though we'd like to think we learned from other's mistakes... we have to make our own (mistakes).
  • sait10 2010/06/11 15:24:19
    No. Divorce is what two people do so they don't kill each other!!!

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