Is 'Cult' Billboard Offensive or Funny?

Living 2011/02/23 15:23:26
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Hacienda Mexican Restaurant may serve good food, but it certainly isn't very ... tasteful.

The northern Indiana eatery tried to attract customers by using billboards to joke about an infamous cult massacre in which more than 900 people died.

The billboards included the statement, "We're like a cult with better Kool-Aid," over a glass containing a frozen drink, as well as the phrase "To die for!" referring to the November 1978 Jonestown cult massacre, when more than 900 members of Jim Jones' People's Temple drank cyanide-laced, grape-flavored punch in a mass murder and suicide.

After locals complained, the company removed the signs.

"We have a responsibility to (advertise) with care, and that's why we're pulling this ad. We made a mistake and don't want to have a negative image in the community," Jeff Leslie, vice president of sales and marketing at Hacienda, told The South Bend Tribune.

Too little, too late, Hacienda. We don't really like to joke about the death of 900 people over burritos and margaritas.

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  • skorn 2011/04/03 02:50:55
    offensive ? What your in an cult ?
  • Shelby 2011/03/23 01:04:35
  • Ruger 2011/03/03 23:58:29
    If you can't make fun of cults you can you make fun of.I saw a sign held up at a anti westboro baptist church rally that said "drink the kool-aid already" thats funny I don't care who you are. Git-r-Done
  • ChrisAH 2011/03/02 22:41:24
  • Redskin 2011/03/02 03:25:21
  • zack 2011/03/01 06:21:34
    lol thats awesome
  • carrotcat 2011/02/28 05:23:24
    I actually laughed O.o
  • BLT ^MOTOOP^ 2011/02/25 22:21:33
    I like it. People get their panties in a bunch too easily.
  • baboula 2011/02/25 17:05:58
    they are counting on the fact that the majority of people were either not born or forgotten about it
  • KB 2011/02/25 05:41:58
  • soyousay 2011/02/25 02:00:01
    I laughed.
  • 絶望 Rabid Raccoon 2011/02/25 01:08:56
    絶望 Rabid Raccoon
    Some people need to find a sense of humor.
  • Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2011/02/25 00:51:04
    Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru
    LOLOL Funny!!!!
  • THE WEASLEY TWINS ARE MINE!... 2011/02/25 00:32:48
    ime cracking up
  • RobHom 2011/02/25 00:11:29
    Lets see... Jonestown happened 33 years ago.....WOW, the "sensitivity police" are doing triple overtime!! How many people that saw that billboard even had a freaking clue what it referred to?

    Shazzam folks...people just sweat crap far too much to really care!
  • Jump Back Jack ~ The Minstr... 2011/02/24 23:03:32
    Jump Back Jack ~ The Minstrel of *þᾞमेॐऊ
    We're long since past the 22.3 year waiting period. Jonestown is officially fair game.
  • SillyLegs 2011/02/24 23:03:10
    I don't think it matters if you offend a cult.
  • ash123 2011/02/24 22:18:43
    I find it funny, can't help it.
  • ib_insane 2011/02/24 20:18:57
    But I do have a sick sense of humor.
  • Lady Yui 2011/02/24 20:05:14
    Lady Yui
    Gods forbid that we make fun of religious extremist nutcases...maybe those who find this "offensive" are afraid that they'll be next on the list of previously mentioned nutcases being ridiculed.

    religious extremist nutcases offensive afraid list mentioned nutcases ridiculed
  • Anthony... Lady Yui 2011/02/24 23:54:18
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    That Dihydrogen Monoxide is going to be the death of him.
  • Vanquished 2011/02/24 19:20:38
    Who is gonna be offended by that? if you're in a cult you're already insane, and you aren't in a cult, you think that people in cults are crazy so I don't know who this would offend
  • Steve J~PWCM~JLA 2011/02/24 18:22:21
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    I thought the billboard was for the Democratic Party.
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2011/02/24 18:06:05
    wandering mystery aka Relcho of Anid
    That is hilarious even knowing what they are referring to.
  • DouglasSignorovitch 2011/02/24 18:05:04
    That's pretty ggod.
  • The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck No... 2011/02/24 17:54:49
    The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck Norris]
    That's hilarious.
  • george 2011/02/24 17:39:06
    It's a billboard, nothing more. PC go away!
  • Stonecipher 2011/02/24 16:21:33
    I think it's hilarious! Now adays, there are too many people that are so sensitive in various issues.
  • An American Poet 2011/02/24 15:25:20
    An American Poet
    I think it's hilarious! I mean sure...kool aid incident was terrible...but why not use it for humour? I use the term "drink the kool aid" all the time
  • KY REDNECK 2011/02/24 15:13:58
    I think it is distasteful
  • Jump Ba... KY REDNECK 2011/02/24 23:04:51
    Jump Back Jack ~ The Minstrel of *þᾞमेॐऊ
    Hence the concept of subjectivity. =)
  • KY REDNECK Jump Ba... 2011/02/24 23:46:50
  • Rainsong 2011/02/24 14:51:34
    everybody needs to lighten up a little
  • Brandy 2011/02/24 14:33:39
    Why bring up bad memories
  • davidh BN-0 2011/02/24 14:21:29
    davidh BN-0
    Considering EVERY Conservative has used this same Massacre to refer to those that support Democrats. I think a little sign is the least of our worries when dealing with offensiveness on this matter. The sign was seen by a couple of thousand. Others have reached Billions with their speeches and talk shows making light of this tragedy.
  • Steve J... davidh ... 2011/02/24 18:27:40
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    So now any child that wants Kool-aid is referring to the cult?
  • davidh ... Steve J... 2011/02/24 18:48:34
    davidh BN-0
    Did I say that? If you are ignorant enough to not be able to grasp what I am saying, please don't respond.

    The phrase is "Drinking the kool-aide" referring to Jonestown, in which 909 people died. Something in which conservatives tend to flaunt every time they refer to a group that believes something they don't believe. You know, like saying ALL Obama supporters are drinking the kool-aide? What is funnier is that the term is inaccurate. The people in Jonestown never drank kool-aide. It was Flavor-aide. But my point is still valid. If people are going to complain about a sign that only a few thousand (if that) saw, why not address the FACT that EVERY conservative uses the Deaths of 900+ people so lightly?

    And YES, I know that liberals use this term as well. It is just WAY less often. I say if we are going to complain about a restaurant doing this, we should make a big deal about it in general.
  • Steve J... davidh ... 2011/02/24 19:12:49
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Well I have used the term kool-aid, I never thought about it referring to the Jonestown deaths because kool-aid wasn't used, and children drink it all the time.

    Funny thing is, I got what you said, so must not be ignorant as you feel necessary to call people, you think you might disagree with.

    So since we agree on the incongruity of sign and I don't think any Conservative believes that kool-aid when spoken about liberals references the Jonestown event. Why the insult?

    What kool-aid does refer to, is the intelligence of those that do drink kool-aid. CHILDREN.

    They are not as smart as adults.
  • davidh ... Steve J... 2011/02/24 19:50:28
    davidh BN-0
    Your response only further justifies my calling you ignorant. You seem blatantly willing to cover for improper actions based on bias. The term Drink the kool-aid stems from the Jonestown Massacre. Plain and simple. So you are either unaware of its origin, or you are lying to cover your bias.

    Talking about not being as smart another person. You do a great job of making yourself not look very smart.

    “Drinking the Kool-Aid” – What did we say before the Jonestown Massacre, in which cult members were voluntarily poisoned with a Kool-Aid-like product called Flavor Aid? This phrase refers to a cult-like mentality that can affect a group or individual who has mindlessly accepted the dogma of a group or leader.
  • Steve J... davidh ... 2011/02/24 21:19:26
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Well you are certainly allowed to believe whatever you want. Please go ahead and make something up to justify yourself.

    Saying people drink a poisonous beverage, would be saying they are dead or should be.

    I have never heard it equated to the Jonestown massacre, only to foolish thoughts of children.

    Now the billboard specifically brings up cults.

    Is the Democratic party a cult? Has it been called a cult? Show me proof.

    I certainly don't think so, because not all Democrats believe the same thing. Some are even fiscally "Conservative". But who am I to try to make you believe that which you don't want to believe. I suppose it is like the "violent" Tea Partiers.

    I hear so much about them, but rarely see anything even remotely violent.

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