Is Collective Bargaining a good thing?

Sister Jean 2012/01/17 15:14:25
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  • MorbidCynic 2012/01/26 06:14:17
    People should earn what they get, not take from others.
  • yes
    Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat )
    CBA's are what keep keep the wages up whether you belong to a Union or Not. Without it Working men and women will not earn a decent living wage.
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2012/01/17 22:42:29
    That is the way we do it here.

    We called it The Poldermodel

    The polder model is a term with uncertain origin that was first used to describe the Dutch version of consensus policy in economics.
    However, the term was quickly adopted for a much wider meaning, for similar cases of consensus decision-making, which are supposedly typically Dutch.

    It is described with phrases like 'a pragmatic recognition of pluriformity' and 'cooperation despite differences'.

    A popular explanation of both the term and the reason this decision-making style works so well in the Netherlands is the unique situation created by the fact that a large part of the country consists of polders below sea-level.
    Ever since the Middle Ages, competing or even warring cities in the same polder were forced to set aside their differences to maintain the polders, lest they both be flooded.
  • misterz 2012/01/17 19:42:55
  • Rono 2012/01/17 16:25:14
    It should be co-workers negotiating as a group, instead of individually, with employers for an agreement on pay, hours and other working conditions. You should have more power and control over important issues as a group with one voice.
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/01/17 15:47:19
    Rusty Shackleford
    It diminishes the value of the individual.
  • shultzhound 2012/01/17 15:45:40
    The Unions at one time actually worked for the working man, now it is a bastion of communist, greed filled politicos that have only the thought of lining their pockets. With the laws that are in the labor force Unions are obsolete and they really serve no purpose other then to put companies out of business.
  • Wahvlvke 2012/01/17 15:40:58
    Not when the deck is stacked in favor of it by the govt. with the proverbial gun to the head of management. It is a disaster in the public sector when the cost is passed on to the taxpayer.

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