Is Climate Change Affecting Fashion?

Fergie 2012/11/08 23:00:00
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U.S. climates have been warming up in recent years, a fact that we're really noticing on the West Coast (today is the first day I've needed a jacket this season) and scientists are talking about the negative effects of climate change more and more. However, I bet you haven't heard about how it's affecting the fashion world.

Because of our extra long summers, retailers and clothing brands are losing money on their winter collections -- most people aren't willing to spend money on heavy winter attire if they won't need to wear it.

In response, companies like Target and Kohl's are beginning to work with meteorologists and climatologists to figure out what sort of clothing to sell in their stores throughout the year. As other retailers follow suit, we might start having only a couple of weeks to stock up on pea coats, scarves, wool sweaters and boots before they replace warm clothes with t-shirts. What do you think, SodaHeads? Is climate change affecting fashion? Or are you not buying it?

The nefarious effects of climate change can be felt everywhere, scientists say, from last year's extra-balmy winter to last week's Hurricane Sandy, a storm whose destructive brawn some attribute to global warming. But flux in climate patterns is also manifesting in an unlikely place: our closets.
destructive brawn attribute global warming flux climate patterns manifesting closets

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  • Cal 2012/11/09 00:19:03 (edited)
    No, I don't believe in climate change
    Spring is cool, Summer is hot, fall is cool, winter is cold. Thus the same climate changes that have been effecting what people wear for decades. No change, other than the style. If it's cold....wear a coat. That's all the thinking that's required.

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  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2012/12/20 00:13:33
  • Tre 2012/11/14 17:54:14
    Yes, it's starting to
    Makes sense
  • valentine thornton loves po... 2012/11/14 09:50:52
    Yes, it's starting to
    valentine thornton loves ponyboy
    For others, but not fr me. I wear shorts in the winter every year ;) shorts in the snow
  • Playerazzi 2012/11/12 10:18:03
    No, I don't believe in climate change
    Haven't seen a significant long-term change yet where I live.

    See Michael Crichton's book "State of Fear".
  • Nichole 2012/11/12 03:03:31
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    Really???? Still people out there that dont believe in climate change??? Soooo what happened up north has nothing to do with climate change???
  • Michelle 2012/11/11 21:37:48
    Yes, it's starting to
    It's not starting to. The climate has always affected fashion. During warm weather, light clothing is fashionable. During cold weather, heavy clothing is. The climate is always changing, whether or not you believe in global warming or not.

    Now, as for its effect on THE FASHION INDUSTRY (not fashion itself)... I wouldn't know. I'm not a climatologist of someone in the fashion industry.
  • Pete 2012/11/11 11:27:27
    No, I don't believe in climate change
    Climate change is pure, unproven theory. Storms like Sandy a part of the "weather" pattern, not climate. Weather is short term; climate is weather that persists over the very long term, like hundreds or thousands of years. Storms like Sandy are not new. In 1962, the West coast was hit with a storm, called the Columbus Day storm, which was just as powerful and destructive as Sandy. Such a storm occurring once every fifty years does not signify "climate change." It's weather.
  • revbh 2012/11/11 08:45:12
  • Liberty Blade 2012/11/11 07:56:05
    No, I don't believe in climate change
    Liberty Blade
  • Lydecho Rain (Лидия) 2012/11/11 04:22:36
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    Climate change isn't really going to affect this generation or past generations very much. It will change some things, but I doubt that it will do anything drastic soon. We still have to start using greener energy; not just for the air quality now, but for the climate of earth that our grandchildren will live in.
  • DOriginalDonald 2012/11/11 03:42:01
    Yes, it's starting to
    It's getting COLDER, so I put on longjohns on instead of wearing shorts.

    Yes, I do believe in climate change, but I spell it W E A T H E R!!!!!!!
  • zionosphere 2012/11/11 03:21:07
    No, I don't believe in climate change
    I believe the Earth is under constant climate change, but there was no simple "NO" answer, so here I am.

    I can't comment much on West Coast summers in the US, but up here on Vancouver Island, we are missing out on extra long summers. One thing that seems to have been constant my whole life: the relative unpredictability of our seasonal weather, at least regarding when a season begins or ends.

    I personally haven't found the need to make changes to my seasonal clothing.
  • thy-lady-x 2012/11/10 23:28:21
    Yes, it's starting to
    Its amazing to me how many people left a comment on this, without actuall reading the article.

    But yea, I can see how global warming would effect the fashion industry. If they aren't selling winter lines, they"ll stop making them, or at least make smaller ones. And if businesses like Taget aren;t sellin winter clothing, why should they buy it? I mean, its going to be a whole before winter lines are totally gone, but I do see some shfting already.
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2012/11/10 21:36:40
    No, I don't believe in climate change
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    You post this as if it were "fact".

    Good luck with that, Al Gore.
  • clasact 2012/11/10 21:11:13
    Yes, it's starting to
    yes it dose every year ,when it get cold they put out the coats and when it get hot they put out the bikinis ......common sense for most
  • cutenicole2002 2012/11/10 17:34:07
    No, I don't believe in climate change
    the colder the better
  • Dave 007 2012/11/10 16:23:16
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    Dave 007
    If this past year is any indication....
  • alicestarbright 2012/11/10 09:31:26
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    If you don't believe in climate change then you are a moron. Sorry I couldn't put in nicer words but that is the cold hard truth.
  • phoenix907 2012/11/10 07:13:10
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    Only drastic climate change will affect fashion. Eventually, 100 or 1000s years from now when pineaples will grow in Alaska it will
  • Nat™ 2012/11/10 07:07:15
    Yes, it's starting to
    Uh, yeah. When it gets colder, people are not going to be walking in tank tops and shorts. People are going to wear long jeans and coats. Obviously.
  • nicesteve 2012/11/10 07:00:30
    Yes, it's starting to
    While heavier clothes are neccessary for cold weather, cold snaps are short lived in our
    part of the world. Heavy clothes will always be needed during said cold spells, but usually
    here, we dig out our heavy winter coats and mittens, and pack away the shorts, swimwear,
    and sandals, and hardly get turned around, and we're stashing the coats and mittens back
    in the cedar closet, and breaking out the shorts, sandals, and swimwear again. Although
    heavy attire will always be needed, it never sees as much time outside of seasonal storage
    as out light garmets do. Therefore, heavy clothes don't recive as much wear and tear as
    light clothes do, and as a result, don't need to be replaced as often as all of our summer
    garments usually need to be.
  • xXChemical_RomanticXx 2012/11/10 06:42:42
    Yes, it's starting to
    I cannot believe how many people don't "believe" in climate change. People really need to start educating themselves and have at least a dash of common sense and logic. Sigh. Ingorance will be the end of you.
  • Noor 2012/11/10 04:44:01
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    Where I live, fashion IS climate friendly clothing since the West Coast embraces a casual active outdoorsy lifestyle. Gortex and fleece and knits are year round for almost everyone.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/11/10 03:54:59
    Yes, it's starting to
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
  • Snacklez 2012/11/10 01:40:33
    Yes, it's starting to
    Of course it does. When winter comes, of course people will wear winter clothing. No idiot would wear a bikini during winter.
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/11/10 00:48:52
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    In Texas in some parts,you can still wear summer clothes in winter
  • nicesteve the jud... 2012/11/14 01:25:04
    Same is true for most of Southern California and a good part of Central California as well.
  • Kookieless The Sexy Nihilis... 2012/11/10 00:31:28
  • TooSweet 2012/11/09 23:46:50 (edited)
    Yes, it's starting to
    As it does every year when winter nears.

    bikini in the snow
  • zionosp... TooSweet 2012/11/11 03:23:36
  • stevmackey 2012/11/09 23:45:40
    Yes, it's starting to
    Women are going to wear turtle necks out to a party. LOL
  • PortaPocketGal 2012/11/09 22:33:12
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    people who say they "don't believe " in climate change are living in a dreamworld. sad to see the dumbing down of America continues on its tragic trajectory...
  • zionosp... PortaPo... 2012/11/11 03:24:41
    I don't believe in gravity, but I still can't fly :(
  • Logical American 2012/11/09 22:18:02
    Yes, it's starting to
    Logical American
    If you don't believe in climate change you are in denial. It is only logical to believe warmer earth = less winter clothes, so I must agree.
  • Robert Strobel 2012/11/09 21:32:11
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    Robert Strobel
    Why isn't anyone trying to figure out a way to combat it?
  • S123 Robert ... 2012/11/09 23:29:29
    I think people are trying to combat global warming.
  • Robert ... S123 2012/11/09 23:35:03
    Robert Strobel
    How so? Are we launching any rockets into space to moniter Earths position to the Sun or are we just sitting by complacently waiting for the inevitable.
  • S123 Robert ... 2012/11/09 23:44:16
    I think a lot of people are working on reducing greenhouse gasses.
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/11/09 21:30:46
    Yes, it's starting to
    i guess you dress accordaningly
  • dennisg40 2012/11/09 21:17:29
    Not yet, but it will eventually
    Everthing changes from the economy from clothes that are currently selling. If Hurricane Sandy as weak as it was has caused this much damage what if it had been like Hurricane Katrina? Then instead of no power people would have had no house at all and sitting in a shelter for months like those people did wondering what to do.

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