Is Cain no longer Abel?

Sister Jean 2011/11/08 02:02:22
he's sunk
bye  bye Herman
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  • HiYa 2011/11/08 23:23:19
    bye bye Herman
    No one likes a perv. He did it... If it were one woman someone could shrug it off as a "disgruntled employee," but FOUR. Comeon... Also he may have perhaps had a chance if his accuser(s) were people of color, but so far (only) a white woman has come forward. People can bury their heads in the sand all they like... But people are a lot more protective over the virtue of a white woman. Think how different things may have been for Justice Thomas had Anita Hill been Caucasian. Anita Hill Herman Cain s Accuser
  • Jay0Byrd 2011/11/08 13:43:16
    he's sunk
    At Least I hope he's done, I am sick of this Moron's retoric with comments as, "if you don't have a job it's your own fault," very easy to say crap like that when you have 12-checking accounts with over a million bucks in each one.
  • HiYa Jay0Byrd 2011/11/09 01:16:59
    I agree. He's completely OUT of touch!
  • Kat 2011/11/08 07:28:32
    bye bye Herman
    Always happens, one minute popular, next minute not...
  • wildcat 2011/11/08 03:34:05
    bye bye Herman
    Ha Ha good one.
    He's gone, Mitt is on his way again.
  • JohnFitzgeral12 2011/11/08 03:33:56
    bye bye Herman
    Obama was never able, so who cares?
  • jennie 2011/11/08 02:17:13
    bye bye Herman
    Sooner or later, hello Mitt Romney.
  • Beccy 2011/11/08 02:16:23
    bye bye Herman
    Yes we don't need a president who thinks with his little head instead of his big head. Then too republicans elect strange people george bush as an idiot
  • spiderpanda 2011/11/08 02:06:25
    he's sunk
    ahah...clever xD

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