Is Bundling Up in the Winter Awesome or Annoying?

The Big Question 2012/11/13 01:28:13
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  • Tarheel 2012/11/13 01:29:08
    But in North Carolina, we probably don't have to bundle up as much as others. Well, except for in the mountains.

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  • Classy And I Know It... 2012/11/18 05:56:04
  • keekee 2012/11/16 01:15:03
    Soo annoying! Makes it so much harder to move.
  • Ketel-One 2012/11/15 21:42:02
    I love winter
  • rufus 2012/11/14 21:30:32
    you get all wrapped up and then u gotta use the bathroom
  • User Deactivated 2012/11/14 19:07:03
    User Deactivated
    Takes more time to get dressed, more time to get undressed, more items to get cleaned...generally just inconvenient.
  • Black-Indian Girl 2012/11/14 16:34:02
    Black-Indian Girl
    Is it weird that I like ALL seasons?
  • mark 1 2012/11/14 13:31:35
    mark 1
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2012/11/14 13:19:11
  • Diamond Girl 2012/11/14 13:19:09 (edited)
  • Rogue_Loner 2012/11/14 12:32:47
  • Diamond... Rogue_L... 2012/11/14 19:08:41
  • dragon.feather 2012/11/14 04:15:08
    the only thing that makes it worth it is snow, holidays and hot chocolate
  • Aerith Gainsborough 2012/11/14 03:26:21
    Aerith Gainsborough

    "Being all warm and cozy is nice, especially with a significant other."
  • Sing_it_Out 2012/11/14 00:57:45
    I absolutely hate it. Putting on layer after layer makes me feel too restricted. Then again, I hate cold weather in general. The only bundling up I like to do during cold weather is bundling up in blankets with my husband and keeping each other warm.
  • LayLady 2012/11/13 22:55:27
    i'd rather go out the way I dress in Spring.
  • Saga 2012/11/13 22:25:38
    It's kinda cool at first... but I get so sick of the 'layers' after a while. >_<
  • UNEEQ 2012/11/13 21:59:48
    I am a summer/beach girl, any more than a bikini is annoying.
  • SOUL4REAL 2012/11/13 21:39:38
    I dislike bundling up in the winter,my favorite seasons are "Spring and Fall"!
  • De-Dee 2012/11/13 21:21:31
    Dislike cold weather, and I hate having to carry all the extra stuff once I'm indoors and too hot. A friend of mine said she wishes it were 70 degrees all the time, and just two weeks of pouring rain, and two weeks of blistering cold and snow...I'm liking that idea.
  • No One 2012/11/13 21:18:11
    No One
    I don't like having something covering my face or hands as it makes it harder to grab things or to scratch my face if it gets itchy.
  • chas 2012/11/13 21:05:02
    But necessary in my 60f house in late December. Fuel-oil cost way too much !!  heating oil prices 2012
  • Cuckold 2012/11/13 20:47:31
    If you have the right kind of clothing and allow yourself the appropriate amount of time to prepare for the weather, it can be awesome. Otherwise, annoying.
  • todd cert 2012/11/13 20:26:29
    todd cert
    Well, i don't know how you define bundling up, but i dress many many layers. define bundling dress layers
  • Chi~Cat 2012/11/13 19:50:38
    I love winter!

    chicago ice skating michigan avenue winter lights
  • JustMe 2012/11/13 19:47:31
    i hate the cold
  • stranger 2012/11/13 19:22:30 (edited)
    worth it! best things come in winter such as hunting, snowboarding/skiing. beautiful white trees. etc etc

    hunting in winter



    winter forest
  • Blueskies 2012/11/13 19:18:11 (edited)
    This proobably depends on the individual. Being inactive in cold weather is no joy. But for me, my greatest problem is always overheating. I grew up in a warm climate and my first northern winter was fun once I adapted.

    I find cold weather invigorating, all I added was thermal long johns and long pants plus warm boots and hooded parka for outdoors.

    It was very common to find most places overheated, so I wanted to be able to really strip down inside, even take off my boots

    Work or playing football in the cold or doing anything vigorous, like romancing my girlfriend, was just a joy in the cold weather. I felt super charged. I could go and go,

    I played football with the guys in the dorm., body heat kept us warm, we would strip to t shirts and play for hours.

    Snow/ice/sleet/hail, mud and wind no thanks, but the cold not so bad.
  • Dave The Canuck 2012/11/13 19:08:26
    Dave The Canuck
    But at least it keeps me warm.
  • BigKwell 2012/11/13 19:02:36
    But freezing is worse.
  • Lady Serena 2012/11/13 18:59:36
    Lady Serena
    I'm not a cold-weather girl, so I only bundle up when I have to go outside or if it's too cold in the house (which it rarely is). Don't get me wrong, winter is cool and everything, but only because of Christmas and snow. I like seeing snow, but I just don't like how cold it is lol
  • stranger Lady Se... 2012/11/13 19:24:03
    well, if you rold enough ya cn lways move to a warmer place :P lol
  • Lady Se... stranger 2012/11/13 19:36:00
    Lady Serena
    True, but I live in Japan! It's fairly moderate lol And i'll never leave Japan ^_^
  • stranger Lady Se... 2012/11/13 19:38:05
    ah well japan is a nice place, i would love to visit japan
  • Michelle 2012/11/13 18:50:21
    Because you can always bundle up more if the weather gets on your nerves. You can never dress down enough for some extremely hot weather.

    I'm Canadian. I don't fear the cold. The cold fears me. All you Southerners need to quit complaining-- I know your bodies are accustomed to your too-warm weather, but what you do is not "bundling up", it's "wearing pants instead of shorts with a long sleeved shirt" and, if it gets cold enough, a jacket-- yet, in that weather, I would still be wearing a t-shirt. Not to pretend you don't interpret it as cold... but please stop being wusses.
  • Blueskies Michelle 2012/11/13 19:47:53
    Your right. I'm a Californian 'native'. I normally wear shorts, and a light shirt or t-shirt. When sent to stay a while in the north during winter It takes me 3 to 6 weeks to adapt to the 60 degree F. drop in temperature, then I'm like you, just long pants, boots, and long sleeved heavy shirt.

    It's a cultural quirk nobody notices, over dressing and overheating the homes.
    Think how its strange, how hot so many northern homes are kept in winter, 80's F & up. often. Sopmetimes 90's. I never needed to heat my apartment, the ones above, and on the sides heated the walls fine.
    I often kept the windows open, with snow up to the window and ice sicles hanging down
  • De-Dee Michelle 2012/11/13 21:17:00
    Being accustomed to a certain climate is not being a wuss. It's natural."Hot" and "Cold can be relative. For example, what is hot weather for you, is probably cool for someone in Africa. It wouldn't make sense for them to call you a wuss...it's all relative.
  • ♥ Amy ♥... De-Dee 2012/11/14 12:46:38 (edited)
    ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥
    Did you ever see the movie Deep Blue Sea? This is one of my favorite quotes from it:

    Preacher: Einstein's theory of relativity. Grab hold of a hot pan, second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, an hour can seem like a second. It's all relative.
    Tom Scoggins: I spent four years at CalTech, and that's the best physics explanation I've ever heard.
  • De-Dee ♥ Amy ♥... 2012/11/14 14:20:05
    I have seen that actually haha
  • ♥ Amy ♥... De-Dee 2012/11/14 14:24:03
    ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥
    =) have a great day, glad I could bring a smile to you
  • chrisjay 2012/11/13 18:33:54
    I like having a lot of stuff on myself when it comes to fabric. I don't know why, I just do. For example, I will turn on the air in a room to cool it down just so that I can put the blankets on. I like feeling of fabric on my skin.

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