Is being a sex addict a bad thing?

#1STUNNA BITCH 2009/05/19 14:29:14
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well my friends say im a sex addict becuase i like alot. I dont think i am i just like it.
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  • Sam 2009/05/19 23:30:54
    It can be bad because it might lead to terrible things.
  • Phantom is loved by Stormy! 2009/05/19 17:08:01
    Phantom is loved by Stormy!
    It very well can be. Here's why:

  • blackturtle.us 2009/05/19 16:26:22
    None of the above
    Being obsessed with anything is almost always a bad thing. Religious people are often overly obsessed with the sexual lives of other people and this type of obsession is every bit as destructive as someone who is "addicted" to sex. It seems to be the case that some people have what might be thought of as addictive personalities. It's ironic that these types of people will often go from being addicted to drugs or sex to being addicted to religion!
  • ,thursday next 2009/05/19 15:50:56
  • wildfeistykitten2003 2009/05/19 15:27:29
    None of the above
    First off your friends don't know what a true sex addict is. Just because you like it alot doesn't mean you're a sex addict, trust me I'm married to one, and having a sex alot isn't what it is really about. It is a real addiction that takes over your life, you become secretive and it is about power and control. I could put more here, but maybe it would be easier for you to google what a true sex addict is so that you can inform your friends. Sex addiction ruins peoples lives, not just the person who is the addict but his/her family, and sometimes friends.
  • the imposter 2009/05/19 15:06:37
    the imposter
    it works for me
  • blueknitter 2009/05/19 15:05:12
    what question lol can't answer
  • zapgunner 2009/05/19 14:39:06
    Sex additiction, like any addiction, is by definition a negative. It saps time that that person could use in other ways, leads to monomania and depression, and inhibits maturity.

    With sex addiction, however, it is not simply a negative to the person suffering from it. It can damage or destroy marriages, sabotage any hope for a long term relationship, when not careful, spreads STDs, and in extreme cases, can lead to sexual crime.
  • zapgunner zapgunner 2009/05/19 14:40:22
    That being said, I don't think that just enjoying sex makes you an addict. More a fan :)
  • wildfei... zapgunner 2009/05/19 15:28:16
    Thank you for actually knowing what it really is!
  • Lysterine 2009/05/19 14:37:51
    depends on how many partners you have!! If your doing it with like 20 different men that's bad but if you got the same partner i guess it's okay
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2009/05/19 14:33:28
    Tutboy (oYo)
    i think your friends have miscatagorized you. I think that sex is all a sex addict can think about, they're obsessed.
  • wildfei... Tutboy ... 2009/05/19 15:28:49
    Hi Tutboy, its more than that, but you're right about them being wrong about her.
  • Seth 2009/05/19 14:31:48
    but if your doing it with multiple partners your at risk of an STD.

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