Is anyone from Oregon?

mustangluver 2011/11/09 21:16:52
Have a friend that needs a friend..she has to wait till her son is ready to take her into town to shop..and she has to beg..It's so sad..she doesn't drive and she is so stuck and has cabin fever and is going stir crazy..She is desperate for some companionship and just needs to get out once a week..she has nothing to look fwd to..She lives in the boonies..by Ontario...If anyone is interested, i will give you her email addy.
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  • La 2011/11/10 00:27:05
    Maybe she should move closer to town......orrr get a taxi?
  • mustang... La 2011/11/10 00:32:11
    She cannot...she owns the little house she lives in and her 3 kids live on the land as well..they all use her for babysitting...she cannot take a cab as she is on disability and has no money...cabs are expensive..
  • La mustang... 2011/11/10 03:41:01
    Do they pay her to babysit?
  • mustang... La 2011/11/10 06:33:45
    No way, they use her as they know she loves them and they provide the only companionship she has..She lost her husband a few yrs ago..he was also disabled and had to stop driving because of an eye problem..
  • ngreenburg 2011/11/09 22:54:15
    I'm sure there are alot of people from Oregon! LOL
  • mustang... ngreenburg 2011/11/09 22:58:39
    Here on SH?
  • ngreenburg mustang... 2011/11/09 23:04:37
    I was just being difficult! lol
  • mustang... ngreenburg 2011/11/09 23:07:46
    Why? It is a sad situation..
  • ngreenburg mustang... 2011/11/10 02:25:58
    sorry, you know I didn't even see the story above, I thought it was an open ended question. sorry!
  • mustang... ngreenburg 2011/11/10 06:34:42
    I guess there's no one from Oregon here..

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