Is Air Conditioning Bad for You?

Daryl 2012/08/03 18:00:00
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Air conditioning is stale and recycled air... so it's not a big surprise that there's a belief that it's not too good for you. Do you buy it?

SLATE.COM reports:
A few weeks ago, an academic journal called Weather, Climate and Society posted a curious finding about how Americans perceive the heat and cold. A team of researchers at the University of Oklahoma asked 8,000 adults living across the country to state both their political leanings and their impressions of the local weather.
finding americans perceive heat cold team researchers university oklahoma 8000

Read More: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/s...

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  • james.bowman.146 2012/08/03 19:19:34
    If any of you have ever read "Ethan Frome" which is a phenomenal classic, it shows how everyone in the North East is depressed from the constant winters. In the south, it was the same with constant summers. Is it unhealthy? Possibly. However, so is not having air conditioning or heating. lol

    Ethan Frome
  • Dave1969 james.b... 2012/08/03 20:04:38
    I'm going to read it,sounds good.Thanks
  • james.b... Dave1969 2012/08/03 20:16:35
    It is great. Superb symbolism. Short too.
  • Papillon james.b... 2012/08/03 21:17:14
  • ray 2012/08/03 19:18:41
    Air conditioning is very rarely bad, but weeks of temperatures over 100 is always bad.
  • Gray Pilgrim 2012/08/03 19:16:10
    Gray Pilgrim
    air conditioning reduces humidity and reduces stress on the body,,, also ir can mix filtered ouside air into the environment which acually reduces the stale air in the room
  • Kingarthurup 2012/08/03 19:10:50
    is living in Finland bad for YOU?
  • Papillon Kingart... 2012/08/03 21:18:19
  • beachbum 2012/08/03 19:10:26
    Not one bit..........heat stroke is better?
  • emoanimegirl1000 2012/08/03 19:04:48
    In the southwest here, We need it T.T so hot.
  • Papillon emoanim... 2012/08/03 21:20:14
  • johnnyg 2012/08/03 17:54:11
    I work on air conditioning!! The envrionmental wackos will say it bad for you because you are using electric power.
  • Barbara 2012/08/03 16:46:10
    If we still built homes that had good air-flow and ceiling fans in every room, we might not need air-conditioning. The problem is the newer homes don't consider this, just like the office buildings where the windows don't open at all.
    There are some autoimmune diseases that the heat worsens those afflicted, so I think air-conditioning in general is good. We may have to live without someday, so enjoy while you can.
  • JMCC 2012/08/03 16:31:41
    Properly maintained and regulated it should not pose to much of a problem.

    As far as I am aware the major health risks are from two different issues - Legionaires disease (from badly maintained systems) and temperature shock which causes heart attacks. This is where the rapid changes of air temperature stress the heart ie when someone steps from a car with A/C into a high heat environment such as a car park and then enters a Mall again with A/C.

    72 degrees to 100+ to 72 in the space of 5 minutes is quite stressing to a body, especially if the individual is in a high risk heart group.
  • Michael=Constitution & Liberty 2012/08/03 16:31:31
    Michael=Constitution & Liberty
    mold it breads is bad for you. In central TX now, been over 100 everyday since Ive been here, and as high as 110. searching for work and outside most all day. couldn't do it with out the occasional stop in an establishment with it.
  • Don Leuty 2012/08/03 16:30:06
    Don Leuty
    Not near as bad as heat stroke.
  • Michelle 2012/08/03 16:25:51
    Yes, because possible heat stroke is a so much better alternative. :S
  • Sofahead 2012/08/03 16:20:58
    Well it can be judging by the dirt and mildew I found in my father's window air conditioner.
  • TheHushedScreamer 2012/08/03 16:12:07
    I'm sorry bitch but it's freaking over a hundred degrees over here!
    Air conditioning is the best damn thing ever created.
  • ♒ßεllεchεvεllε®♒ 2012/08/03 16:11:12
    Sorry...but my recycled cold ass air in 107* heat is way safer and healthier than the "fresh" and polluted air on a red level ozone day. Imjussayin.
  • Sheila 2012/08/03 16:11:05
    Not in the south!! That is what makes this part of the country habitable. Does it make us wusses? maybe, but bad for us? LOL, nope.
  • Jimbo 2012/08/03 16:10:52
    110 degree weather for weeks on end is bad for me
  • thє вlu... Jimbo 2012/08/03 20:47:44
  • Jimbo thє вlu... 2012/08/03 21:15:27
    It will be 110 and rain HARD this time of year.

    It is 106 right now and we have a 20% chance of thunderstorms for the next 3 days.

    Like you said, an AC is essential.
  • thє вlu... Jimbo 2012/08/03 22:37:12
  • Jimbo thє вlu... 2012/08/03 23:33:26
    I don't get how people could live in the south west or Florida before AC.
  • haaaaaa Jimbo 2012/08/06 17:05:32
    When I went to casa grande they said it was actually quite comfortable temperatures in the rock buildings; like being in a cave somewhat.
  • Papillon thє вlu... 2012/08/03 21:24:02
  • Osk Jimbo 2012/08/04 10:05:09
    Tell that to the Arabs whom are used to it everyday
  • thє вlu... Osk 2012/08/04 13:13:02 (edited)
  • Daryl 2012/08/03 16:08:44
    Air conditioning is great for you. It keeps you cool when it's hot and were it not for AC, we would not have such amazing cities as Phoenix or Las Vegas.

    air conditioning cool hot ac cities phoenix las vegas
  • Sheila Daryl 2012/08/03 16:12:31
    Pretty funny so far it's the bottom half of the map on the results part that is green....
  • Apache Daryl 2012/08/03 20:20:46

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