Is ADHD a Fictional Disease?

Living 2011/05/18 21:35:29
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Child neurologist Fred Baughman wrote a piece for The Mark accusing ADHD of being a fictional disease that was developed simply to market and sell bogus prescription medication to kids who don't even need it.

[I]t seems clear that in the ’50s, as the first psychiatric drugs came to market, that psychiatry – in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry – came upon the market strategy of, “Well, we’ll call these things ‘diseases.’” And the prototypical invented disease was called ADHD.

Baughman prefers the term "behavior" when referring to ADHD, instead of disease, implying that it is something that should be addressed with therapy or discipline.

Read More: http://www.themarknews.com/articles/5193-is-adhd-a...

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  • JustMeJP John® 2011/05/19 00:35:16
    Not trying to twist at all, but this statement is certainly different. But I still can't understand how lowering my dopamine level equates to having ADHD.
  • randall g JustMeJP 2011/05/19 00:40:44
    randall g
    What the man is saying is that in many cases (mine for example) the ADHD (or ADD) is the result of having low dopamine levels.
  • John® JustMeJP 2011/05/19 00:45:35
    ADHD is one possible effect of low Dopamine. There are many others, like Parkinson's Disease.

    If you wanna lower your Dopamine (which is one of the worst ideas to have), you won't necessarily arrive at ADHD, you might just develop a depression.
  • JustMeJP John® 2011/05/19 00:48:46
    Well, that's a different situation than simply lowering dopamine then. If ADHD is the result of lowered dopamine does raising the dopamine solve it?
  • John® JustMeJP 2011/05/19 01:15:47
    Yes, depending on how you do it. The easiest thing would be to try to increase iron intake if it's low. Doctors often deny any iron deficiency so one might just try to carefully increase intake. Iron overload can be dangerous, so caution is advised.

    Ritalin increases the efficiency of the Dopamine receptors at the synapses so the Dopamine system can work better with less Dopamine.

    The Dopamine system is prone to addiction, however, so the system is best left alone if it works alright.
  • ©TransA... John® 2011/05/18 23:52:53
  • John® ©TransA... 2011/05/19 00:15:43
    For God's sake no. But I know how a Dopamine deficiency feels like. It's hell. And you can't explain it to anybody. The best explanation would probably be «I want to do something but I cannot want it». Does that make any sense to you?
  • ©TransA... John® 2011/05/19 00:20:32
  • John® ©TransA... 2011/05/19 00:31:30
    Well Zyprexa isn't exactly the cure for AD(H)D. In fact to the contrary. It's for cases where there is too much Dopamine, like schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.

    IMO the worst thing about mental issues is the reaction of people, like «come on, put your act together», «you are just too lazy» and crap like this.
  • ©TransA... John® 2011/05/19 00:37:47
  • NativeNH1 John® 2011/05/20 05:23:36
  • thegaln... John® 2011/05/19 18:39:54
    In the book "I Can Do This Diet" by Dr. Colbert he includes a quiz on dopamine deficiency and yes, there are ways of dealing with it short of pharmaceudicals.
  • John® thegaln... 2011/05/19 19:11:58
    Interesting. What other methods does he write of?
  • Mickeyva 2011/05/18 23:02:57
    I was diagnosed with it in 3rd grade. When you look at my hand writing before diagnosis and treatment and after treatment HUGE difference. Definitely not a fake disease. :)
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/05/18 22:54:23 (edited)
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    WTFudge? WHY does the caption on the hotlist ask if ADHD is a fictional drug?

    It's neither a drug nor fictional.

    Let me clear it up for you.


    Sigh. These questions tend to bring a lot of ignorant bigots out of the woodwork, so be prepared.
  • ©TransA... Lily Bl... 2011/05/19 00:21:15
  • Lily Bl... ©TransA... 2011/05/19 00:29:16
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    I blocked a couple of the worst but I knew before I clicked this poll what kind of nutfest it was going to be. I should have resisted.
  • ©TransA... Lily Bl... 2011/05/19 00:30:14
  • ©TransA... ©TransA... 2011/05/19 00:30:34
  • Lily Bl... ©TransA... 2011/05/19 00:33:51
    Lily Blooms Eternal
  • Judester 2011/05/18 22:44:13
    In days of old there were souls that knew what youngsters bubbled over with and that in a word was ENERGY. So there was a recess in the morning and in the afternoon to burn off that energy. What we now have is an intellectual elite that has come up with a title of that energy and it 's corrective drug. Call it what you want it is totally BS. Tell me why high school students don't have ADHD? Gym classes take care of the remnants of ADHD.
  • Lily Bl... Judester 2011/05/18 22:57:04
    Lily Blooms Eternal


    How do you not know that?
  • ©TransA... Lily Bl... 2011/05/18 23:02:54
  • Judester ©TransA... 2011/05/18 23:14:13
    I laugh when I read the blather of the uninformed education where now a days it takes a college education to correctly fill out a job application. Correct me if I'm wrong. You sound like you were brought up with the discipline we generally give a gold fish and wonder why the Asians are so respected for their intellect.
  • KB Judester 2011/05/18 23:19:54
    You're the uneducated one.
  • Lily Bl... KB 2011/05/18 23:54:08
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    And even worse....uneducatable.
  • KB Lily Bl... 2011/05/18 23:56:01
  • ©TransA... Judester 2011/05/18 23:23:30
  • Judester ©TransA... 2011/05/18 23:49:55
    I think I hit a nerve to a know it all and I'm glad I did.
  • ©TransA... Judester 2011/05/18 23:54:29
  • Judester ©TransA... 2011/05/18 23:55:48
    I could say the same.
  • Lily Bl... Judester 2011/05/19 00:12:57
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    You would be chock full of crap if you did, but hey, hasn't stopped you so far.
  • JustMeJP Judester 2011/05/18 23:59:13
    She's soooo important that she feels your debating with her is pure rudeness... After all, how DARE you broach such a subject with her.

    Good work Judester. The idiots are so easy to weed out. I just wonder how she got her college degree, as I'm sure the ability to conduct a reasoned debate is an expected result of attending college.
  • Judester JustMeJP 2011/05/19 00:05:33
    Thank you.
  • ©TransA... JustMeJP 2011/05/19 00:06:01
  • Lily Bl... ©TransA... 2011/05/19 00:35:25
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    I personally hope s/he/it has no kids at all and never does.
  • ©TransA... Lily Bl... 2011/05/19 00:41:14 (edited)
  • JustMeJP ©TransA... 2011/05/19 00:37:37
    Can you speak any more maturely or is your trap to big? I fear for your kids if you're their role model.
  • ©TransA... JustMeJP 2011/05/19 00:44:55
  • Lily Bl... JustMeJP 2011/05/19 00:10:54
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Oh, so there are two of you ignorant bastards. Good to know you can keep each other warm on whatever distant planet you hail from.

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