Is a Guy More Likely to Buy Dinner for a Pretty Girl?

Living 2012/06/29 18:00:00
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This is one of those "no duh" studies, but we'll go ahead and tell you about it anyway. A recent study found that men are willing to pay for a date if she’s pretty, How About We reports. Like you didn't already know that ...

But it kind of works both ways. The more attractive a man is, the more women expect him to pay, the study from University of St. Andrews in Scotland found. AND, people who find themselves attractive think they DESERVE to be treated. The nerve!

Here's the good news: If he DOESN'T offer to pay, well, he might be "just not that into you." Which we kind of already figured, but it's a good rule of thumb. And if SHE doesn't expect you to pay, well, she might not think you're all that. Bottom line: Guys, if you like her, and if you think she likes you, you should probably open up the wallet ...

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  • CAPISCE 2012/06/29 21:04:02
    No, Guys love spending money on ugly women. What the hell kind of question was this?

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  • tblackb 2012/07/01 16:50:59
    a gentleman should always pay for dinner
  • Josh Robinson 2012/07/01 16:30:38
    Yes (of course)
    Josh Robinson
  • lani 2012/07/01 14:56:55
    Yes (of course)
    we all know it
  • AN 2012/07/01 14:49:20
    Yes (of course)
  • john doe 2012/07/01 14:45:59
    Yes (of course)
    john doe
    Being a pretty girl is like a free ride through life, it's also more likely to get you killed.
  • shywink john doe 2012/07/01 19:11:27
    "more likely to get her killed"? Wow. For the first time in my life I think I'm glad I just barely pass for "somewhat kinda sorta a little bit cute". ;)
  • john doe shywink 2012/07/01 23:42:17
    john doe
    Lol, I guess your safe.
  • shywink john doe 2012/07/02 00:59:35
    So far, I guess I am (*knocks wood*) ;)
  • john doe shywink 2012/07/02 06:59:12
    john doe
    *rubs hands as he peeks through winks window
  • MegaFortunateSon 2012/07/01 14:38:35
    It depends lol.
  • me4ever 2012/07/01 13:48:04
    Yes (of course)
    no need to bother by asking its obvious
  • Nekosarethebest 2012/07/01 12:49:16
    Yes (of course)
    Cause they are SO worth it... (Someone is jealous)
  • ThinkAboutIt! 2012/07/01 06:31:23
    Yes (of course)
    I should hope so!
  • lady blue 2012/07/01 06:04:59
    Yes (of course)
    lady blue
    I think so because most men are turned on mainly by the physical beauty of a woman
    and not her inner beauty and that's almost tragic. It takes a special man to see past
    the outer shell and appreciate a woman for her personality and her heart.
    I voted yes because this is a shallow reality but a man who is a gentleman and who cares about a woman will pay for her dinner regardless of whether she is a beauty queen or not.
  • Elaine lady blue 2012/07/01 16:58:23
    EXACTLY lady blue...Thus the reasoning behind my answer.
  • lady blue Elaine 2012/07/01 17:46:25
    lady blue
    Hey Elaine, thanks and I'm glad you agree. Your answer was so true also ! :)
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/07/01 05:52:15
    Yes (of course)
    my pleasure
  • MICHALIA Faribor... 2012/07/01 09:33:45
  • S.Lewis 2012/07/01 05:37:47
    Yes (of course)
  • JustineRulz 2012/07/01 05:09:53
    Yes (of course)
    But prettiness isn't only on the outside. The inner beauty is also important!
  • Red_Horse 2012/07/01 05:08:52
  • XRenX Red_Horse 2012/07/08 15:57:50
  • Red_Horse XRenX 2012/07/08 17:04:41
  • XRenX Red_Horse 2012/07/09 14:17:04 (edited)
    There are more then you think who do. Anyway, I included personality b/c you said, "If she's not pretty than what the Hell is he doing with her then?" Well maybe he likes the girl's personality. You say pretty girls have none, but judging by your quote, you act as if having a girl who is pretty is all that matters for a date. It almost seems like you contradicted yourself. "If a girl's not pretty why is he with her", "Pretty girls have no personality"?
  • Red_Horse XRenX 2012/07/09 22:44:53 (edited)
  • XRenX Red_Horse 2012/07/10 00:08:23 (edited)
    You don't have to be so condescending. I know it was rhetorical, but you generalized pretty girls saying they had no personality. And you contradicted yourself. First you praise pretty girls "If she is not pretty what is he going with her" and then you criticize them "7/8 of 10 have no personality?" wow. I got that it was rhetorical, that was obvious. I also never mentioned anything about attractive people and IQ, (which I know is associated with personality still)....Also, looks mean little to me, not absolutely nothing (of which you've never heard me claim).

    Oh and I don't sleep around. You insulted me because you wrongfully assumed I did not take note of your rhetorical question, just as my question was rhetorical. I know attractive people have better genes and a wider gene pool makes genes even better and stronger, I got that and have heard it all before. Most would say personality matter more for the long-term.

    You also made it seem like a girl is only worth dating if she is pretty with your first quote. Which is wrong since I see hot men with ugly women constantly. I hate with other misunderstand my points. IDK what made you think I assumed it was not rhetorical. I knew it was a statement and a rude/inaccurate one at that, which is why i replied the way i did Sherlock You are very kind. I am sure must women love you.
  • Red_Horse XRenX 2012/07/10 01:23:11 (edited)
  • XRenX Red_Horse 2012/07/10 06:24:11 (edited)
    Let me make it simple, I think we misunderstood each other. I said "personality?" B/c I am saying he may be with a girl who is less than pretty b/c she has personality. You simply must have thought I was still talking about pretty girls, which is why you said 7/8 of 10 pretty girls have none. And it escalated from there. Do you get it now? I gotcha. Screw the other comments I made, no I am not crazy...lol whatever. I hate online misunderstandings. I'll be the adult and apologize here.
  • Red_Horse XRenX 2012/07/10 14:44:57 (edited)
  • XRenX Red_Horse 2012/07/10 15:45:32 (edited)
    Sorry, I meant to edit that last sentence out but my laptop is crap sometimes. But yeah it's cool. I stopped being offended after I found where the confusion was. :) Oh and go easy on your cousin, I have dealt with ppl with bipolar issues and they can be sweet sometimes, lol.
  • Red_Horse XRenX 2012/07/10 19:54:12 (edited)
  • XRenX Red_Horse 2012/07/10 20:00:34 (edited)
    Oh, sorry about your family. She should be imprisoned . Also don't feel bad about last night, I understand.
  • Red_Horse XRenX 2012/07/10 14:50:59 (edited)
  • Arianne 2012/07/01 04:51:58
    Yes (of course)
  • MICHALIA Arianne 2012/07/01 09:34:00
  • Legendary 63 2012/07/01 04:33:58
    Yes (of course)
    Legendary 63
    ...but only if it'll lead to something else.
  • strawberry 2012/07/01 03:59:48 (edited)
    Yes (of course)
    Sure, the guy wants to impress her, woo her, show he's not cheap, has class. Why would a guy bother buying dinner for an ugly woman.? An ugly woman will pay for everything just so the guy keeps taking her on dates. Animatd frightened man runs from restaurant animated ugly woman eating
  • TKramar 2012/07/01 03:56:40
    I pay either way.
  • RogerCoppock 2012/07/01 03:46:02
    Yes (of course)
    However, all girls are pretty.
  • Justine... RogerCo... 2012/07/01 05:05:09
    Wow a true gentleman! Of course you mean internal beauty as well, right?!

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