Is a Guy More Likely to Buy Dinner for a Pretty Girl?

Living 2012/06/29 18:00:00
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This is one of those "no duh" studies, but we'll go ahead and tell you about it anyway. A recent study found that men are willing to pay for a date if she’s pretty, How About We reports. Like you didn't already know that ...

But it kind of works both ways. The more attractive a man is, the more women expect him to pay, the study from University of St. Andrews in Scotland found. AND, people who find themselves attractive think they DESERVE to be treated. The nerve!

Here's the good news: If he DOESN'T offer to pay, well, he might be "just not that into you." Which we kind of already figured, but it's a good rule of thumb. And if SHE doesn't expect you to pay, well, she might not think you're all that. Bottom line: Guys, if you like her, and if you think she likes you, you should probably open up the wallet ...

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  • CAPISCE 2012/06/29 21:04:02
    No, Guys love spending money on ugly women. What the hell kind of question was this?

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  • tracy.m... SOUL4REAL 2012/06/30 18:16:00
    P'shew! My boyfriend would disagree, I hope. I'm not a rudo and I don't look too bad for my age...I do have a lot of baggage though, but it's all cute and it matches!
  • SOUL4REAL tracy.m... 2012/06/30 21:27:08
    You look just fine! :))
  • cents-less 2012/06/30 17:55:34
    The person asking the other one out should pay. If they both decide to go out than they can take turns paying.
  • tracy.m... cents-less 2012/06/30 18:17:44
    That's reasonable. I love it when my guy pays. I treat occasionally. He knows I'm a single mommy and he's very generous. I do appreciate his efforts bc I know that he works hard. I'm old fashioned but I do really appreciate men treating and holding doors, etc.
  • cents-less tracy.m... 2012/07/02 12:33:48
    My girlfriend & I are at the stage where the first one who pulls out the wallet pays. Sometimes we race to get our wallets, sometimes it's a race to wait...
    But I always hold doors & get the chair if possible, I know my dads ghost would haunt me if I didn't.
  • gcpajunen 2012/06/30 17:38:19
    Yes (of course)
    If he is a gentleman he'll pick the tab up for any woman good looking or not.
  • Danielle 2012/06/30 17:12:24 (edited)
    Yes (of course)
    I would guess that it's true...unfortunately for the ladies who are average or less attractive.
  • pops 2012/06/30 16:55:03
    Yes (of course)
    You throw a bone to a dog.
  • Calm down! 2012/06/30 16:50:31 (edited)
    Yes (of course)
    Calm down!
    Yes and I have seen so many hot girls just expect it and take advantage of that too. What a joke! Guy's should be able to get their money back for dinner in small claims court if the girl turns out to be playing him for a free meal! Ha Ha
  • tracy.m... Calm down! 2012/06/30 18:21:18
    That's funny. Just consider pay to play! You get to be seen with a pretty lady playing you. Ha! I do expect it bc men ask me to dinner so I figure they r buying, I can ask them to the taco truck. I don't eat much, once serious my guys figure out I'm content with half a obj at home. I think it's worth investing in those early dates, soon enough you and your cutie will be making sandwiches and running errands together.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/06/30 16:44:04
    Yes (of course)
    Christopher Kirchen
    I imagine they do, but not just because of the fact that they're pretty. I imagine the giver of the dinner also hopes to get laid.
  • Freedom 2012/06/30 16:40:42
    Yes (of course)
    This would definitely be a 'duh.'
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/06/30 16:38:18
  • V~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/30 15:18:19
    Yes (of course)
    And in other news, wealthy men date more women and spend more on average.

    Can't wait to see the government solution to that "problem".
  • tracy.m... V~POTL~... 2012/06/30 18:22:35
    And attractive women date more. Men w bucks have more sex! I guess the govt will have to ration their sex!
  • the_old_coach 2012/06/30 15:12:46
    Yes (of course)
    But now I want to pull out the old adage, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

    plain woman

    plain woman

    plain woman
  • The Judge 2012/06/30 14:59:14
  • Donald Eric Kesler 2012/06/30 14:46:26
    Donald Eric Kesler
    I voted no because I wanted to comment. This is a biased poll. The option for yes actually has 'of course' in parenthesis. Why not give the same treatment for the negative answer? Why not offer an undecided option?

    Ultimately, I don't know if men are willing to pay for a date if she is pretty. It seems self evident; however, it also looks as if the sun is moving across the sky while the earth remains motionless. In other words, don't believe everything you see.

    I will read over the study. If I deem it properly conducted, I will allow it to inform my position.
  • tracy.m... Donald ... 2012/06/30 18:24:06
    Why would a man ask an ugly girl to dinner?
  • Donald ... tracy.m... 2012/06/30 21:37:12
    Donald Eric Kesler
    A man could ask a woman to dinner simply because he regards her as the most important and amazing person in the whole wide world, regardless of her appearance.
    Both ugly and pretty are highly subjective terms. Both terms are used to describe attributes that are superficial and ultimately irrelevant.
  • Mercedes 2012/06/30 14:05:59
    Yes (of course)
    Yes, but I'd prefer a relationship where both people pay for things like that. Men mostly, but women should never think they deserve things because they're pretty.
  • Schläue~© 2012/06/30 13:54:28
    Yes (of course)
    Isn't that why you're on the date to begin with?

    I did buy dinner for a total stranger at an airport because she had mistakenly checked her belongings with her bag already. (so she said)

    She wasn't fugly by any means...nor a knockout.... just hungry and convincing.
  • Maegi MacAnnadh 2012/06/30 13:42:44
    Yes (of course)
    Maegi MacAnnadh
    Lemme guess, this was a GOVERNMENT funded survey??? I think we may be able to see why no one bothers to even question $300 for a hammer & $4.00 apiece for nails when we see idiocy like this. Did anyone have to THINK to answer this question & I don't think I want to know how much the taxpayers had to fork over to fund this little research 'gem'. Guess you have to chalk it up to the old 'if you have to ask we're sure you don't wanna know!!
  • rustyshackelford 2012/06/30 13:20:56
  • SarcasticB*tch 2012/06/30 12:50:07
    Yes (of course)
    when i first started dating my fiance, he'd NEVER let me pay.
    and he would always tell me "i'd be stupid to break up with you, you're way out of my league."

    not that i think i am. i think we're perfect for eachother.
  • beach bum 2012/06/30 12:32:48
    Yes (of course)
    beach bum
  • Sean 2012/06/30 12:20:22
    Yes (of course)
    Unfortunately it is true because most men are chumps! I'm doing my part to plant seeds to change the male collective. The male collective needs to STOP supporting ADULT women in any way!
  • Tony Ci... Sean 2012/06/30 12:59:33
    Tony Cicarella
    I'll bet the women r just crawling over each other to get to u. LOL
  • tracy.m... Sean 2012/06/30 18:30:56
    Dude, you gotta pay to play. I'm not a mean girl but I'm old fashioned and I do think men pay , hold doors and take care of their girl. If a man is sleeping with me then he better be forking over some cash to help bc if I have to struggle I can do that all on my own. Why do men think they don't have to be like all other species in nature and attract the female by his efforts? Women want taken care of, crave the safety and security of a provider and men are acting more like women and expecting us to do everything a 1950s wife did and work and bring home a huge check and have sex with you too. I have a healthy libido but I'm not going to feel affection for a man who resents taking care of a woman. I dated one of those. He has begged to come back but he proved to me he's one big scared pu55y and I have my own, thanks!
  • Sean tracy.m... 2012/07/01 01:26:04
    @Tracy "one big scared pu55y and I have my own, thanks!" Why are you calling him that?
  • Jay Victoria 2012/06/30 12:15:52
    Jay Victoria
    Yes and no. Any women can score free food if she plays her cards right.
  • tajay1 2012/06/30 11:54:35
    Yes (of course)
    They r pretty n men pay for drinks for free
  • JCD aka "biz" 2012/06/30 11:35:22
    Yes (of course)
    JCD aka "biz"
    Still, one my friends who owns a restaurant here in Paris (Latin Quarter, plenty of tourists, many of them Americans) tells me that more and more women pick up the tab. Often, because they feel that the guy can't afford to buy the dinner, but sometimes also because they feel powerful if they pay.
  • FELINE GESTURES IN THE DARK 2012/06/30 11:28:31
    Yes (of course)
    dinner is the beginning of an expected nice night , so would he like to spend the dinner , the night ( and the money ) for a not good looking girl ? I wish the answer would be why not but well known answer is unfortunately ; of course not .
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/06/30 08:51:25 (edited)
  • tracy.m... thє вlu... 2012/06/30 18:35:13
    What? I bet you get lots of dates! Ha! There are not equal rights anyway and who the hell wants equal rights except ugly lesbian looking women, I am perfectly happy with the female traditional role. Its too bad most men are pu55ies these days abd too bad so many women are giving it up for nothing, we have needs to. But if you want to be happy then treat the woman you care about well. I wouldn't assume a man was getting sex for paying for dinner. I would need to think there was potential and that takes more than a dinner date. But everyone gets lucky sometime.
  • Noobcake tracy.m... 2012/07/01 01:41:14
    "who the hell wants equal rights except ugly lesbian looking women" ... That's one interesting theory you have there.
  • thє вlu... tracy.m... 2012/07/01 16:00:51
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/06/30 08:16:31
    Yes (of course)
    Because they think they will win somebody heart by doing that, but it doesn't always work that way.
  • tracy.m... nothing... 2012/06/30 18:36:58
    If I had a nickel for every guy that bought dinner abd didn't get my heart I'd be able to buy you dinner! :-). Most of us ladies appreciate the opportunity to get to know the candidate and we appreciate being treated like a lady.

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