Is 162 pounds fat for a girl who is 5'3?

hi imjaredleto 2011/08/14 06:14:27
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  • User Deactivated 2011/08/14 06:18:17
    User Deactivated
    at that height you shouldn't weigh much more than 141 pounds. However, if the excess weight is due to muscle, then no you're not fat. If it isn't >.> I'd suggest losing some weight.

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  • Chey Spencer 2013/02/05 22:56:22
    Chey Spencer
    You are just a jerk.
  • hi imja... Chey Sp... 2013/02/07 02:07:54
    hi imjaredleto
    WHO? WHY?
  • AndyBoy 2012/07/03 21:22:55
    I think the word "fat" is so relative as to be almost meaningless. I once dated a woman who was well over 500 lb at that height and I didn't think she was fat at all. Sexy as hell, yes, but NOT fat. So what is more important is what YOU think.
  • DiViews2015 2011/08/16 23:46:34
    It depends upon your body shape and how you carry the weight. Some people weigh more than others who are larger in size to them for different reasons. Ask your doctor to be sure.
  • SweetTemptation 2011/08/16 20:11:42
  • windwolf14 2011/08/16 04:19:58
    depends on your body type. my dads tall and leggy my moms short and stubby. im 5'4 and tend to bounce between 170 and 180 i dont drink soda, i dont eat carbs, i keep butter to a minimal, eat lots of veggies and no matter what i do i cant get any thiner
  • Jessica 2011/08/16 01:45:55
    Hey rejoyce, you only need to lose about 20-30lbs to be in roughly the right range by some basic standards. You could be A LOT more "fat"(if that's even what your weight is made of) than you are, so take some peace in that. Also I must point this out: that may be your number but how much of that number is muscle and how much of it is actually fat? If it's more muscle to the the ratio of fat then your number may be over what is considered correct for your range but you are indeed healthy.
  • alex 2011/08/15 17:24:22
    ish. im assuming your young, so you can get out there and burn all that stuff off easily with dedication and effort :). starving doesn't work perminantly so dont even think about it!
  • Smurf 2011/08/15 15:59:11
  • DJabyssal 2011/08/15 08:46:53
    I'd check on your BMI, though by the sounds of the height and weight... it does sounds like some weight should be lost. If your BMI is a bit too high that is... also check on your fat index percentage too.. that will tell you what part of you is fat and what part is muscle. It always helps me to see how much I need to lose~ And you can get all this tested at almost any gym or healthcare center.
  • Dum Luk 2011/08/15 06:37:35
    Dum Luk
    If it were me, I'd want to lose a third of the weight.
  • TuringsChild 2011/08/15 05:08:07
    20 lbs? Eh. Easily fixable. At least you're not 120 lbs over. That might be a slightly bigger problem. No pun intended.

    Well, okay, slight intent on the pun. ;)
  • JGF 2011/08/14 20:54:07
    according to medical charts, that's somewhat overweight. But worry about weight for health reasons, not appearance. Being overweight can contribute to heart and lung problems, diabetes, and joint issues.
  • disclaimer 2011/08/14 20:53:42
    Unfortunately, yes. That is a BMI of 28.7--well into the "overweight" category. For you, the maximum healthy weight is 140.
  • Death Faerie 2011/08/14 20:37:55
    Death Faerie
    I'm 5'3, it is a bit chubby. I've been there, it just felt physically uncomfortable for me to be that size. It all depends on muscle mass..and your bust. I weigh 144 now, I think I would be happier at least five or ten pounds lighter, though people suggest that 120 is ideal. What they don't understand is that I'm busty, the weight of my boobs does add to
    my weight and I was too thin at 120. It also depends on how you carry it too.
  • Anariashki 2011/08/14 18:58:52 (edited)
    It really depends. You might just be heavily built. Are you particularly strong? Where do you carry the weight? It *is* on the heavy side for that height, but by itself it doesn't mean you're fat.

    Edit: Why can't I ever remember question marks?
  • skye 2011/08/14 18:07:22
    no Ik someone who is shorter then that and her weight is over two hundred and she is like a year older then me.... IM 13!!! SHES 14!!!!
  • Pamu 2011/08/14 17:21:23
    yes little over weight.
  • maxlaboy 2011/08/14 17:03:05
    That is chubby...
  • er54c 2011/08/14 16:28:29
  • Ravenna Nepenthe 2011/08/14 16:26:03
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    I don't know. Check with your doctor. I used to be 160 and 5' and that was unhealthy so I don't know if 3 inches really makes that much of a difference.
  • MJ 2011/08/14 16:10:19
    No! I weigh more and I'm three inches taller. I think you're fine :)
  • Josh 2011/08/14 16:10:13
    Not if its excess weight because of your muscle.
    Check your BMI
  • Hukaatir 2011/08/14 14:52:43
    No. I don't think so.
  • Chaya2010 2011/08/14 14:40:11
    Check your BMI and your age.
  • Hannah Yee 2011/08/14 14:27:24
    Hannah Yee
    Well i dont think so unless she is gaining fat and lossing the muscle so if its just fat loss some of it and if its muscle then idk
  • Willski 2011/08/14 13:34:10
    i'm a 5'10" guy, who weighs 126lb...
    so i'd say it's a bit overweight.
  • La 2011/08/14 13:31:09
    Yes. Lose 40 pounds.
  • ♥NinjaKittenLovesYou♥ 2011/08/14 12:16:24
    hm...i think....yes
  • Kidasha 2011/08/14 12:11:33
    no!!! i'm 168 and people always compliment me on my figure. your probably in between the lines for healthy and overweight. Dont get me wrong you should always excercise and take care of your body but don't beat yourself up for thinking that you're fat. I know a girl that's over 250 and she's gorgeous!
  • La Kidasha 2011/08/14 13:32:53
    Yes but are you 5'3?

    Also it's *you're* and *exercise*

    Also between healthy and overweight is the realm of chubs. It's not a good thing.
  • Kidasha La 2011/08/14 14:11:45
    5'4 actually. and what i was trying to say is that it shouldn't matter how much you weigh or what you look like as long as you stay healthy. there are women who are over 180 pounds and fit as hell. and please dont comment on my grammar i type fast.
  • La Kidasha 2011/08/14 17:31:31
    Doing something fast but not to a high standard is not commendable. Consider slowing down.
  • eεrɾïiсαa αaṉnṉεe 2011/08/14 09:55:25 (edited)
    eεrɾïiсαa αaṉnṉεe
    162 isn't that bad, just exercise a bit and you'll be fine
  • Beanybudd 2011/08/14 09:35:57
    Muscle weighs heavier. Could be one ripped mamma bear.
  • JAKE~PWCM~JLA 2011/08/14 09:33:22
    yes lol. thats almost what I weigh and im 6 feet.
  • dani 2011/08/14 09:22:41
    holy crap!
    holy crap
  • kelly 2011/08/14 09:17:20
    Maybe a teeny bit but it doesn't really matter. Anyone can be healthy and pretty :)
  • I NEED A HORSE 2011/08/14 08:50:50 (edited)
  • rog 2011/08/14 08:48:21
    not as far as I'm concerned

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