Is 10,000 mcg of Biotin too much for everyday use for me?

d34thn0t3l0v3r 2014/03/21 13:00:56
As many people have suggested, yesterday I bought Natrol Biotin10,000 mcg Maximum Strength. I took the one pill yesterday. I am only 15, so I am wondering when I should take it next, because it seems like a lot to take everyday. I am also taking vitamin C and D pills, along with my daily vitamins. So is 10,000 mcg too much for me to take everyday at my age?
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  • Eternal Sailor Sol 2014/03/28 02:23:14
    Eternal Sailor Sol
    ask a doctor.
  • Sweet-N-Sour 2014/03/21 20:49:38
    That's only 10mg. 5mg is typically enough to boost hair and nail growth, but biotin does far more than that for your body. 10mg would be more for someone who has trouble producing their own in the intestines and has a deficiency or a metabolic disorder that prevents them from utilizing the biotin. It won't hurt you though, it is a water soluble vitamin and you will just pee out what your body can't use. Take it every other day until you finish the bottle if you don't want to waste the money and then you can get a more modest dose.
  • P. Sturm 2014/03/21 19:28:08
    P. Sturm
    A 15-year-old in good health only needs 25 mcg a day, the largest clinical dose I'm aware of is 2,000 mcg [2mg] for type 2 diabetes. However biotin has no known side effects even at large dosages.
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2014/03/21 17:02:49
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    I don't take Biotin, I take B-Complex. I'm over 60 and my hair and nails grow like crazy!
  • smilen1122 2014/03/21 14:29:28 (edited)
    no - that's what I take = oh thanks for reminding me ... taking mine now
    10,000 "mcg" is only 10 mg ...
  • jst2swtnsassy 2014/03/21 13:15:16
    Biotin helps grow healthy hair, nails and promotes healthy skin,yes it is more then u need. I am an adult and only take 1,000 mg. Speak to a Dr or pharmacist first before overload.
  • smilen1122 jst2swt... 2014/03/21 14:32:07
    10,000 "mcg" is only 10 mg ... just to clarify the info in the post
  • jst2swt... smilen1122 2014/03/22 15:55:44
    Um ok..........
  • bigstrongchick 2014/03/21 13:04:41
    Why do you even need it at you age?
  • Arel 2014/03/21 13:03:46
    At your age why are you taking these supplements?

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