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Heaven's Gate

Believing that the Earth was awaiting a mass ‘cleansing’ by
alien forces, this Doomsday group saw the mass suicide of 38 followers
in 1997, when they mistakenly viewed the Hale-Bopp comet as the
beginning of the end.

Restoration of the Ten Commandments

Formed in Uganda in the late 1980s, this breakaway group
followed the Ten Commandments to an intensely strict degree. A mass
suicide in March 200 lead to the deaths of more than 300 followers,
whilst the discovery of mass graves in the aftermath brought the total
up to 1000 victims of the groups strict doctrine.

Branch Davidians

Lead by David Koresh, this apocalyptic group had a deep
distrust in the United States Government and were lead to a private
holdup in Waco, Texas. Following a raid on the premises in 1994, fires
began in the building, resulting in the deaths of 76 members.

Aum Shinrikyo

Founded by Shoko Asahara, this Japanese religious group gained
international notoriety in 2005, following a horrific gas attack in the
Tokyo subway system.

The Solar Temple

Luc Joret was one of the most charismatic cult leaders of all
time. Preaching that only Solar Temple members would escape the
inevitable downfall of mankind, Joret lead 53 followers to their death
in 1994, having amassed an astonishing total of 93 million dollars
through his preaching.

The Manson Family

As the most infamous cult leader of all time, Charles Manson
brainwashed his followers into carrying out a string of high profile
‘Hollywood Hills’ murders.

The Church of Bible Understanding

The Church of Bible Understanding was formed in 1971 by
Stewart Traill. Targeting young teenagers, trail receives 90% of all his
followers’ earnings and has amassed a multi-million dollar cult empire.

The People's Temple

Eventually ending in tragedy, The People’s temple was lead by
Jim Jones. Following a series of impending charges in the US, Jones lead
his people to a safe haven in Guyana, named Jonestown. Jones went on to
convince his followers to carry out the largest mass suicide in cult
history, with 909 followers giving their lives to his twisted beliefs.

largest mass suicide cult history 909 followers lives twisted beliefs

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  • Munster 2011/03/28 16:36:57
    Yeah, cults are generally bad news.
  • Captain Sticky 2011/03/28 13:17:21
    Captain Sticky
    Anything that strayed from the original is a cult. And they all were/are dangerous.
  • Jack9087 2011/03/28 12:06:58
  • Invader_Xion 2011/03/28 11:27:33
    They don't give Darwin Awards to cult suicides, do they?
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/03/28 11:00:36
    Lady Whitewolf
  • MichaelRigby 2011/03/28 10:58:29
    It just shows the power of manipulation and people who exploit others minds. Its not just cults and religions you can add politics to the list like you could add the 60 million victims of Hitler. I'm not sure if they still teach about propaganda and manipulation anymore in schools but it was taught when I was a kid and should be a main topic for education.
  • bye 2011/03/28 10:46:17
  • Dawn 2011/03/28 10:44:17
    So sad, people let others brainwash them, its crazy....

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