In relationships who is more faithful, men or women?

evil_sarah 2009/08/21 22:08:05
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  • Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    I have to say that I know more men that are sluts.

    Men can't help but brag about it, whilst women tend to only tell a bestfriend.

    sluts brag women bestfriend

    Personally, I don't see the appeal of a 5 minute fling, when compared to a long-term relationship with someone you love. It's a shallow, meaningless existence.

    5 minute fling compared long-term relationship love shallow meaningless existence

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  • BroodeR 2009/08/24 03:57:07
    I'd have to say men.
  • David 2009/08/24 03:40:06
    I would say overall that women are more faithful than men. I am basing my opnion on biology. Men are more aggressive and less nurturing than women by nature which make men more prone to cheating. Also in relationships men are more interested in the physical aspects rather than the emotional aspect. Woment tend to be more opposite. That is just how we are.
  • magisterchief 2009/08/24 03:32:22
    women are fucking sluts.
    unless you're uber good looking, a drug dealer, or have more money than god you're eternally doomed to a meaningless existence of chronic depression and masturbation.
  • Matt 2009/08/24 03:29:35
    Oh there equally bad. These days its hard enough to find someone that actually genuinely cares about you, not someone that cares about caring for someone.

    But even THAT is rare...
  • 2EdgedSword 2009/08/24 02:52:52
    Answer is not gender specific. It is a matter of the heart. Each person is different, and different every day of their lives. Any such model can not therefore be used as a predictor or standard of judgement.
  • '90skid 2009/08/24 02:45:07 (edited)
    Against my better judgment, I would have to say women are more faithful.
  • Court 2009/08/24 02:32:00
  • steve 2009/08/24 02:09:44
  • *Love is great when you fin... 2009/08/24 01:58:54
    *Love is great when you finally find it*
    women i think!!!
  • lovergirl 2009/08/24 01:52:26
    women we uslally stay in a relaship for a long time some men get what they want then its over
  • Alexis-IN GOD WE TRUST 2009/08/24 01:33:05 (edited)
    Alexis-IN GOD WE TRUST
    More than likely women are more faithful. Unless a woman is a total skank, she would more than likely cheat only if her emotional needs hadn't been met in a long long time by her husband if she were married or in a serious committment.

    And besides, if you look at the issue from a scientific perspective...you will see that men tended to wander more so that the species would continue to multiply. And another perspective is that they are like dogs marking territory.
  • brelina~celena~goddess of sky 2009/08/24 01:32:16
    brelina~celena~goddess of sky
    i think women
  • reed67 2009/08/24 01:04:09
    Being that I've spent most of my life working in nightclubs I'd say that it's 50/50. Men with sleep with any female who is willing to give it up. Give most women enough drink's & they are ready to go.
  • Night 2009/08/24 00:57:42
    Ummm, women, though neither sex is squeky clean on this
  • eve 2009/08/24 00:51:01 (edited)
    I used to think that caucasians are more likely to be unfaithful than others and that men are more likely to stray. This was due to the westernized media/entertainment I was exposed to as a child.
    But now that I am more grounded in reality, I see that women are as likely to stray and race has nothing to do with being unfaithful.
    In fact, the caucasian men I have come in contact with are much more faithful than most asian men I have known and I have seen/heard of just as many women being unfaithful to their partners.
    I think what you have been exposed to and taught as a child have a lot more influence over you as an adult. asian seenheard women unfaithful partners exposed taught child influence adult asian seenheard women unfaithful partners exposed taught child influence adult
  • WALLEE eve 2009/08/24 00:55:59
    agreed, it just depends on each individual and in rare cases the actual relationship meaning if you find the "right one" there is much less chance of straying. but that is rare.
  • eve WALLEE 2009/08/24 00:59:42 (edited)
    yes i forgot that part. good point.
    it also depends a lot on life experiences and how horrible is the relationship you are in at that moment n how it may be affecting you.
    like if u r very lonely n torn apart in the current relationship, u r more susceptible in being unfaithful. not right but it happens
  • WALLEE eve 2009/08/24 01:50:18
    very true
  • Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat )
    I would say Women are more faithful then men in most cases, i have met a few that are not, like my X.
  • thew.wolf 2009/08/24 00:15:33
  • Florida Keys 2009/08/24 00:03:56
    Florida Keys
    men...dated too many women who were married or in a relationship..yes, I was single, yes they usually made the first move....

    dated women married relationship
  • chocolateshake 2009/08/23 23:53:06
    women are totaly mor faithful. most men jus want a hot bod once they find a hottr 1 they go 4 it it sucks but its th way of life
  • Story Writer~In Books I Trust~ 2009/08/23 23:44:41
  • ♫ ~ Broken Inside ~ ♫ 2009/08/23 23:38:48
    ♫ ~ Broken Inside ~ ♫
    women,no competition :)
  • Luis 505 2009/08/23 23:33:26
    Luis 505
    it depends on the relationship and on the women and the men, so it's very relative
  • Jesse 2009/08/23 23:32:15
    wooaaa dude-
    woman for sure.
  • Joe 2009/08/23 23:22:52
    Women, definitely the women.
  • BillyJoeBob24 2009/08/23 22:48:57
    I think women are much more faithful, but I, personally have experienced the opposite scenario, so...
  • BillyJo... BillyJo... 2009/08/23 22:56:51
    Actually, it should 50/50, right, because a guy needs a girl, and a girl needs a guy(Hmmm... :o)
  • Francis 2009/08/23 22:32:32
    I think girls are more faithfull than boys.
  • Samantha Ramsay 2009/08/23 22:24:05
    Samantha Ramsay
    um it really depends on what tipe if person he or shye is but if i had to say i would say the girl
  • bean 2009/08/23 22:03:21
    well women are the ones with the ability to open up their legs...
  • chocola... bean 2009/08/23 23:56:35
    seriously man or grl or watevr th@s rely demeaning i mean is th@ all men tink bout? being a woman i wud not take th@ shit even if i wer on crack
  • bean chocola... 2009/08/24 04:16:35 (edited)
    seeing that you use the symbol @ for "at" regularly.. it shows you are most likely a 15 year old girl, therefore your opinion means nothing. come back in a few years

    oh and secondly.. you made no sense whatsoever
  • chocola... bean 2009/08/24 16:38:44
    watevr u do not no me. my opinion means jus as much as urs if not mor
  • bean chocola... 2009/08/25 01:17:17
    I was just messin with ya and yes you're opinion just as much as mine... not too sure about the "more" part. I believe in equality within the sexes
  • chocola... bean 2009/08/25 20:11:58
    ummm, thanx. i beleve n equality 2 thars 2 many ppl out thar who stil beleve th@ women & men r completely dfrent.
  • KANKY 2009/08/23 21:45:13
  • Maddie 2009/08/23 21:22:09
    Well I think it is equal if you ask me. Only thing is guys talk about it more than women do. We like to be hush hush about it..
  • '' Hammy '' 2009/08/23 21:20:26
    '' Hammy ''
    great question..No good answer!

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