In honor of ALL our military men and women who serve our country..

Beck∞♥☮♫♫♫∞ 2010/05/25 20:06:31
This is for you..the men and women who serve our country so we can continue to believe the way we do, act the way we act and live the way we live...i dont care if you agree with what ever....These men and women deserve our respect, admiration, and honor....


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  • rengyp 2011/11/12 00:48:49
    My hat goes off to all the veterans, God bless you and thank you for your service. You are all special people and I have been blessed to know so many.
  • Zozo 2010/07/23 23:04:19 (edited)
  • Hil 2010/06/03 19:52:50
  • SunShine 2010/05/30 18:30:31

    our grandson is there in Afghanistan now.. on his 2nd tour.. we pray every day that they will all be safe and come home to us soon. God Bless them for their service and sacrifice..
  • Beck∞♥☮... SunShine 2010/06/01 15:34:58
  • Beccy 2010/05/30 01:57:38
  • Beck∞♥☮... Beccy 2010/06/01 15:35:09
  • Red 2010/05/29 14:52:05
  • Beck∞♥☮... Red 2010/06/01 15:35:23
  • Team 7 Emo 2010/05/29 05:58:02
  • Beck∞♥☮... Team 7 Emo 2010/06/01 15:35:33
  • Team 7 Emo Beck∞♥☮... 2010/06/02 03:37:07
    Team 7 Emo
    you can say that again
  • Beck∞♥☮... Team 7 Emo 2010/06/02 17:41:31
  • Team 7 Emo Beck∞♥☮... 2010/06/04 03:25:03
    Team 7 Emo
  • swimminggirl09 2010/05/27 16:46:13
    God Bless all military men and women. they have all my respect and gratitude for what they do to fight for this country god bless military women respect gratitude fight country
  • Beck∞♥☮... swimmin... 2010/05/27 16:47:00
  • Dora Rachael 2010/05/27 14:37:49
    Dora Rachael
    God Bless our troops and rememberance of those who lost their lives to protect our freedom!
  • Beck∞♥☮... Dora Ra... 2010/05/27 14:56:49
  • Dora Ra... Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/27 16:04:38
    Dora Rachael
  • Min Carter 2010/05/27 13:47:35
  • Beck∞♥☮... Min Carter 2010/05/27 14:37:26
  • Brightsprite62 2010/05/27 12:57:57
    This Memorial Holiday, I want to say THANK YOU to all past present and future who have served for us. To those who made the Ultimate sacrifice a very special THANK YOU. The bible says No greater love hath any man than this, that he would give his life for a friend. John 15:13 This song is dedicated to them all.
  • Beck∞♥☮... Brights... 2010/05/27 14:37:56
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2010/05/27 12:48:00
  • Beck∞♥☮... Dave**G... 2010/05/27 14:40:21
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 2010/05/27 12:43:12
    As an EX military soldier I salute all the MEN AND WOMEN of the military. You continue keeping us safe from harms of all types. God Bless the USA and its soldiers. Hope all return home SOON AND SAFE! harms types god bless usa soldiers hope return home safe
  • Beck∞♥☮... zzzzzzz... 2010/05/27 14:41:32
    Thank you Sir for your service to us and our country as well.
    sir service country
  • Grissom 2010/05/27 08:42:31
    God Bless all who have served and are now serving.... god bless served serving
  • Beck∞♥☮... Grissom 2010/05/27 14:41:53
  • Aubbles the Dorkocent one o... 2010/05/27 08:01:46 (edited)
    Aubbles the Dorkocent one of PHAET
    Thank-you. Tyler, Zack, Andrew, Tracy and the others I know in the military. And everyone else. :) thank-you tyler zack andrew tracy military
  • Beck∞♥☮... Aubbles... 2010/05/27 14:42:51
  • Kathy 2010/05/27 04:35:36
    Remembering all our Heroes who died in combat, All our POW & MIAs.
    GodBless the Marines who believe in the old code of Death before Dishonor.
    Thank you Beck:)
    died combat pow mias godbless marines code death dishonor beck

    William M Thomas
    Killed January 28, 1969 saving his unit in Nam
    My oldest brother is still watching over us.
    I can tell you of many instances like the time my2nd oldest brother was thrown (pulled) from his car right before a semi went over it. The time he tried to drive off a bridge and they said it should have gone over, but something held it:)
  • Beck∞♥☮... Kathy 2010/05/27 14:45:27

    Kathy you are more than welcome... kathy
  • Kathy Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/27 19:39:42
    I hear them calling in the night
    When my world is calm and quiet.

    They speak to me in words I would not hear,
    Yet their voices won't be silenced.

    They beseech me with whispers.
    Asking, 'why were we left?

    They cannot understand.
    The wind carries their questions.
    The stars shine down as tears.
    The moon becomes their faces.

    And I have no answer worth speaking.

    (c)1998 - Dennis Johnson

    There are over 2000 American heroes, dead and alive, who haven't been brought home yet !

    Since the war ended, over 10,000 reports received relating to Americans still unaccounted for in Indochina have convinced experts that hundreds of men are still alive, waiting for their country to rescue them. The notion that Americans are dying without hope in the hands of a long-ago enemy belies the idea that we left Vietnam with honor. It also signals that tens of thousands of lost lives were a frivolous waste of our best men.

    I have many friends who served in Vietnam.Many that died there, many that died after they came home from Agent Orange.
    I want to thank you ALL that served in Vietnam and ALL the Wars.

    I pray each day for our POW’s and MIA’s that they will be brought home.

    Thank you my Heroes for serving our land and for my Freedom, I owe you a GREAT debt.

    THANK YOU Veterans from ALL our Wars !!!! You are my Warrior Heroes one and all !
  • Beck∞♥☮... Kathy 2010/05/27 20:13:24
    Kathy you have touched a place in my heart..i dont think anyone on here has ever heard me mention my love for the men and women who serve everyday for our country and those who fought in Vietnam...I see daily how the affects of Agent Orange on my cousins, there are 3 left now, was 10. My family has a long line of military men and women in all branches and im so honored to call them Family.. cousins 3 10 family line military women branches honored family
  • Kathy Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/27 20:42:23
    Thank you Beck for the kind words
    I saw where our worthless government finally admits agent orange is a disability caused from the war. How nice of them since most are now dead because they themselves couldn't afford treatment and the government refused to acknowledge them... No wonder I'm such a rebel:)
    Bless you & your family my friend
  • Beck∞♥☮... Kathy 2010/05/27 20:44:58
    Yep!...makes me sick to even think of it....
  • Kathy Beck∞♥☮... 2010/05/27 20:50:17
    New Agent Orange Benefits
    4/29/10 - NAUS has learned that the VA received more than 600 comments on its proposed new Agent Orange benefits regulations during the comment period which just ended. While the comments are required to be answered, VA does not expect this to delay the final rule. This new rule will expand availability of VA benefits to an estimated 186,00 additional veterans (and/or their survivors) who served in Vietnam and were exposed to Agent Orange. NAUS and the VA encourage those who believe they are eligible to apply NOW (read on for more info). Providing report(s) from private clinicians with the claim can help.

    Gee how nice of them,,, they act like they are doing these men a favor.
    I don't see it that way,,, They have EARNED those benefits and they ought to charge the government interest. I'm truly surprised any are still a live, but then I'm real sure that is the point of the government taking soooooo long to act.
    Thank you Beck
    Let me just throw in,,, A grateful nation,,,, my a--:(
  • Kathy Kathy 2010/05/27 20:45:04
    I can't find the one that states they deserve to be brought home ALIVE OR DEAD.
    They deserve to be buried in American soil.
  • Beck∞♥☮... Kathy 2010/05/27 20:46:41
    And thank you my friend♥ Blessings to you and your family, friends and misson♥

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