In a romantic relationship, is age really "just a number"?

Nickidewbear 2013/10/31 05:48:19
"Age is just a number."
Age is not "just a number".
None of the above
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For example, is age really "just a number" in regards to a 50-to-60-year-old person dating a 30-to-40-year-old person, or should both people try to be as close to 45 as possible? (Person One's median age is 55 years; Person Two's median is 35 years.).
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  • Harley Squiggles the God \(... 2013/11/03 12:08:14 (edited)
    None of the above
    Harley Squiggles the God \(#o#)/
    When it comes to minors, then it's not. I'm sure incarceration is just a vacation, though. <(._. )
  • Decisive 2013/11/03 09:54:21
    Age is not "just a number".
    Age is not *just* a number. The number points to an important difference that the couple will have to address, if they decide to make a commitment. Despite an age difference, there could be many good reasons why two people believe they are romantically compatible. But it's not as though the age factor can be overlooked. It's just not necessarily a deterrent to a successful romantic relationship.
  • NicoleyWoley 2013/11/01 07:35:22
    I believe it depends more on the people involved, and not necessarily the ages. Some people are genuine, and others are just cradle robbers.
  • oldsalt 2013/11/01 02:30:16 (edited)
    "Age is just a number."
    I am 30 years older than my GF & we get along just fine. I'm in my 60's, she's in her 30's
  • Decisive oldsalt 2013/11/03 09:56:13
    Hey where'd you find that girl? Does she have a twin sister? ;)
  • oldsalt Decisive 2013/11/03 19:44:25
    No. We met & it just happened. See my profile for the photo of "My Best Friend". That's her.
  • LadyBichalot 2013/10/31 15:59:49
    None of the above
    My parents never knew the true age of some of the guys I dated. ( would have been put in a dungeon) I was very "mind" mature for my age. (body too) A rather responsible young teen. I was seeing one guy that was 32 when I was16. (he was in the military) I didn't look 16 & he didn't look 32. It lasted 4 months. I cut it off because I was afraid my father was close to finding out. I always missed the conversations we were able to have.
    I dated younger guys too. Only one stood out. I was always too mature for guys too close to my age. Never dated in school.
    My husband is 6 1/2 years older than me. It just happened that way. It wouldn't have mattered his age, I knew the minute we met he was the one destined for me. I went home that day & told my mother I just met my future husband. 35 1/2 years ago this past Oct.17.
  • Earthling 2013/10/31 13:14:17
    "Age is just a number."
    Age is just a number. If you have a particular appreciation for the same things that interest me, that's what does it. I'm not looking to be in a relationship, but if I were, common interests would be the key.
  • on time, again 2013/10/31 10:36:21
    "Age is just a number."
    on time, again
    My wife is from a country were looks and age are not a concern.
    Its all about respect and care.
    Also if you look up abbott and costello, and look up one of their routines I think it will crack you up .
  • L1 2013/10/31 08:09:15
    Age is not "just a number".
    It's not because it does depend on what an individual seeks to gain from the relationship.
    Some people might want children, and a much older spouse might not be able to do that, or might be very old when that child reaches adulthood.

    Others do not want to end up alone or find themselves with spouse that can no longer do so many things, but they themselves are still young.

    It depends on what the person wants out of the realtionship...
  • Melon Lord 2013/10/31 08:04:43
    Melon Lord
    That depends on how developed the other person is. Age is not just a number between a 50 year old and a 10 year old.
  • Kar 2013/10/31 07:37:58
    "Age is just a number."
    yes, it's just a number. i like someone who is 37 and i'm 25... is that a big different?
  • haterade 2013/10/31 06:24:55
  • BabyBear 2013/10/31 06:12:55
    Age is not "just a number".
    As long as no laws are being broken (statutory rape/pedophilia), be with the one that makes you happy!
  • $mitty$r_1st 2013/10/31 06:12:16
    Age normally doesn't matter, but in a large part, many people feel much more secure/loved, when they're in their 'own' age group.
  • Luca 2013/10/31 06:04:08
    "Age is just a number."
    Love knows nothing about time or age. It sometimes can lead to what may seem to others as the strangest relationships. When reduced to "logic", it misses entirely what love is all about.
  • Raven 2013/10/31 06:01:16
    I personally choose to only date people 5 years my junior or senior. For others age doesn't matter.
  • Cat 2013/10/31 05:59:02
    Age is not "just a number".
    Your age defines your experiential frame of reference and approximates your level of maturity. Teens should date within three years age differential.
    As we get older and experience more of life that differential widens. But even at my current age of 65 I'm not comfortable around a man who is more than 10 or 11 years older or younger than I.

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