I'm white as a ghost...How do I get tan?

Alice C.* the Super Sister ♥ 2010/03/19 02:46:09
Ok here is my problem. I have alot of Irish in me so you can imagine I don't tan well. This is how I work. I go out, I burn, I peel, then im white again. I don't get any tanner. How do I get tan naturally. No tanning booths.
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  • BrokenSoul 2012/06/27 14:46:49
    I'm native american. Naturally tan. Sorry, can't help.
  • Makayla 2012/04/15 18:55:15
    Taning booths always make you tan. Would recomend Suns Up tanning.
    I am/was paler than you, soooooooooo pale. But then I went to suns up. They only have 2% UV rays and they make it almost inpossable to burn. Anyway, always get complmented on my sun-kissed skn <3
  • wolf 2010/03/22 02:35:22
    wear a lot of sun tan lotion
  • Angi 2010/03/19 22:47:32
    Why bother? I am pale my Daughter has ginger hair and is pale, and has lovely skin. Why not settle for that sunkissed glowing look?
  • Half-Ginger 2010/03/19 16:05:32
    You don't need a tan. Pale is beautiful and you should be proud of what God has given you. It's disgusting when people feel they need to be something they're not.

    tan pale beautiful proud god disgusting people feel
  • Puck ~PHAET 2010/03/19 09:30:52
    Puck ~PHAET
    Speaking as someone who has had the same problem for 25 years, you don't. Sorry, but those of us who only have two shades (pale and burnt) just can't tan. You could try the spray on stuff or the lotion, but it will turn you a very unnatural and unattractive shade of orange. Trust me, you're better off pale than looking like an oompa loompa.
    lotion turn unnatural unattractive shade orange trust pale oompa loompa
  • Zach 2010/03/19 03:25:43
    Most men don't care. Very seriously. Men may get criticized as being more superficial and this is definitely true about body type, but men do not care about tans! Usually the only men that care about skin color are the racists.
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    I use Jergen's Natural Glow. I have a lot of Irish in me too and the only way I could ever get a tan was to go to a tanning bed. Once I got over the initial burn I had to go every other day to keep my tan and that gets expensive. Plus tanning beds are really bad for you.
  • thekidflash 2010/03/19 03:03:31
    Consult a tanning salon. Frankly there is a reason you have pale skin. that means you dont require the same amount of Vitamin D as other people do.
  • Nat™ 2010/03/19 02:59:18
  • steph 2010/03/19 02:57:21
    Being pale isn't a bad thing.
  • Alice C... steph 2010/03/19 02:59:29
    Alice C.* the Super Sister ♥
    I know it's just ive been pale my whole life. Thought I'd try something new.
  • steph Alice C... 2010/03/19 03:03:17
    Mee too. I'm the palest in my family, except for my daughter.
  • LJ 2010/03/19 02:50:35
    stay white... its attractive.... :P
  • Alice C... LJ 2010/03/19 02:51:16
    Alice C.* the Super Sister ♥
  • LJ Alice C... 2010/03/19 02:52:13
    what? just speaking the truth :P
  • Alice C... LJ 2010/03/19 02:53:37
    Alice C.* the Super Sister ♥
    so you think girls that are white are more attractive? but whats attractive about being ghostly?
  • LJ Alice C... 2010/03/19 02:55:55
    no I find the ghostly white attractive. don't know why... just do...
  • Alice C... LJ 2010/03/19 02:57:27
    Alice C.* the Super Sister ♥
    well then I guess I should take that as a compliment so thank you. =)
  • LJ Alice C... 2010/03/19 02:58:16
    any time :P
  • Zach LJ 2010/03/19 03:39:26 (edited)
    LJ is very right. You are being WAY too critical about yourself. Don't call yourself a "ghostly." Bronze tan isn't "in" anymore. Be ahead of the curve and stay fair skinned.

    lj critical ghostly bronze tan curve stay fair skinned lj critical ghostly bronze tan curve stay fair skinned lj critical ghostly bronze tan curve stay fair skinned lj critical ghostly bronze tan curve stay fair skinned
  • steph Alice C... 2010/03/19 02:56:09
    Listen to him. Knows what he's talking about.
  • Angela 2010/03/19 02:48:29
    I've not seen any pale whitey turn any other color than red... um, maybe prolonged exposure to sun.

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