Im Wanting To Give A Warning!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!

~*Bryn*~ aka AmerikusMonsoon 2010/08/01 02:03:46
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In the last two month, my boyfriends friend, Tony, has had 3 sezures. He's 28 and had the last one at 15. We were confused of why he all of the sudden were having them. It wasn't the Hard A or being angry at something. We found that something in the drink Four Loco is causing him to have sezures. We havent exactly figured out what, because we are NOT going to bother going through everything to find out what it is. We are simply, NEVER going to give him that drink or ANY energy drink ever again.

PLEASE stop drinking them. If you don't care about you body, at least PLEASE don't give them to your children.

This is a real situation. I am not lying in any way. I witnessed him in the last seizure Thursday morning at 4 am and it was scary.
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