Im just new to this country and is starting high school im going into 10th grade but im so scared any tips??

$H0RTY 2009/08/18 15:47:18
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  • Sheepdog 2009/08/18 15:55:06
    Just be yourself in a happy way and feel like you belong there, in time you will melt in.
  • $H0RTY Sheepdog 2009/08/18 16:08:45
    but what im afraid of if people dont like who i am??
  • Hybrici... $H0RTY 2009/08/18 16:17:09
    Hybricide **Under my Graffiti Sky**
    Then they're at loss.
  • $H0RTY Hybrici... 2009/08/18 16:19:52
    yea suppose. . .(:
  • Sheepdog $H0RTY 2009/08/18 16:30:01
    People will come and go in life it is important not to worry what people think. Don’t try to impress them just stay focused on your school work. If you like who you are, which is most important, then people will see that and will come to you and you may make new friends.
  • Denny 2009/08/18 15:52:49
    They've been doing this for years. Nothing to be afraid of, just enjoy and hey it's free.
  • $H0RTY Denny 2009/08/18 16:08:08
    thanks. . (:
  • Hybricide **Under my Graffi... 2009/08/18 15:51:28
    Hybricide **Under my Graffiti Sky**
    You'll be fine. Just watch the kids and pay attention. You'll get the hang of it.

    Where are you from?
  • $H0RTY Hybrici... 2009/08/18 16:06:03
    thanks im from ireland. . (:
  • Hybrici... $H0RTY 2009/08/18 16:16:50
    Hybricide **Under my Graffiti Sky**

    If people make fun of your accent, laugh it off. Most high schools like forign kids. Are you an exchange student, or did you move here?
  • $H0RTY Hybrici... 2009/08/18 16:18:59
    i moved here every one loves my accent but it bothers me everyone asking me to talk every 2 seconds lol :)
  • Hybrici... $H0RTY 2009/08/18 16:25:44
    Hybricide **Under my Graffiti Sky**
    Lol. I reember when we had a french kid in our school one year. Everyone adored his accent. They we all like "OMG SAY SOMETHING!"
  • $H0RTY Hybrici... 2009/08/18 16:26:55
    yea it kinda gets anoying after a while. . .:)

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