Im in 6th grade and i like this boy in my advisory class if not sure if he likes me,hestares at me we talk a little bit,he tried to sit by me one time and he loves to get my attention but he already has a girl friend and idk if they broke up HELP ME PLZ

bella 2009/09/23 02:42:40
plz help i have to know what to do or say i like funny guys and he is funny he has a girl already but idk if they broke up im shy but when i see him he lights up my world and he makes me soo happy but if i tell him how i feel i might get hurt i dont want to get hurt plz plz plz help!!!!
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  • rin 2009/10/19 03:27:44
    i know the feeling im in sixth grade i have a crush on two guys one i only have one class with but i have known him since kindergarten then the next i have one class with and i ride the bus with him to school cause we live on the same street it is not a school bus it is a bus the college ppl ride ok but i really really like them both!
  • flirt queen 2009/10/18 17:11:18
    flirt queen
    well girl i know how you fell!!!!! im in sixth grade too! i like this guy..... but my case is worse the u!! HE KNOWS I LIKE HIM! so my advice 2 u as a 6th grade girl is to just sit back and injoy life! the PERFICT guy will come soon! i am to young and so r u so injoy life!
  • erykah 2009/10/13 00:08:33
    I'm in 6th grade too and i like a boy but i didn't want him to crush my heart but i soon found out that he liked me too.So take a shot and if he doesn't like you back then at least you'll know and be able to move on or take another step.
  • makegirlscry 2009/09/23 03:13:06
    Sixth grade, you're not gonna' get very far kidd?
    it's hard to reply to things such as these because none of us are able to remember very well how we told someone we liked them at such a young age...
  • Eddie 2009/09/23 02:50:53 (edited)
    If you're in sixth grade...you're too young to even be here on SH. And relationships at that age don't usually last long.
  • Whackoslovakian ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝ 2009/09/23 02:44:00
    Whackoslovakian  ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝
    6th grade...hmmm. Won't last, don't bother XD
  • bella Whackos... 2009/09/23 02:46:50
    maybe maybe not after all it is the 6th week of school lol but it's worth a shot
  • Whackos... bella 2009/09/23 02:47:54
    Whackoslovakian  ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝
    Lmao sure w/e go for it. We all have our relationships through life. Have fun haha
  • darkast 2009/09/23 02:43:52
    mabey he does like you. and people can like more than you person
  • bella darkast 2009/09/23 02:45:47
    i want to tell him how i feel but what if he hurts me?
  • darkast bella 2009/09/23 02:48:02
    well like whack said it probably won't last. wait a while and see if they like you or not
  • bella darkast 2009/09/23 02:58:25
    good idea
  • darkast bella 2009/09/24 22:19:31
    well i was like one of those boys not to long ago
  • flirt q... bella 2009/10/18 17:14:03
    flirt queen

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