Im a teenaged boy i want 2 no how to become a girl and become more girly

bra and panty lover 2009/07/05 05:20:23
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  • david black 2013/08/22 02:06:51
    u need help
    david black
    i would change my sex in a second if i could it would be better if i was a girl i so go for what you belive in
  • Harley Squiggles the God \(... 2012/06/16 23:35:56
    Harley Squiggles the God \(#o#)/
    I'm not against this whole thing, but let me tell you, being a chick is really hard. So, be prepared for all the physical and emotional damage to come.
  • lookingfor you 2012/06/13 04:45:27 (edited)
    lookingfor you
    i am a guy and every girl i ever liked was a lesbian so i think that i was subconsciously thinking that i was a girl and had a chance with them even though they only looked at other girls.
  • jane.nyan 2012/03/08 14:33:46
  • mary jane.nyan 2014/04/23 14:55:49
    I'm a transgender male to female and its hard to be me
  • sissythongboy 2011/10/21 01:23:52
    Awsome u should txt me send pics. 12097042376
  • Justice Jenne Simmons 2011/09/07 10:48:09
    u need help
    Justice Jenne Simmons
  • Enn 2011/08/31 00:46:03
    u need help
    So do i!! I love wearing makeup and dresses and all things girly... if only i was a girl :(
  • kairi 2011/08/09 09:30:42
    u need help
    there are many people who feal the same as you including me but my parents are not to saportive om me being a transsexual i have always wanted to be a girl iv always felt like i was born in the wrong bodie i am only 13 so i cant even start hormones wich sucks but back to the point talk with your parents WICH I THINK YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE start hormones and then get surgery ok i hope i helped girl ♥ bye
  • zap44 kairi 2013/07/02 05:40:45
    I am a boy too and i want to be a girly girl
  • Shilo 2010/02/19 02:07:36
    u need help
    First step...get a therapist. Seriously. Talk to your GP and ask them to recommend and refer you to a therapist who specializes in Gender issues. If you're serious about it, that's what you're going to have to do in order to get anywhere beyond dressing like a girl. If your therapist feels you fit the criteria for gender identity disorder, you will eventually get to see an endocrinologist and be prescribed hormones, qualify for the various surgeries, etc.
  • NatAlex23 2010/02/14 14:59:57
    u need help
    I'm in the same situation. Try shaving your legs, armpits, chest, and arms. That helps a TON. Also if you have girl-friends who know this, go shopping with them.
  • rocker NatAlex23 2011/03/01 15:58:50
    i have also done it but i dont hav a girl friend
  • lesley rocker 2013/06/06 01:38:16
    Hello so can you help im trying so hard to be more like a girl for so long I have nice small body ?
  • anonomes 2009/08/26 02:09:50
    u need help
    to anyone who thinks this is weird its not
    girls act like guys and wear mens clothing
    why cant guys like me do the same
    if ur not looking for a perment change try googleing femskin
  • bra and... anonomes 2009/11/17 04:37:00
    bra and panty lover
    im a girl pin amans body my penus is small i shave all aprts of my body my ears are pierce i have a tiny adoms apple i dress as a girl talk like a girl
  • mx bra and... 2010/12/07 05:49:16
    yes girls r better! im not gay or anything. i would love 2 change my sex. anything in the world really. its sad but i cant wait til i die so i will become a girl in my next life...... if thats how it goes i mean. but say im not gay. if i where a girl id go for men. cuz its normal.. i go 4 girls now cuz its normal cuz im male. if i where female and going 4 men was normal id do it in a heart beat. i been this way since i was 5! 23 now n i think i missed out on everything. i paused alot cuz i thought things would change. im 2 scared of telling my mom n family about me. if i told em, what woulda happen? im broke.com no money id never raise money 4 a sex change but if i had the money i dunno if i could even tell my family. moms r suppos 2 except whatever the childs going thru but i dunno if i could even tell. its hard. hard 2 tell, 4 my family hard for em to understand. im rambling on but i just need to let this out.
  • Ben mx 2012/07/12 18:22:38
    Well I love being girl but I don't know how to and I haven't told them I am scared. When my parents are gone I wear my mothers things.i wish I could die and just be a girl.
  • i wish to mx 2013/04/02 06:34:58
    i wish to
    Man I wish I was a girl to I think like one I wish I was one and I act like one
  • Justice... bra and... 2011/09/06 17:41:44
    Justice Jenne Simmons
    I'm like that to!
  • MajaTron 2009/08/10 03:55:59
    Are u sereous...are u gonna be a trany?
  • bra and... MajaTron 2009/08/20 01:01:10
    bra and panty lover
    yea im serious
  • bra and... MajaTron 2009/11/17 04:37:14
    bra and panty lover
  • jazzy 2009/07/19 17:32:16
    i do 2
  • bra and... jazzy 2009/07/20 05:39:05
    bra and panty lover
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/07/17 16:55:08
    u need help
    Lady Whitewolf
    Suck it up a little.... be happy with who you are.
  • Ben Lady Wh... 2012/07/12 18:23:33
    So he is just trying to be who he is.
  • Isabel-Publius 2009/07/06 18:45:52 (edited)
  • bra and... Isabel-... 2009/07/06 18:54:21
    bra and panty lover
    not a joke
  • Isabel-... bra and... 2009/07/06 18:54:11
  • bra and... Isabel-... 2009/07/07 05:46:07
    bra and panty lover
    bcuz girls r better
  • Isabel-... bra and... 2009/07/07 17:15:46
  • bra and... Isabel-... 2009/07/07 22:50:30
    bra and panty lover
    i know thats y i should bcome a female
  • Isabel-... bra and... 2009/07/07 22:50:21
  • bra and... Isabel-... 2009/07/07 22:54:27
    bra and panty lover
    oh i will im going 2 b a wonder ful chick a hot chick
  • Isabel-... bra and... 2009/07/07 22:57:05
  • bra and... Isabel-... 2009/07/07 22:59:51
    bra and panty lover
    hahahahah watever im going 2 b a hot girl
  • Isabel-... bra and... 2009/07/07 23:01:42
  • bra and... Isabel-... 2009/07/07 23:03:16
    bra and panty lover
    i get confusecd as a girl all the time
  • Isabel-... bra and... 2009/07/07 23:04:02
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