If your boyfriend hits you and he says sorry should you forgive him?

bloodrose19 2008/11/21 22:00:49
Not sure
Hell yes. call the cops
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  • Marky-Mark 2008/11/21 22:10:52
    You cannot take back physical violence. Just get the hell out of there. Understanding the desire to kick his ass for hitting you, that is just asking for even worse trouble. He will feel justified in smacking you around further.

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  • lea 2013/04/18 03:50:06
    Not sure
    lastnite me and my bf argued about what i found out bout his stupid things again,hes so mad coz he dont want to be questioned at all,he just want me to sit and just shut off for what his doing,yes hes so abussive,physically,emotional... really trauma to me,he punched and chocked me now i cant even swallow anything,all i can do is to cry,i cannot leave coz he have my passport...need help
  • E3 2013/03/05 16:26:33
    Hell yes. call the cops
    Forgive him and call the cops and avoid him like the plague.
  • Lucy Krueger 2013/03/04 01:30:12
    Not sure
    Lucy Krueger
    If he is truly sorry about it he probably won't do it again.Forgive and forget.
  • philldclarke 2013/03/03 04:29:58
  • RobHom 2013/03/03 02:43:45
    Not no, but hell no.....If he did it once...he'll do it again. Leopards can't change their spots...and guys that hit women don't and can't either......
  • Maria 2013/03/02 22:18:11
  • virginiakarsli 2013/03/02 20:02:53
    Hell yes. call the cops
    And leave his sorry a@#!
  • Casey 2013/03/02 19:58:47
    sure after i beat his ass
  • xcheshirecat 2013/03/02 19:22:20
    I did and it was a mistake
  • WankerBait 2013/03/02 17:02:06
    Not sure
    Why did he become violent? I believe anyone (he or she) in a violent relationship must get the Hell out and away for the other person. The chemistry is all wrong...
  • wildemanne 2013/03/02 15:41:08
    then never accept communication again from the cretin
  • Superman Sudhakaran 2013/03/02 13:23:37
    Not sure
    Superman Sudhakaran
    It depends on the reason for that hitting
  • RobHom Superma... 2013/03/03 02:45:58
    There is virtually no excuse for it. In fact the only reason I can think of to legitimize striking a woman....is if she is going to shoot me, or slice me up with a knife...because then...its purely self-defence.
  • Diary of a Madman 2013/03/02 13:06:21
    Diary of a Madman
    Have anyone that hits you arrested. Word should get around and no one will mess with you.
  • Blueskys 2013/03/02 10:52:14 (edited)
    It depends. If you mean a push or swat, no. I never needed more than a swat on the fanny.

    The guys I saw in South Central, many were mean, sometimes brutal to their girfriends. THEM hell yeah. Call the cips.
  • Cat 2013/03/02 06:34:19
    Not sure
    More details needed.
  • GIR213 2013/03/02 05:44:28
    Not sure
    I should say no,but I know that I probably wouldn't. My first relationship didn't turn out to well and it took a great deal to get out of that
  • The Colorful Vampire 2013/03/02 05:33:15 (edited)
    The Colorful Vampire
    If he did it once, there is no telling what will set him off before he does it again. By then, I would have threatened him in his sleep with a knife and left his ass.
  • Blueskys The Col... 2013/03/02 11:03:03
    Yeah, don't take abuse, from man or woman. I won't hit my dog, and have never needed (or wanted) to seriously punch a woman.

    Todays media is packed with subtle and sometimes not so subtle insults to men, especially white guys. That I'm sure leaves them in a sour mood, mad at women maybe for tv insults, and maybe not even know why.
  • Alexis Lynn 2013/03/02 05:05:25
    Alexis Lynn
    No, domestic violence is never okay, and it often reoccurs. Once a man hits a woman, he will almost always do it again.
  • NICKI 2013/03/02 04:56:33
    Well,i was with a guy who hit me before and he said he was sorry but few weeks later he hit me again. SO NO i think if they hit you once they will hit you agin.
  • EllЕ 2013/03/02 03:43:27
    He will repeat it again & again.
  • Cat 2013/03/02 03:31:34
    If he hits you once then that's a sign saying he's not afraid to hit you again, don't forgive him, you only show him that you fear him and will give in just cause he says sorry. instead break up with him and move on to someone who treats you right.
  • Queen B 2013/03/02 01:29:50
    Queen B
    Dump his ass. Any man who puts his hands on a woman in anger is only going to do it again. He's a loser, and if you allow him to do it once and take him back he will do it again and again. The pattern continues and his aggression escalates. There are decent men who treat women with love and respect and would never physically or verbally abuse them. Dump the loser and find a guy who will treat you the way you should be treated, don't allow yourself to be a punching bag or door mat.
  • davida michaele 2013/03/02 00:10:30
    davida michaele
    if i got hit ... a brick up side his head would happen in a near heart beat ... see if that does not keep him remindered... theres a no no
  • laydeelapis 2013/03/02 00:07:56
    It would depend on the situation. Once, I'd probably forgive but he'd have to earn back my trust. Everyone makes mistakes, I don't think they should be condemned for one mistake if every other aspect about them works. If it's habitual, hell no.
  • kylie 2013/03/02 00:05:13 (edited)
    Not sure
    really depends on situation.
  • SA 2013/03/01 23:07:37
    Forgive him then leave permanantly.
  • Donna 2013/03/01 23:04:24
    Run as fast as you can. The "I'm Sorry" is only good til the next punch.
  • Bronar 2013/03/01 22:46:45
    You should run, fast.
  • Sophia(SoSo) 2013/03/01 22:42:46 (edited)
    Not sure
    This is how I'd forgive him, if I were to(only if he was abusive to me): Punch him in the face, chop his dick and balls off(or tie them together), chase his ass with a weapon(sledgehammer, sword, knife, car, or a chainsaw), or chase his ass driving a car.
    If he accidentally, or did it once, then: Punch him on the shoulder, bite him till he draws blood, drink the blood, and continue eating at where I bit him. And tell him he tastes like chicken.
  • lex 2013/03/01 22:41:31
    How hard?
  • Murph 2013/03/01 22:08:22
    No. Call the cops, have him arrested for assault, and get a PFA order against him for the rest of his life. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson, and treat a woman the way he's supposed to.
  • SlaveWaterNymph 2013/03/01 22:04:20
    Hm hard to describe this, as to my lifestyle im always being spanked. So of course i would forgive Him and what not. lol
  • Nika 2013/03/01 21:56:48
    But trust him? Stay with him? I would definitely forgive, but depending on how much he regretted it, I'd start wondering if he's definitely that great a man to be with.
  • Gregaj7 2013/03/01 21:32:34
    Forgive him, then leave the relationship.
  • Shifting Piece 2013/03/01 21:24:27
    Not sure
    Shifting Piece
  • Ruthie Smith 2013/03/01 21:18:18
    Not sure
    Ruthie Smith
    Forgive him yes for your own piece of mind, BUT run as fast as you can, it will not stop with one hit. Do not wait for a 2nd time and trust me, it will come. I would also make sure before I walked out the door, he would be singing very high notes for a while!!
  • Jen 2013/03/01 20:43:36
    Not sure
    i think forgiveness is good, but i would still break up, and maybe call the cops
  • Kima5489 2013/03/01 20:39:41
    If he hits me he'd better not stop because if he doesn't kill me I'm sure as hell killing him.
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