If You Witnessed A Woman beating a Man, What Would You Do?

Charlie 2010/04/01 20:23:13
I see a question on here that asked, " If You Witnessed A Man Beating A Woman, What Would You Do?"I thought I would ask the opposite.

If you witnessed a woman beating a man, would you intervene, call the police, or ignore the situation?
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  • Pika 2010/08/19 14:29:07
    Pull her away, probably
  • LeifEriksson 2010/04/03 03:01:24
    Move closer. Rebuke her if she reacts to my presence, and if she continues beating him, or attacks me, I will forcibly restrain her.
  • Ash-the-empress 2010/04/03 02:31:52
    Laugh my ass off
  • Alan_Scott 2010/04/02 03:53:30
  • Erica 2010/04/02 02:37:05
    i would probably think he did something to hurt her, or has been abusing her. i would deff. call the cops though.
  • justinbiebersbetter 2010/04/02 02:12:53
  • Nimara 2010/04/02 01:20:01
    I'd laugh...some guys do deserve to have their butts kicked...I would probably ignore it. For a guy to hit a woman, something is not funny about that for some reason.
  • JayJay 2010/04/02 01:10:02
    Call the cops and take pictures on my phone.
  • Amber 2010/04/02 01:04:25
    Call the police! The same thing I would do if it was a man beating a woman. Of course if it's just friendly silly slapping I wouldn't do anything. But if they're hurting the other, police. I'd ask them to stop first though, if they don't... yeah, 911.
  • Charlie Amber 2010/04/02 03:44:34 (edited)
    Good answer.Neither should be hit.When the woman was hit I see in another poll everyone wanted to stop it right away.I agree, It's seems funny to most when a man may be beaten up.by a woman.I know I couldn't do what this woman does and I'm sure she is stronger than most men.
  • Abi 2010/04/02 00:30:58
    laugh and walk away
  • God ble... Abi 2010/04/02 03:43:11 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    One wonders how you would feel if this was happening to you and the witnesses took your attitude and simply walked away. I feel sorry for you and anyone who answers as you did and I see quite a few did and I find myself thinking how odd that is that people would think anyone attacking anyone else ( no matter what gender ) is funny ... no one is subject to physical violence from anyone else. No one. Not even you.

    I did notice you proclaim yourself a christian on your profile. Maybe you need to rethink that proclamation, eh?
  • Abi God ble... 2010/04/02 03:47:32
    ok well if i would laugh and walk away if he did something bad to the woman but if she was doing it for no reason then i would call the police or something
  • LeifEri... Abi 2010/04/03 03:02:14
    There's a drastic double standard here, and it's not cool.
  • rox 2010/04/01 23:50:48
    i don't think it's ok for a woman to hit a man as it's not ok for a man to hit a woman. in this case i guess i would offer a couple therapy. after all, i do plan on becoming a sex therapist :)
  • Billyk75 2010/04/01 23:28:39
    The guy either deserves it or he is a gutless wimp.
  • LudaHoodsZ 2010/04/01 22:47:22
    I would laugh...But if she ran him over with a car then i would prolly freak out...then laugh
  • Eddie 2010/04/01 22:32:08
    I'd point and laugh.
  • Andrew ~ PWCM 2010/04/01 22:13:02
    Andrew ~ PWCM
  • cyn 2010/04/01 21:52:52
    Ask her if she needs any help!!!!!
  • Laugh Lines = L. L. L. 2010/04/01 21:49:27
    Laugh Lines = L. L. L.
    It depends on what he did to deserve it. lol.
  • Sin 2010/04/01 21:47:10
  • Reese Cup 2010/04/01 21:08:03
    Reese Cup
    Call the cops.
  • Vault Dweller 101 ~In Flame... 2010/04/01 21:05:35
    Vault Dweller 101 ~In Flames I Trust~
    I'd kick the man in the face.
  • amazinggrace 2010/04/01 20:57:43
    help her.
  • Rain 2010/04/01 20:49:18
    i would laugh and stand and watch.
  • sam 2010/04/01 20:40:50
  • vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv 2010/04/01 20:27:17 (edited)
    vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv
    call the police and act like i saw nothing so she wouldn't beat me up
  • Ms. Honey 2010/04/01 20:25:49
    Ms. Honey
    Call the police

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