If you were raped by a relative and became pregnant, would you abort the baby?

BLT ^MOTOOP^ 2010/03/14 01:34:54
I recently met a woman who was raped by her brother repeatedly and then became pregnant with his child. She kept the baby, but I don't know if I would.
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  • Holding Someones Hair Back 2010/03/14 02:01:27
    Holding Someones Hair Back
    I would definitely abort it. I am in no position to take care of a child. Not to mention that after getting raped by a family member, or anyone, I don’t think that having their baby would be a good experience.

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  • alyse 2010/07/24 22:05:01
    I would abort the baby.. most likey to save it from all the drama that might happen, after its born. and plus THATS INCEST. the baby will probably have some health condition when its born anyways
  • Ash-the-empress 2010/03/28 04:24:42
    It is a difficult decision but I hope I would choose to let the baby live. It would be a horrible experience but its still my baby and I would want to give it a really good family
  • moomoof 2010/03/20 21:56:14
    i wouldn't know don't want to know but at least i have right of choice when i have to make very difficult decision ......unless crazies that choice away then i would leave the country ....kinda went off subject but i can't really stay on it too dark
  • nnnn 2010/03/17 23:35:43 (edited)
    i am so strongly agenst abortion that i wouldn't even abort in that situation. i would have the baby but just give it away to a loving family who would be able to raise it 10 times better then i could.
    edit: i am just wondering did any of you think about the possablity of putting the child up for adoption? In my mind it is not the childs fault that it was concieved (not saying it is the mothers) but i understand it would be extreamly hard to deal with knowing it is a rape baby but it still deserves its chance in this world and it isn't your choice to take those choices from that baby.
  • knfj nnnn 2010/04/04 06:33:45
    The baby doesn't have a choice. It's not even a human until after a few months. And I couldn't deal with the fact of even carrying the baby for nine months. Plus it will be easier to deal with and heal from being raped if you don't have a constant reminder of the rape. Also having the baby would mess your body up even more.
  • nnnn knfj 2010/04/04 12:59:58
    how can you say that it isnt a human yet what do you have to justify it? And i would rather have a constant reminder that i was rapped and then know i did the right thing by letting that child get a good life then still be upset that i was rapped and have the murder of an innocent child hanging over my head. And knowing the child is healthy and safe and living a good life would all be worth it in the end even after that horrible ordeal.
  • ♥SuNsHiNe♥ 2010/03/17 14:00:51
    No.. That child is still part mine! I would be sure that they would never be around that relative.. but I would still love MY baby.. no matter what.
  • nnnn ♥SuNsHiNe♥ 2010/03/17 23:40:20
    that is what i am saying too i could never get an abortion no matter HOW i got pregnent
  • ♥SuNsHiNe♥ nnnn 2010/03/18 14:07:58
  • nnnn ♥SuNsHiNe♥ 2010/03/18 21:37:15
  • thecumberbatchmobile 2010/03/17 00:48:51
    Hard to say, but I would abort the baby.. :C
  • jitko 2010/03/16 22:43:38
    I couldn't, I think. Maybe I would put the baby up for adoption and have bro arrested for rape.

    What a sad story this woman has endured... and then to raise a constant reminder. Her brother should be executed.
  • Just Missy 2010/03/16 22:29:07
    Just Missy
    Yes I would. There is no way I'd keep a baby made out of rape.
  • Robert 2010/03/16 22:20:37
    I know a girl who was raped by her brother and wanted an abortion, but her mother wouldn't let her. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm relatively certain she didn't have the right to refuse her daughter and abortion.
  • BLT ^MO... Robert 2010/03/17 19:59:14
    I'm really not sure of the U.S. laws, but I think if you are underage you have to get a parent or guardian to sign for it or something like that, but I could be wrong.
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    It's a tough decision for anyone to make and I don't think I could say what I would actually do unless I was faced with that situation. I'd have to talk it over with a lot of people and make sure I was okay with whatever decision I chose.

    I've always said that I do believe abortion should be the woman's choice and not the government's because it's the woman who has to deal with her decision for the rest of her life. It's between her and whatever higher power she happens to believe in.
  • Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the... 2010/03/16 21:43:42 (edited)
    Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the Renaissance Women of PHAET
    No, I definitely would not.
    Edit: Keep the baby, that is.
  • neville 2010/03/16 21:41:09
    I hate to say it, but i would abort it.
  • LoveEmoz 2010/03/15 04:43:39
    nooooooooo if i got rappe di would get a restraining order against them and yes i would get rid of the baby the second i knew!
  • αυвzzz☣ßαmf☣►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    even though im against abortion this is the only time i would get an abortion
  • Isabel-Publius 2010/03/15 04:30:52
  • ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pl... 2010/03/14 22:37:52
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    This is a hard question. I don't think I would be able keep it. I wouldn't abort it though. But i know i'll come to love it. There's some sick people in this world.
  • JessyTheKitty 2010/03/14 21:19:43
    yes i would
  • Megan ~ PHAET 2010/03/14 19:55:14
    Megan ~ PHAET
    Yes, probably without hesitation.
  • Star 2010/03/14 17:50:34
    I will abort it.
  • PurplePenguin 2010/03/14 16:10:44
    Yes. I can't take care of a child now, and if the rapist was a close relative, then it's likely that the child would have significant birth defects that may or may not hinder it in its life.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/03/14 10:05:31
  • Death Faerie 2010/03/14 08:18:23 (edited)
    Death Faerie
    I highly doubt that I would have to deal with being raped by a relative, but if I were raped I would definitely abort. What child would like to know they were conceived in such violence? To know that if it weren't for your mother being violated, you wouldn't be here.

    You know, I've just read over what I just wrote. I gave up a child that was conceived by force. I was in a relationship with his bio-father, but he wouldn't take no for answer the night the baby was conceived. I stayed with the jerk, because I was afraid.

    I love the child but I was in an abusive relationship and I was already struggling to raise three kids. I wanted to end the pregnancy at first, but changed my mind when I was three months along. I then bonded with him when I felt him move.

    However, I never want him to know that he was conceived in such violence. I honestly don't know what I should say to him about his father if I ever get to see my child again.

  • ~Goddes... Death F... 2010/03/14 22:39:39
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    I am so sorry about that. Hope everything is better now.
  • Death F... ~Goddes... 2010/03/14 22:46:05
    Death Faerie
    I'm away from the bastard, things are better for me and my other kids, but I hope Draven is well and I miss him.
  • ~Goddes... Death F... 2010/03/14 23:50:31
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    Well that's good, You should consider having him locked up. Who's Draven?
  • Death F... ~Goddes... 2010/03/15 17:35:58
    Death Faerie
    He is locked up. Draven is the baby I gave up for adoption. Well the adoptive family named him Nathan, but he is still Draven to me. I started calling him Draven when I was about five or 6 months pregnant with him.
  • ~Goddes... Death F... 2010/03/16 00:56:11
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    Oh, I see. I hope your baby boy is doing fine and you too and your whole family. Do you keep contact with him?
  • Death F... ~Goddes... 2010/03/16 03:48:22
    Death Faerie
    I wanted to. I wanted to get pictures and letters, but I only got a few pictures, no letters. I haven't had pictures of him since he was a year old..and several months were skipped. He's now six years old. I want to know how he's doing. I wish I had a way of finding out. I don't want to interfere in his life, I just want to know what he's like and how he's doing,
  • ~Goddes... Death F... 2010/03/18 00:03:14
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    Well I know that can be painful. I always felt that I was adopted. I mean I don't look nothing like none of my family members, my mom or my dad. I am the only one in the family with medical problems, different features and I even act different. You can always tell on my mom side who's a Hall from their body shapes, toes/fingers. On my daddy side who's the Wrights, its their foreheads and eyes. I don't resemble nothing at all. There was an incident two years ago where I was on my way to the hospital for blood testing and we stopped by this store and this woman and her granddaughter kept staring at me. So she eventually turned around and asked me my name and who was my mother. She said I looked just like (exactly like) this girl her daughter adopted. The whole time, my mom kept looking uncomfortable and saying well no she's mine. So the woman asked us to come to her house the following Saturday to meet the girl who I looked like cause they was having a celebration dinner. Guess what, we never showed, I kepted asking and reminding my mom, but she kept saying o.k and maybe. So what do you think?
  • Death F... ~Goddes... 2010/03/19 02:54:43
    Death Faerie
    If you were adopted, your mom should tell you. Something does seem iffy about the whole situation.
  • ~Goddes... Death F... 2010/03/19 03:04:54
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    I know right it just doesn't seem right. I already told her once that if I was ever adopted or whatever that I would forgive her for not telling me sooner while we was watching the movie.
  • Death F... ~Goddes... 2010/03/19 03:07:25
    Death Faerie
    I wish I knew what advice I could give you. "hugs"
  • ~Goddes... Death F... 2010/03/19 03:10:51
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    thanks, but I am trying to find a way to deal with it.
  • Death F... ~Goddes... 2010/03/19 03:08:45
    Death Faerie
    Do you think you might be a twin?

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