If You Were Create An Alternate Universe, What Would It Be Like?

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  • Ell 2011/06/20 02:15:38
    It would be like...
    We would have no economic crisis, we would have our own goods. There would be no gravel roads, and if at all possible, gas would be as cheap as can be. There would be free healthcare for everyone. There would be a dictatorship without execution rights. Religion would be completely up to the people. There would be just so much to think about... No tuition and college opportunities for everyone. There would be no neglectfulness, sex offenders, abusers. Yelling would not be aloud. People could drive when they were mature enough to pass a standard driving test. Internet would be free for everyone. People over 80 would have to pass a driving test every year. It would be as drama free as possible. The schools would be aloud to punish the kids - according to the severity of the rule that was broken. Gays would be aloud to marry each other with no discrimination. There would just be so much to think about....
    The constitution would have to be over 30 pages long :P
  • Kira 2011/06/20 02:14:35
    It would be like...
    I'll probably be pure evil when in this world I'm nice and nice when I'm pure evil. I'm the opposite ^_^
    ill pure evil world pure evil
  • Scarr~Green with Envy 2011/06/20 02:14:05
    It would be like...
    Scarr~Green with Envy
    It would be an anime wonderland full of magic creatures, alchemist, wizards, vampires, chimaras and other things (especially dragons) and it would be divided into two sides. A sunny bright side with tons of flowers and rivers, and a dark side with many tall castles and large trees to sit under. Me and my love, Envy would live on the dark side together, plotting out our evil plans.
  • Kira Scarr~G... 2011/06/20 02:16:18
    That's AWESOME ^_^ i would love to go there ^_^ I think I'll be happy there ^_^
  • jokeriser 2011/06/20 02:13:54
    It would be like...
    a world with no stupid peploe
  • Simmering Frog 2011/06/20 02:13:26 (edited)
    It would be like...
    Simmering Frog
    Nancy Pelosi clown

    It would be exactly like this one except politicians would tell the truth the entire time.

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