If you suddenly found yourself turned into a man/woman, how would you spend your day?

jt 2011/06/01 16:28:02
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  • Kate 2014/11/05 16:03:49
    Mastrubate myself
  • Ed P 2013/07/28 02:19:56
    Ed P
    Well after the denial I would go shopping for proper clothing. Find out if I'm attractive enough by the way the guys respond, then go with whatever happens until the day is over.
  • JustinShy86 2013/07/05 04:36:24
    I would be surprised at first...try to figure out what happened...and if I looked super hot...I would try to find a way to cover up my tight girl parts. Then I would probably go out to try to find someone to help me change back, and end up falling for someone with a dominate personality...and end up their passionate little sissy girlfriend.
  • Ed P 2013/05/25 05:54:16
    Ed P
    I'm a man, but according to the 3 biggest gender tests I, have an androgynous mind. I guess I would explore the physical aspects of being a woman. Besides, I consider myself highly adaptable.
  • JustinS... Ed P 2013/07/05 04:37:31
    lol i took tests like that...they said i have a girly girl mind
  • someopinion 2011/12/22 16:47:21
    getting laid
  • Euphrosyne 2011/06/21 20:45:28
    I don't suppose it'd still be called lesbian sex if I'm a guy then. Hmm...I just hope my roommate doesn't freak out when she see's that I'm a man for the day.
  • KATniss 2011/06/10 17:03:22
    sorry for saying that but..... sex sex sex sex !! haha
  • American_Rights 2011/06/06 23:06:34
    For one I'd skip school for the day (there is no choice in that) then I'd see if boys really are as they seem.
  • Emily 2011/06/06 17:15:08
    "if I were a boy, I would turn off my phone, tell everyone its broken so they'd think that I was sleeping alone. I'd listen to her, cause I know how it hurts, when you lose the one you're lovin cause you're takin her for granted and everything you had got destroyed..."

    lol I'd see what guys want from women, how you can make a guy like you..see their insecurities...
  • elena 2011/06/04 22:26:21
    After a first panic attack and got accustomed to have a flesh cylinder hanging between my thighs, I´d test how men feel sexual pleasure, by myself and with a woman. Sure my boyfriend would be very grateful with my new knowledges (the next day, of course)!
  • taco_conspiracy 2011/06/03 17:02:12
    If a woman,look into places...and if a man,i spend my day wishing i was a woman for a day,so I could look at places...lol
  • van907 2011/06/03 02:58:22
    Hmmmm...probably freak out and stunned! LOL
  • ACE 2011/06/03 02:49:37
    learning the equipment
  • snail 2011/06/02 18:26:47
    I'd only have one day? So much for my plans to have a long-term relationship with one of my gay friends. I guess I'd settle for masturbating to see how it feels with different parts. After the novelty had worn off, I would engage in an experiment, to see if I was treated differently by strangers while behaving normally. I would use the experience to enhance my empathy for males and to clarify the effects of gender roles on their social choices.
  • Rave 2011/06/02 15:12:19
    Probably just continue my day as usual. Honestly I thought of everything I could do different as a dude and couldn't really think of anything apart from hitting on straight girls.
  • Tonya Edwards 2011/06/02 15:12:14
    Tonya Edwards
    Surprise my boyfriend in bed! XD and sleep with a woman ;) I like that comment by jennifer locking myself in the bathroom with a bottle of lube :D Lets just say I wouldn't be wearing anything at all that day. ^_^
  • TKramar 2011/06/02 13:25:48
    Playing with my boobs.
  • Nudenz 2011/06/02 12:29:36
    Naked, discovering my new self.
  • Myrle Hulme 2011/06/02 11:27:25
    Myrle Hulme
    If I was turned into a man I will spend my day in the armchair with a beer watching sport
  • Kelly 2011/06/02 10:53:34
    freak out lol
  • theshameofitall 2011/06/02 10:04:16
    Sleeping with fine gay men.
  • Sol 2011/06/02 08:56:17
    Maybe i wil be singing some songs that i really wanted to sing. and go to school and make my friends surprise. LOL
  • Andrew 2011/06/02 05:37:37
    I hope your not offended, but ths is a pretty dumb question.
  • Nudenz Andrew 2011/06/02 12:30:36
    Dumb or not. Just go with it.
  • carriefan13 2011/06/02 05:31:55
    I would hang out with other guys to try and figure out how their minds work :/
  • lady blue 2011/06/02 03:58:53
    lady blue
    Flirting with beautiful women !
  • story101 2011/06/02 03:46:52
    checking out my girlie parts.
  • Erok 2011/06/02 02:57:53
    Buying the coolest devices at the hustler store and locking myself in the bedroom with the stereo blasting!!!!
  • Boo Gotti 2011/06/02 02:36:09
    Boo Gotti
    Well Im not kissin a guy so its Lesbo city for me...
  • ernest debrew 2011/06/02 02:36:08
    ernest debrew
    put makeup

    1. Put on makeup.

    1 makeup ladies shop

    2. Go shopping.

    1 makeup 2 shopping masturbate lady

    3. Masturbate at home before I turn back into a man.
  • Welshtaff 2011/06/02 01:44:33
    Go Shopping. shopping women shopping
  • Nuke 2011/06/02 01:36:15
    Might explore a bit. lol
  • jlbcalif 2011/06/02 00:48:56
    Exploring my new stuff. LOL
  • PalePinkFawn 2011/06/02 00:24:15
    Having a mental breakdown huddled in a corner wondering how this happened.
  • story101 PalePin... 2011/06/02 03:49:04
    Well that is so logical I have to wonder if the switch already happened. ;-)
  • PalePin... story101 2011/06/02 11:04:36
    *gasp* Did it?? *Starts to freak out*
  • ZoeElle... PalePin... 2011/06/02 04:32:17
    I have 3BHDD. Like 5ARD and 17BHDD, it can cause a natural sex change.
    See http://www.usrf.org/news/0103...

    I didn't quite have a nervous breakdown, even though the change was in the right direction. Had it been the wrong one, I doubt I would have survived.

    usrf orgnews0103 nervous breakdown change direction wrong doubt survived
  • FencerCat 2011/06/02 00:08:41
    Trying to make sure I stayed that way.... That would be my deepest wish come true.
  • ✩Batman's✩Epic✩Understudy✩
    Well, first I would go to the doctor.. Because if you just spontaneously or lost parts of your body, it's probably not healthy..

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