If You Had a Lot of Money, Would You Spend It on Expensive Things?

AdriHead 2014/05/14 22:07:46
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I think it's safe to say that the majority of us don't have buckets full of disposable income. After spending money on rent, groceries and a handful of bills, there's usually not a ton of cash left to splurge with. But what if there was?

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It's always interesting to see how people would act if they had more money than they knew what to do with. Let's say you suddenly stumbled upon a lot of money. Would you use the extra income on expensive things, like five-course meals and designer duds? Or would it be hard for you to give up that much cash, regardless of the availability?

If you suddenly had a lot of money, would you spend the cash on expensive things? What's the reasoning behind your answer? It's time to sound off, SodaHeads.
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  • Miss Fiona 2014/07/06 23:52:01
    Miss Fiona
    If "by a lot of money" means "enough money for your children's college funds retirement. . . and boats, private jets, and mansions," then absolutely!
  • holly go lightly 2014/06/20 15:51:12
    holly go lightly
    Good quality yes but I wouldn't go after anything because it was pricey.
  • BKatz 2014/06/05 06:43:32
    I like to buy gifts for my Fam and friends. I like to give to charities and homeless people.
  • Man Ihate you 2014/06/01 12:31:18
    Man Ihate you
    It doesnt matter what anyone says, money changes people... My mother and sister used to be the most caring and loving people, but since winning the lottery have turned into stuck up people who care only about people of equal worth.
    Theres no difference between real money and monopoly money except a belief that one actually has worth, which it doesnt...
  • Dee 2014/05/31 18:36:08
    Okay once, I was in " la Galerie Lafayette" in Paris, and I saw a "very little", "very simple" and "not that pretty" purse that costs.... 71.000 euros !!! honestly I wouldn't of bought it even if I was a multi billionaire!! that's just a waste of money!!
  • Keegan The Fabulous 2014/05/31 05:36:10
    Keegan The Fabulous
    Charity and cultural vacations. I'm a bit of a philanthropist.

    charity cultural vacations philanthropist
    (Link: http://benheine.deviantart.co... )
  • Rachel 2014/05/31 00:53:19
    Isn't that the point of money to spend it on things you like/need.
  • princessg 2014/05/30 01:46:53
    I would spend, but within reason.
  • birdie1224 2014/05/26 23:18:08
    not gonna lie I would probably spend most of it at forever 21 or on food
  • DosLeos 2014/05/26 13:45:35
    Define 'a lot of money.' Spend it on expensive things and then you don't have a lot of money. Now, If I were Bill Gates wealthy, I might have some nice things, but I would make it my part in life to make things better for those in need.
  • Just Another Girl (5) 2014/05/26 07:26:08
    Just Another Girl (5)
    I would have more clothing, but not more expensive clothing. I would eat out more often, but not at expensive places. The same local restaurants we eat at now.
  • Lirii 2014/05/26 07:21:12 (edited)
    I'm not going to lie. I wouldn't blow it all, but I would very likely buy some nice things with some of the money, and would definitely like to travel and explore more of the world.
  • hotdogwizard 2014/05/26 02:00:22
    I wouldn't just spend money on things because they were expensive, but I would make a point of buying the nicest things.
  • raven999 2014/05/25 21:48:24
    yes I'd buy molson golden instead of bud
  • VX 2014/05/25 18:36:27
    If one has a lot of money how would they ascertain expensive?
  • akPhilly 2014/05/25 05:08:30
    Sure, why not-if all the more practical things were taken care of, plus extra for emergencies & savings, then I don't see anything wrong with splurging every so often. High-end things are often worth the investment, they'll often last longer than even you will. And in fact I do every so often splurge on something nice for myself. I'm usually very frugal when it comes to spending money, like I'm the type where I research everything to death before I buy it, & shop around for the best price. But every once in awhile I'll splurge on a nice piece of jewelry or certain higher end makeup. But I also shop at Target & the thrift store. It's all about balance.
  • mady 2014/05/25 03:49:22
    How much money are we talking about? Several millions? Tens of millions?
    There should have been an answer "Depends."
    I'd expand our house, attach a green house and build a pool. Iˆd set aside a couple of millions for my grand kids' education. I'd set aside money for some charities that are dear to my heart. I'd invest enough to have a steady income of a couple of 100K a years. Then I'd travel in luxury, probably on a private plane. And finally, I'd buy some art I've always wanted.
  • Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL 2014/05/25 00:46:13
    Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL
    For me and a lot of other people. I would buy one of these closed hotels, surround it with barbed wire, refurbish it and make sure the kitchen is fully self sufficient, add a laundry room and turn the conference rooms into classrooms. Each room would have a tv and lap top, there would be secure wi-fi and a closed circuit tv system with access to cable. Then I would hire retired or off duty cops for security. Then I would open it as a domestic violence shelter. Each family would stay as long as they needed to get on their feet. The kids would have education-but so would the adults. One big hindrance to a battery victim is the lack of skills to be self sufficient.
  • CocaColaCandy 2014/05/24 22:33:02
    Not a huge amount, but I'd get myself at least one little treat I'd never normally splurge for, probably a new computer or other electronic gadget I use every day. I'd get a few "extras" for the kiddos too. Most would go to paying off debt and making sure I have a good cushion in savings, but gotta have a *little* fun too. ;)
  • moby 2014/05/24 21:05:25
    Hell yeah I would spend it on expensive stuff. Pay off my house, buy me a new motorcycle (a touring model of course) quit my job, load the bike and go. Where I'll end up I don't know but I'll eventually see everything in this country!
  • Mom 2014/05/24 20:50:49
    Yes, move myself out of the U.S and try to convince my closest family to come along .
    i would have to research where I would move though.
  • Cedric 2014/05/24 19:57:05
    I would invest it
  • Adam 2014/05/24 19:55:33
    Yeah. Thats kind of the point. Hold on to that money, and your just wasting it. Id put away enough money so I am FAR ahead on my retirement savings goals, pay off all my student loans and other bills, make sure I had a sizeable savings, invest a bunch, then its time to spend.

    First big purchases? Well house, and a nice car. Talk about a huge relief, to know that I own a place where I can live, and should life get difficult, a place I can rent out and make some side income. Then, Id spoil girlfriend :). Next, things that would enable my hobbies, interests, and eventually have a way to turn my hobbies into income. Id buy a few sweet computers with awesome peripherals, a massive entertainment system complete with all the consoles, , and a bunch of supplies for making games. Then, Id buy a chunk of land, and put up a Yurt for camping/vacation. And then a bunch of board/card games. If I still had money, Id invest it in awesome things, like the local hacker space, get a location for my game and game design group, and make sure that I could do basically everything I want. Then, Id give the rest to charities, or invest in worthy causes. Id always have a fund to fall back on, so I can be pretty flippant with my philanthropy.
  • retrograve 2014/05/24 17:38:12
    Depends. I find more worth in electronic then I do say shoes and clothing. I would spend $400 on a PS4 before I would ever spend that much on a single clothes item be they by Yves Saint Laurent or couture.
  • ♥K14 2014/05/24 13:41:37
    Bread. I'd buy bread.
    Lots of bread.
    Tiger Bread
    Oh bread, how I love you bread.
  • Brian ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2014/05/24 01:17:40
    Brian ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    I imagine it would prove to be rather expensive to flee the country, to escape having it all wasted by those who would confiscate it.
  • ken 2014/05/24 01:11:50
    depends on definition of a lot of money
  • Chaoxpancake 2014/05/23 20:30:32
    I'd hope I'd build something to support the creative community instead.
  • Pvt.Joker 2014/05/23 15:46:15
    Yes, I'd rather do that than let the progressives tax it away and let THEM spend it on expensive things FOR THEM.
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2014/05/23 04:47:35
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    yes and no. plus i'd try to share things with people a lot and make their lives easier. i might buy a yacht and take groups of people out on it, like sick and underprivileged kids and their families. and i would power it with contard slaves.
    slaves row ship
  • nealo 2014/05/23 02:32:46
    There was a time I would have. But as you get older, things matter so much less.
    One exception may be travel.
  • Insightonsite 2014/05/22 22:07:22
    Your a bunch of liars. All people with money buy expensive things. You people voting no have never had that money so you choose what you think is the right answer instead of the honest one.
  • Gohon 2014/05/22 20:37:34
    I just want stuff that fits a colorscheme- Id love to see purple and blue everywhere.
  • Haruko.Haruhara 2014/05/22 11:39:37
    Nah I would mainly spend that money on a house and a car, then I really wouldn't know what to buy after that.
  • Joseph Ayers 2014/05/22 08:57:01
    Joseph Ayers
    I definitely would: Vacation, philanthropy, and then transform myself into a woman.
  • Ron Dore 2014/05/22 06:51:42
    Ron Dore
    you dont go and waste your money, responsibilities people!!! what, you win the lottery and buy a 2 million dollar house that costs half a million a year to maintain? are rarely irresponsible rich people, if a rich person was irresponsible you probably see him on your way to work holding out a coffee cup asking for change.
  • EmoKiss:3 2014/05/21 22:55:02
  • Naime 2014/05/21 21:26:47
    Cosplay and anime can get pretty expensive.
  • kitkat42 2014/05/21 19:48:25
    No, only paying off bills, or house which can be expensive. Otherwise, not for crap stuff. :)
  • Mangus 2014/05/21 19:02:02
    Though I travel more and shop more at whole food and a lot more at trader Joes but before that I finish shuttering my house and pay off the small mortgage we have and pay off our new PV solar project first.
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