If you had a Brother or Sister out in the world that you have never met would you be curious about them?? would it hurt your feelings if they didnt want to know who you were??

Vishess14 2010/01/21 06:15:39
i have two older brothers and a younger sister from my dad who i dont know i know of them but i have never met them they live very far from me i found them on myspace and tried to make contact but i get nothing in return i'm so curious about them cause i'm an only child i think its so cool that i have brothers and a sister. i wish they were as interested in me.....
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  • Walt 2010/01/21 12:01:44
    Yes, I've been in the same situation, except that the woman who was my sister died. I didn't know about her until I ran across her obituary in an online newspaper. It would have been good to know I had an older sister, since I always thought I was my father's oldest -and only- child.

    Make the effort to contact them, but if they don't respond, allow them the freedom to do what they want to do. Eventually, even if they don't want to right now, they may see that they are your siblings.
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2010/01/21 07:37:12
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    So write them a real letter and ask if you can meet them. Send a picture and what you like to do and something interesting about you that way it's personal and not on the internet.
  • Vishess14 Hula gi... 2010/01/21 17:25:25
    i dont know their address and i dont know my dad i met him over the phone a few times when i was 14 and he told me about them thats how i knew their names.
  • Hula gi... Vishess14 2010/01/21 21:20:44
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    I went through a research company on line for just a few dollars and found my friend I hadn't seen since we were five and hadn't seen him in 45 years.

    Why not make a video and send it to this guy and see if he'll help you for part of the show. They have a research team that will look for you for no charge and it's a great story.

    Here is the link for THE LOCATOR
    Troy Dunn reunites loved ones and has a TV show about it. I watch it all the time. I pulled up the page where you can sign up. Check it out. You might have to make a small video and tell them who you are and that you want to find your dad and your siblings. Tell them you've never met and that you would really like to. They love kids stories. You'll probably have to have an adult with you because you are underage so if your mom will do it or an aunt or other family member.
    It's on WE TV check it out.
    Here's the link.

  • Hula gi... Vishess14 2010/01/21 21:21:50
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Sorry, I hadn't checked your age prior to my last note. Since you are old enough if you are 23 then you don't need the adult. Sorry. I hope you do it...it will change your life.
  • Vishess14 Hula gi... 2010/01/22 04:13:08
  • Hula gi... Vishess14 2010/01/22 04:44:18
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Well, I guess you can only hope with time they will change. If they are that nasty do you really want to have a relationship with them? Remember, you can pick your friends but not your family. It might be that jolly and close once you meet. The closeness might be more in your hopes than in your reality. Brothers and sisters can grow up together but not be friends as adults because they are just different.
  • ..tisha... 2010/01/21 06:45:13
    My sister has 3 siblings from her real father, but the amount of times she's seen them- you could count on one hand and still have fingers uncounted, she calls them half-siblings, while I am also a half sibling- she calls me her real sister. Her real father she has only seen 3 times, and she calls him by his name- while she calls my father, the man who raised her- 'Dad'. There are family members that may hold blood relation- but are less of a family then those who hold no relation to you.
  • just me 2010/01/21 06:35:22
    just me
    Don't feel bad. Since they don't know you, they can't like or dislike you. There is probably some reason on their family side that is a problem and it's not you. You'll find that your good friends are worth more to you because you choose them and they have chosen you because they do know and like who you are!
  • Thana 2010/01/21 06:17:15
    Poor thing
    dont worry , one day u will meet them (hopefully)
    its just a matter of believing that u WILL meet them!

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